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ADT Battery Replacement Cost (Ultimate Guide)

Are you looking to replace your ADT battery?

ADT offers one of the best home security systems in the market. What sets ADT security system apart from many others is its 24/7 professional monitoring service and 6-month money-back guarantee. Plus, the company tailors the system specifically for your home and budget.

But like many home alarm systems, an ADT system is not hardwired or plugged into anything. Most ADT devices depend on battery power, which makes them more mobile and easier to install anywhere in the house.  

Unfortunately, their batteries only last a couple of years. That means you will eventually need to get replacement batteries for your window or door sensors and other ADT gadgets.  

But how much does ADT battery replacement cost? Where can you buy the new batteries?

Well, this article will answer these questions and other questions that have crossed your mind.

How Long Do ADT Batteries Last?

How Long Do ADT Batteries Last?
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The battery’s lifespan will depend on the type of ADT gadget you’re using. For example, an ADT panel battery that acts as a power backup in case of electricity interruptions can last 3–5 years. The ADT panel box is the heart of f an ADT security system.

Sensor batteries also have a 3–5-year lifespan. In some models, however, the batteries can last for only 2 years. But if you ask us, that’s not a short lifespan.

Most ADT video doorbells and outdoor cameras feature rechargeable batteries. You only have to recharge them once they run out of juice.  

But like most rechargeable batteries, these batteries will eventually wear out. As a result, you must replace them (usually after 5 years) to enjoy the benefit of ADT’s smart home security systems.

Additionally, factors like usage and temperature can influence how long the ADT battery lasts. For instance, an ADT alarm system that’s frequently exposed to cold temperatures will have a reduced battery life (about 3 years).

Before buying a new battery, check your plan. With some ADT plans, the company offers homeowners a free replacement battery once every year for smoke detectors, door sensors, and other types of equipment.

What Batteries Do ADT Devices Use?

ADT has traditionally contracted out the manufacturing and installation of its home alarm system to independent labels of well-known brands. Because of this, old ADT gadgets might have slightly different batteries from new models.

Nevertheless, most ADT batteries fall between two standard battery types:

  • 12-volt, 4- Amp Hour
  • 12- Volt, 7- Amp Hour

These sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries need no regular maintenance.

Over the years, some ADT security systems have also featured other types of batteries. So, when searching for a replacement battery, use your ADT system model information to find the right battery. Stop by Telus’s official site to view the different battery requirements of various ADT devices.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace ADT Batteries?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace ADT Batteries?
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ADT security system is not a single device but a collection of gadgets designed to keep your home and your family safe. Each of these eases to use equipment comes equipped with its power source. In this case, a lead-acid or lithium battery. The table below highlights each ADT device, its battery type, and replacement costs.

  • ADT Command Panel: 3.7V, 10,000mAH rechargeable batteries, $25
  • Door and Window Alarms: CR123A Batteries, $20
  • Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera: Can only be bought through Blue by ADT. $39
  • ADT Panel Boxes (They’re the heart of the system): 12V UB1270 Batteries, $20
  • ADT Pulse Video Doorbells: Can only be bought through ADT or its providers, $100 – $125
  • ADT Keypad Display: 4.8V, 2000mAH rechargeable battery pack, $10

This covers only the most common batteries that run the ADT system. However, there are other devices that use battery power, including:

If you don’t know what battery to purchase, remove the device’s battery and identify its model, voltage, and amperage. Visit google and enter the information collected from the dead battery in the search section and see what comes up.

How Do You Know When ADT Battery Needs Replacement?

When your ADT device needs battery replacement, you will receive several alerts via the app, keypad display, or ADT command panel.

For example, if your door/window sensor battery runs out of juice, you will receive a “zone trouble” or “sensor trouble “message on your alarm keypad or Pulse device. Replace the battery as soon as the alerts or notifications appear.

Sometimes, the ADT alarm system might produce a harsh, irritating beeping sound to notify you that the battery is about to die. If you don’t get the battery replaced as soon as possible, you might find yourself in an even bigger mess.

When an ADT alarm goes off because of a low or dead battery, it creates a “False Alarm”. You can simply stop the alarm by pushing the “OFF” button on most systems. However, if you’re not around or fail to stop the alarm in time, the system will notify the central station and the police will show up at your doorstep.

False alarms are considered punishable offenses because they divert valuable police resources to only respond to a dead battery. This offense often fetches a hefty fine depending on the local municipalities. Although the fine is charged to ADT, the company will eventually transfer the cost to your monthly bill.

You can avoid paying the fine by properly maintaining your alarm system. Regularly, check, recharge, and replace weak batteries in your ADT equipment.

Where to Buy ADT Batteries?

Where to Buy ADT Batteries?
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It’s rare to find batteries for your ADT devices in your grocery store or local retailer. However, some battery retailers can stock them. So, remove the old battery from the gadget and take it with you on your next shopping trip.

Alternatively, you can opt to shop online. Most online stores like Walmart, Amazon, and others often sell these batteries. All you need to do is enter your battery make and model number and place an order. Your replacement battery will be delivered to your doorstep.

When ordering ADT batteries online, ensure the voltage rating of the new battery matches the voltage of the original battery. If your ADT alarm used a 12 V battery, don’t get a 10 V or 14 V battery.

You should also factor in the Amp-hour rating. The rating should remain the same for the new battery. However, there is no problem getting a battery with a higher rating.

How to Replace an ADT Alarm System Battery

When your ADT alarm system runs out of power, you will get a “lo Bat” notification on your keypad display. This is your cue to replace the battery.  

Usually, the alarm system uses a 12 V sealed lead acid battery with a 4-, 5-, 7-, or 8-amp hours rating.  But remember, the size of the battery varies based on the model and equipment connected to the home security system. Therefore, ensure you buy the same size battery as the one you removed from your alarm.

Before replacing the battery, put your security system into test mode to avoid false alarms. You can do that through the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your MyADT.com and navigate to the “My Alarm” section on the dashboard

Step 2: Tap on the “My Alarm” option and choose “System Management” from the menu that pops up

Step 3: Choose “place system on test”   

Once you’ve done that, replace your battery.

Step 1: Using the key on the top of the ADT panel, open your system’s panel and carefully tug the wires to disconnect the batteries

Step 2: Next, connect the RED wire to the RED tab on the new battery and the Black wire to the Black tab

Step 3: Now close the panel door and let the battery charge (The low battery indicator will stay on for 48 hours until the battery fully recharges)

Step 4: Remove your alarm system from “test mode” by visiting MyADT.com

Step 5: Tap on the “My Alarm” option

Step 6: Navigate to the “System Management” option and select “Stop Test”.


Your ADT home security system will improve your home security significantly. But that’s only true if you regularly check up on and maintain the system.

If you receive “lo bat” or “zone trouble” alerts and notifications on your ADT mobile app, keypad display, or ADT command panel, it’s time to replace your battery. The same applies when the Alarm system produces an irritating beeping sound.

Remember, if you don’t get your battery replaced in time, your alarm might go off, resulting in police involvement. You don’t want that because it means being charged hefty fines by ADT for the false alarms.

Fortunately, you don’t need ADT-dedicated batteries to power up your devices. ADT equipment often uses batteries found in other home security systems. As such, you can get your replacement batteries at the nearest battery stores or online stores like Amazon.

Do you have more questions about ADT battery replacement? Leave us a message in the comment section below.

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