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How Long Does GoPro Battery Last? (Tricks to Improve)

Are you among the many GoPro users who worry about the battery’s power? These cameras are some of the best for capturing and editing clear pictures and videos.

But their batteries aren’t that strong. Better still, you can make the battery last for many hours.

How long your GoPro battery can last varies with your usage and model. It’s easy to take care of this item. Then you’ll get the best from your camera.

This article covers the actions that drain your GoPro battery. You will also learn tips to make your GoPro battery last long.

Are you ready? Let’s start with the average time a GoPro camera battery can last.

How Long Does GoPro Battery Last?

The company states that most GoPro camera cams can last 1 to 2 hours. But some cams can go beyond or less than these hours.

The model and the user’s behavior can define the battery’s power. So, even if you have the best GoPro battery, how you use it affects its life.

Models like the GoPro Hero 5, 6, and 7 use the same battery. They have a capacity of 1160 mAh. So, such batteries last 65 minutes when recording a 4K video.

The Hero 8 uses a 1220 mAh Li-ion battery. You can record a 4K video for at least one hour.

As for the GoPro Hero 9, you can record a 4K video for at least 2 hours. It’s because the battery is a 1720 mAh Li-ion one. You’ll take more pics and videos using this battery’s power.

Below is a table to give you a deeper understanding of how long these models last.

GoPro Hero 4 1160 mAh 65 Minutes
GoPro Hero 5 1160 mAh 65 Minutes
GoPro Hero 6 1160 mAh 65 Minutes
GoPro Hero 7 1160 mAh 65 Minutes
GoPro Hero 8 1220 mAh 81 Minutes
GoPro Hero 9 1720 mAh 97 Minutes
GoPro Hero X 1720 mAh 83 Minutes
GoPro Max 1600 mAh 115 Minutes
GoPro Hero X (With Enduro Battery) 1720 mAh 120 Minutes


Actions that make Your GoPro Battery not last

Sometimes, your GoPro camera works fine, but the battery doesn’t last long. The following are the reasons why your GoPro battery loses its power fast:

1. Using too many Specs

GoPro cameras have many aspects to make you enjoy them as a user. Some of them are Wi-Fi, GPS, and voice control.

Using one of or all the aspects is excellent but needs more power. For example, a function like GPS gives you the exact place where you take the videos.

The voice control and voice recorder work even when your camera is off. So, your battery will drain faster if these specs are on. If it becomes the norm to use these parts, your battery life will reduce fast.

2. Hot Places

Placing or using your beautiful GoPro camera in hot areas isn’t safe. It gives your battery a slow death.

The high heat levels increase the battery’s inner heat levels. After that, the battery will have less heat resistance.

Then it will generate more heat. Such an act makes the battery lose its capacity and power fast.

So, using the camera in hot areas every time reduces its life. Remember, too much charging makes the batteries less powerful.

3. Cold Temperatures

GoPro batteries waste fast if you keep or use them in cold areas. Like most machines, the battery will use more power to give the camera more warmth.

The result will be that your battery will lose power fast. If you keep shooting videos and taking pics in such conditions, your battery will die a swift death.

Remember, these batteries come from Li-ion. When in low temperatures, the activities of these ions become low.

The reduction is because cold prevents the transfer of Li-Ion in the battery. So, the result reduces the power present in the GoPro batteries.

4. It’s Old

Sometimes, your GoPro may have served you well for a long time. So, it will be time to replace it.

The longer you use the battery, the older it gets. Some GoPro batteries go beyond the company’s estimated lifespan. It’s because such owners handle the items well.

How to Improve Your GoPro Battery?

GoPro Battery life

Use the tricks below to increase the range of your GoPro battery. Remember, all the tips are easy to apply and make it perform better every day.

1. Avoid Extra GoPro Settings

Avoiding GoPro’s settings saves your battery power. You won’t have to recharge it every moment when using the camera.

The features like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, voice command, and voice control are wonderful. But they won’t let your battery rest.

Among the five, use Wi-Fi only when it’s urgent. It takes most of your power.

Remember, the Wi-Fi is at the side of the camera. You can turn it on by mistake. So, be keen while shooting to avoid much battery drainage.

As for voice command and voice control, they are present in some models. The GoPro Hero 10 and 9 have simple voice commands.

You’ll only get voice control on the new Hero 6. So, know what to turn off on your device.

2. Keep the Batteries in Proper Temperatures

Keeping your GoPro camera in places with a proper room temperature is excellent. Your battery won’t drain its power. So, it will have a longer life than you can expect.

It can be hard to keep the device warm if you go to cold places. But you can put the camera close to your skin to get warmth. Also, you can place them inside a zip pocket.

Avoid using the camera every time in hot places. Don’t keep the cam close to the fire. It makes your battery safer and healthier for many years.

3. Don’t Use the Extra Lights

Improving the GoPro battery life needs you to be keen on every part. While recording, there are beautiful lights that stay on.

Such as, the red light needs more battery power. If you must use the feature, let it be for a few minutes and not every time.

4. Don’t Operate it Using an Extra Remote

GoPro allows you control of your camera when taking pics and recording videos. The remote’s screen will enable you to check the camera’s status every moment.

GoPro says the remote won’t use much battery power. But since it uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the remote will also take a small toll on the battery.

Also, use this tool when it is urgent or necessary. Its constant use becomes a problem for your battery capacity. The remote can work with every GoPro camera model.

5. Keep the Protune Off

The Protune aspect is present on some GoPro camera models. You can use it to set various recording videos under many effects.

Some modes are white balance, exposure, color changes, and ISO limit. It’s best for shooting videos that have fast-moving scenes.

For example, a typical 1080p video needs a bit rate of 30 Mbps. But with the protune aspect, the camera will record it at 45 Mbps.

These beautiful aspects will happen while using more of your battery power. Doing it every day will reduce your battery’s life span. Don’t use the feature if you haven’t carried extra batteries or a power bank.

6. Charge the Batteries using Wall Chargers

Like any other electronic, it’s proper to maintain your battery by charging it well. You can do this trick using wall chargers instead of connecting the camera to a PC.

It helps the battery charge for a long time without losing its capacity. Only charge the battery when you are in a fix.

While charging on the wall, have a timer to prevent overcharging. The trick prevents the battery from losing its capacity due to overheating.

7. Place the Battery on Sleep Mode

Keeping your GoPro camera’s screen off reduces the level of battery usage. Remember, the screen uses LCD tech, which looks great.

The beautiful aspect is heavy on your battery. If you don’t use it, turn it off. But when using it, keep the lights at low levels.

Otherwise, be ready to get the “low-battery warning” after various minutes. Charging your battery every time reduces its power over time.

But with sleep mode, your battery will have much less burden. So, it will keep much power.

8. Carry Extra batteries

Like most photographers, you should have several or one more battery. Ensure that all the batteries are original GoPro versions and have enough charge.

The company has models like the Hero 5, which don’t use other batteries. So, you’ll have no choice but to get true GoPro batteries. Note that genuine batteries aren’t very expensive.

Getting extra batteries spares you the hustle of recharging your battery every hour. Also, you’ll work all day without fearing your camera going off.

Preventing the battery from getting a recharge every time is fantastic. It will be strong for a long time.

 3 Best Extra Tools for a Longer GoPro Battery Life

Invest more in the battery if you want a higher quality output from any GoPro camera. Below are the five more items to bring while seeking a longer battery life.

  1. A battery backpack to give you your extra filming hours.
  2. A power bank to boost your batteries in the field.
  3. A portable solar charger to charge the battery during your long trips.


Various factors shape how long your GoPro battery will last. These reasons range between your usage and the GoPro camera model.

Using features like Bluetooth drains your battery power the most. If it becomes your habit every moment, your battery will die.

Besides avoiding the usage of extra settings, getting extra batteries can improve your battery’s life. It allows you to use your camera for long hours. Also, you won’t need to charge your battery every time.

So, what appears to be the best among this article’s GoPro battery gain tips? Please reach out to us. We value your feedback.

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