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Rick Winter Honored with NAATBatt Lifetime Acheivement Award

NATTBatt honors outstanding contributions to advanced battery technology

UET's President and Chief Operating Officer Rick Winter was honored on March 15, 2017 with the annual NAATBatt International Lifetime Acheivement Award. The award honors individuals who have made outsized contributions to the science, business and policy of advanced battery technology over the course of their lifetimes. Rick was honored alongside Dr. Michael Thackeray and Dr. Khalil Amine, both research scientists at Argonne National Laboratory and was presented the award at a gala celebrating the group's collective acheivements. Rick also participated in a panel discussion titled "A Frank Discussion of New Battery Technologies and Their Probable Impact on the Industry" representing the traction that advanced vanadium flow batteries are experiencing in the global grid-scale markets. Presenting Rick with the award are John Butkowsk and Bob Galyen from the NATTBatt Board of Directors.

NAATBatt lifetime achievement award 2017 WEB

Photo: John Butkowski, Rick Winter, Bob Galyen