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Gas VS Battery Chainsaw: What’s The Diiference?

Chainsaws are a great help for many areas of the home and for heavy jobs such as cutting large amounts of firewood for the winter. But for some time there has been a certain rivalry between gas-powered chainsaws and battery-powered chainsaws.

Initially, electric chainsaws were no match for gas-powered ones. But as technology has developed, electric chainsaws have been improving in all aspects.

Now they have greater power and lithium-based batteries to use them for longer. You also have several models on the market and practical extra tools that help you in the task of cutting or pruning.

If you want to find out which of the two chainsaws is for you, keep reading because in this article we will reveal all the pros and cons of electric and gas chainsaws so that you can make a better decision before buying.

Gas-powered saw

Gasoline chainsaws were the first option available on the market for many years. That is why many people prefer this option, but mainly for a custom issue.

Most people don’t have the time to think about which of the chainsaws is ideal for the kind of work they want to do.

Types of Gas Chainsaws

Gas chainsaws are of two types: two-stroke and four-stroke chainsaws

Two-stroke chainsaws work by previously mixing oil with gasoline and pouring it into the tank that feeds the saw motor. This mixture is essential so that all engine components work well lubricated, otherwise you will have problems while cutting or doing pruning work.

A four-stroke tank has two separate tanks, one for oil and the other for gasoline. You will not have to mix oil and gasoline previously.

Some people find this option much more practical since it prevents you from previously mixing and the machine takes care of making the correct proportion of the mixture between oil and gasoline.

Basics About Gas Chainsaws

The basic thing you should know about gas chainsaws is that they work through a carburetor that mixes gasoline with air. The mixture of gasoline and air is transferred to a cylinder which ignites the machine using a spark plug.

After the air and fuel are burned, they generate energy that moves a piston. The movement of the piston is covered by a rod and a level in a rotating movement.

The transmission shaft conducts that power to a centrifugal clutch connected to the chain and the engine.

This is how the rotation of the toothed wheels around the guide bar generates. 

Gas chainsaws are very reliable and durable. They are not going to leave you stranded in the middle of your work but you should always remember to have some mixture of oil and gasoline while you do your tasks.

As they are the oldest on the market, the variety of prices and models is impressive, so you will have to do a thorough search to see which of all the models and brands suits you.

We must also warn that although their performance is incredible, they are very noisy and you will have to wear ear protectors so that you do not have hearing difficulties in the future.

If you have picky neighbors or you know that your neighborhood will be disturbed by the noise of your chainsaw or the smoke emanating from it, then we advise you to wait for a little before making any purchase and take a look at what electric chainsaws can do for you.

Electric chainsaw

Electric chainsaw
Image Credit: thinkinink_jamiestephens

When electric chainsaws came out in the market they were not worthy opponents of gas chainsaws. There was no point of comparison in terms of the difference in power.

However, the technology of electric saws has improved over time and now presents several options that can be very interesting if you do not dedicate yourself to heavy-duty work or if you do not feel trees professionally.

Types of Electric Chainsaws

There are two types of electric saws, cordless chainsaw or battery chainsaw and corded electric chainsaw.

The battery chainsaw is a practical and lightweight tool. Originally, the batteries were weak and did not last enough to justify an investment in an electric model.

Now they last longer and have greater control. Plus, chainsaws are much easier to maneuver, they don’t vibrate as much, and you don’t have to deal with the discomfort of smoke and noise.

A corded electric model is distinguished by being lightweight and not requiring batteries. It will work permanently as long as it is connected to the power source.

However, it is not so comfortable without an extension of several meters or if you have to work far from your home or garden.

You should also keep in mind to educate yourself before buying any extension cord as it must be compatible with the electric saw. We advise you to do some research about the safety of power cords.

Electric chainsaws are also known for having several functional models for different household tasks. They may not be all-rounders like gas chainsaws, but they can help you with any practical tasks compared to a gas chainsaw.

Gas-powered saw vs. Electric chainsaw

Gas-powered saw
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Now we will compare the two types of saws in different aspects so that according to their most outstanding characteristics, you can choose which is the one that best suits you or adapts to the work you have to do.

1. Performance

Chainsaws with gas engines last much longer than electric chainsaws. This problem can be solved with a few extra batteries for recharging, but buying extra batteries can raise the price of your electric chainsaw considerably.

If what you are looking for is a high-performance saw that will do a lot of hard work, gas chainsaws are your best option.

2. Easy to handle

In this case, it is electric chainsaws that dominate this criterion. They are less heavy, and very easy to start since you only have to press a button to turn them on.

Instead, gas-powered saws work with a pull start which can be tricky to handle if you are new to an electric saw.

It should also be mentioned that gas chainsaws need greater care and constant maintenance. This is justified when you are going to do heavy-duty jobs daily and it is, for example, one of your sources of income if your job consists of cutting wood.

But it is not worth it if you will use it occasionally to prune the branches, cut small trees in your garden or clean the fallen brunches from a storm. 

3. Noise and vibration

Power saws win in this category. Chainsaws powered by gas have a kickback when turned on, and are noisy and difficult to maneuver.

With electric chainsaws, the only thing you should keep in mind is to always have a sharp blade. This feature can be essential when you live in the middle of a residential neighborhood where sounds as loud as a chainsaw are frowned upon or even not allowed.

4. Models

Image Credit: hollyhockconstruction

Gas saws are found in all kinds of prices and sizes. Being the product that has been on the market for the longest time, you can find all kinds of saws, of different sizes and prices, with modest motors or real beasts that will cut trees like butter.

But electric saws are not far behind. You will not be able to find the same variety of offers as with gas saws, but you will be able to find new models that are used for specific tasks around the house.

The pole chainsaw is a small cordless chainsaw, mounted on a pole that functions as an extension arm. You can use it to cut high, hard-to-reach branches in the garden.

You can also find an electric chainsaw with a set of jaws. These crab-like claws surround the line of cut, protecting you from the chain in the event of an accident.

In addition, they cling very well to the material you are cutting, making your task more stable and easy to execute.

It will depend on what task you want to perform with the saw. However, we can say that the gas saw is focused on heavy work, while the electric chainsaw is focused on gardening.

5. Price

Gasoline chainsaws are usually cheaper than electric chainsaws. You can find electric chainsaws at a good price, but if you want them to last a long time and not have to plow to recharge the batteries, then you will need to buy at least a couple of extra batteries, making the price increase.

Electric chainsaws are generally more expensive to repair, although gas chainsaws need constant maintenance.

6. Ecofriendly

Electric chainsaws are without a doubt the most environmentally friendly option. The smell and smoke that gas saws give off are not a good idea if you live in a residential area with many neighbors.

So if you like to support the environment with sustainable products, the electric saw will always be a better option.


Electric chainsaws are more practical, functional for occasional tasks, and without emissions of toxic substances into the environment. The bar length has a top and none has the same diameter as the gas ones.

While gas-powered chainsaws are powerful, and perfect for yard work and cutting large trees. But they are not practical to drive, they are very noisy and you will have to maintain them constantly.

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