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Duralast Gold VS. Platinum Battery: Which is Better?

If you need to buy a new car battery and are wondering which one is the best, you have come to the right place! People often get confused or flustered when purchasing the battery because they are unfamiliar with its advantages and disadvantages.

This usually leads to a wrong purchase and an unhappy consumer. However, do not worry; this article will provide you with plenty of information so you can make an informative decision in accordance with your particular needs and budget.

Interestingly, Duralast is a brand and company that manufactures gold and platinum batteries, making people wonder whether they are the same. Like most batteries for cars, regardless of the brand, they are very similar. However, they do have their differences.

Let’s check out the Duralast batteries’ pros and cons of Duralast gold and platinum batteries.

Duralast Gold Battery

Duralast Gold Battery
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1. Framework

Durlast gold batteries are designed for cars that need a lot of power and are the upgraded version of the previous series of Duralast batteries. In addition, they have better performance and vibration resistance because they have additional plates.

It has an impact-resistant polypropylene shell that protects it from vibrations and external forces that might cause some damage. Thanks to this robust design or solid framework, it is unlikely that the battery will experience damage.

What makes Duralast gold lead-acid batteries unique is their added feature-the venting system which increases their durability by directing gases away from the terminal, reducing the possibility of leakage and corrosion.

Corrosion is one of the most problematic issues that can happen to your battery, and if it occurs very often, it will impair your car’s normal functioning.

Luckily for you, if you maintain your battery and often check whether there is corrosion or sulfation, you can prevent this from happening.

Furthermore, these batteries have a fully-framed stamped grid, which enhances the electrical flow and protects it from corrosion. Ultimately gold car batteries can last much longer compared to competitors’ batteries.

2. Build

Besides their solid framework, their interior and external portions also have a tough build.

They have a heavy-duty strap and weld system made of the best-quality alloy and an intercell weld, guaranteeing their durability and protection from corrosion, which is usually a consequence of leakage.

Duralast gold batteries also include strong separators, providing complete safety when using the battery. Ultimately they are sturdy, very stable, and highly dependable, which explains why they are one of the most popular battery brands.

Unlike most conventional or standard batteries with low-density paste, Duralast gold batteries have high-density paste.

3. Performance

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As noted, Duralast gold batteries have an excellent performance, mainly owing to the extra lead plates that increase their power and vibration resistance.

These batteries are perfect for cars with high power requirements, such as those with an infotainment system and heated seats that use more power than the regular car without these features.

Therefore, these batteries will provide it with the needed power and even maintain its performance after prolonged use.

Ultimately gold batteries provide maximum cold-cranking amps (CCA), or in simple words, the amount of electrical current a battery can discharge and sustain. This refers to the ability of the car to start an engine in low temperatures.

Furthermore, these batteries have dependable reserve capacity, also called reserve minutes or a time measurement that shows how long a fully-charged battery can sustain a constant load (25 amps) before it is discharged to 10.2 volts.

Regarding their durability and warranty, Duralast gold batteries usually come with a 2-year warranty.

4. Disadvantages

Compared to the Duralast platinum battery, the gold battery has fewer cold-cranking amps, approximately 700 CCA. This means the gold battery does not have as strong starting power as platinum batteries.

These batteries need more maintenance because they are not designed like platinum batteries built on Absorbent Glass Mat technology. Generally, AGM batteries are spill-proof and maintenance-free.

In the long run, you will have to regularly check your batteries for corrosion and sulfation if you want your battery to have a longer lifespan.

In addition, these batteries lack a suspended electrolyte, meaning they might freeze in extremely cold temperatures. Freezing over an extended period will definitely damage them or shorten their lifespan.

They also have less reserve capacity than the Duralast platinum batteries, around 150 reserve minutes.

These batteries do not have a full battery status check, so there is a chance that you might overcharge them.

Duralast Platinum Battery

1. Framework

These are sealed and high-quality batteries, making them one of the most sought-after batteries.

In addition, they also have a maintenance-free design, unlike gold batteries, meaning you will not have to check them often because there is a low chance of spillage within the cell.

Similar to gold platinum batteries, these batteries also have a solid framework and a high-quality build. Furthermore, they are extremely vibration resistant. These batteries are designed to handle high vibrations, which makes them an excellent choice for marine applications.

2. Build

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Although almost every Duralast battery is known for its all-vehicle-fit size, platinum batteries have the edge over their gold counterpart: their spill-proof design. These batteries can easily be installed at any angle and in different vehicles, including SUVs, cars, and trucks.

They also have stamped grids like their gold counterpart.

What makes these batteries so desirable on the market is their AGM technology, which offers numerous benefits, making them a better choice than gold or conventional batteries.

This technology makes them perfect for delivering a powerful burst of starting amps and running electronics and accessories for an extended period. In addition, these batteries, compared to, for example, other lead-acid batteries, have more outstanding durability and will last longer.

As mentioned, the Duralast platinum battery has a bigger reserve capacity of around 200. This also contributes to their excellent durability.

Regarding the voltage, both batteries have the same voltage, around 12 volts or higher.

3. Performance

These batteries are deep cycle batteries, meaning they have a thick plate that allows deeper discharge without potential damage. They can handle deep discharge of about 70% or 80%.

Anything above 80% might damage the battery or reduce its life. Due to this deep cycle capability, these batteries are often found in plug-in electronics and different accessories.

The high deep cycle capacity gives them an advantage over gold batteries because they have twice the cycle life of gold and other batteries.

Their ability to withstand extremely cold weather conditions makes them better than gold batteries. In addition, their excellent starting power makes them very handy if you live in a colder area or environment.

Ultimately, platinum batteries have a low self-discharge, which means that they will not draw much power if they are not in use, as with other conventional batteries.

Regarding the cold-cranking amperage, these batteries have 770 CCA, unlike gold batteries with 700 CCA. This allows the Duralast platinum batteries a better starting power.

Similar to Duralast gold batteries, these also come with a two-year warranty or even a three-year warranty, which tells you enough about their quality. They also offer free replacement and roadside assistance in case your battery has some internal damage or a flaw.

Both Duralast platinum and gold batteries can be purchased at AutoZone stores. Furthermore, they also offer free installation with the purchase of the battery.

4. Disadvantages

Duralast platinum batteries do not have many disadvantages. However, their price pushes most customers away from these batteries, as they are costly. In addition, they need to be charged on a special device, so your regular charger will not do.

Even though these batteries charge quickly, Optima batteries charge three times faster, which is an excellent alternative to platinum batteries. However, Optima batteries come with a 2-year warranty replacement and are even more expensive.

Another popular brand of batteries produced by the same manufacturer, Duralast, is the DieHard battery. These batteries offer more cold cranking amps, around 800. However, these are even more expensive than Duralast platinum batteries.

How Long Will My Battery Last?

In general, Duralast manufactures one of the best quality batteries on the market, and they can last from three to five years, although their original range is around two to three years, just like their warranty.

Always keep in mind that the durability of the battery also depends on the type and whether it needs maintenance. For example, if you buy a Duralast gold battery and do not maintain it, it will only last for a short time.


Although all Duralast batteries have their unique features, these batteries have their advantages and also disadvantages.

When choosing the correct battery, you must also consider the type of car you have and whether the battery meets or exceeds the original equipment installed by the manufacturer. In addition, an essential factor is an environment where you live and whether your vehicle needs good starting power.

Ultimately, the Duralast platinum battery seems a better option than a gold one because of its numerous advantages and cutting-edge AGM technology. In addition, although they are more expensive, you will not have to maintain them.

However, if you do not feel like spending much money on your battery, the gold battery is a good choice because it will still offer excellent performance that will most likely meet your expectations.

Which battery is a better option for you? Please, share your experience with us! If you have any questions, do be shy and ask away!

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