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23 Easy DIY Battery Charging Station Plans

So much stuff runs on battery power nowadays. If you’re a DIYer, you are almost certain to have a collection of battery-powered tools – all with their own batteries – and almost all of us have assorted electronic devices that all need daily charging too.

This causes a problem since all those batteries and cords tend to end up creating a huge, tangled mess. However, there is an easy solution – and for anyone who’s interested, here are 23 great DIY battery charging station plans you might like to have a go at making yourself.

1. Battery Charging Station from Kreg Tool

Battery Charging Station from Kreg Tool

If you have lots of tools, you’ll need somewhere to store them, but if several of them are cordless power tools, you’ll also need somewhere to charge them. This charging station is the ideal solution since it organizes and conceals all the power cables for clean and tangle-free storage.

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2. Cordless Power Tools? – Perfect Charging Station for Small Workshops

This YouTuber shows us the perfect example of what it can look like if you own lots of cordless power tools. As he says, he has batteries and chargers all over the place – so his solution is to make a DIY charging station to keep everything in order. It’s easy to build, and it’s great for small workshops, so if you find yourself in a similar situation, this is a video you need to see.


3. How to Build a DIY Drill Charging Station and 2×4 Workbench Base

How to Build a DIY Drill Charging Station and 2x4 Workbench Base

In this tutorial, not only will you learn how to make a convenient charging station, but you’ll find out how to build a workbench base too. That way, everything in your workshop will be in perfect order, and you’ll also have a new base to stand your old workbench on. The plan has lots of detail, and there are plenty of images to help you, allowing you to upgrade to a pro-looking workshop setup like this with ease.

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4. DIY Battery Charging Station from Field Treasure Designs

One outstanding feature of the battery charging station this YouTuber made is that if you need to move to a new workshop, you can simply unplug it, remove it from the wall, fit it to the new wall and plug it in when you arrive in your new workshop – and it’s ready to go. It’s also great for keeping all his power tool batteries organized, so we’re sure lots of people will want to copy his plan.


5. Cordless Drill Storage and Charging Station – Her Tool Belt

Cordless Drill Storage and Charging Station – Her Tool Belt

Although this unit is small, it has space to charge five power tool batteries at the same time. Furthermore, it also has a space for hanging the accompanying power tools up, and there’s even a drawer, giving you extra storage capacity – so for its size, this charging station has loads of functionality. Want to know how to build one just like it? Then head over to the blog.

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6. DIY Drill Charging Station: Small Shop Organization

Like the charging station above in #5, this one also gives you space to store your drills as well as giving you somewhere to charge the batteries. However, this one is a much larger version, and it holds about twice as many drills. That makes it the ideal design for people who have lots of tools to store – but perhaps not quite as much size as they’d like in their workshop.


7. DIY Drill Charging Station from Endgrain Workshop

This tutorial doesn’t contain any explanations – it just consists of a timelapse shot of this talented YouTuber constructing a drill charging station. We enjoy videos like this since they don’t get bogged down in detail. Rather, we just get to see a skilled craftsman at work, and it’s fascinating to watch as the project takes shape. For anyone with basic woodworking skills, it shouldn’t be hard to copy either, so why not have a go and see if you’re up to the challenge?


8. DIY Battery Charging Station – Field Treasure Designs

DIY Battery Charging Station – Field Treasure Designs

Not only are well-designed battery charging stations practical and convenient, but they’re also extremely satisfying to see, especially if we’re talking about one you made yourself. There’s something about seeing all your tools and batteries neatly arranged just where they belong, like in the photo in this post. And if you like the look of it, just read the rest of the tutorial to see how to make one yourself.

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9. Easiest Drill Charger Station and Organization DIY

One of the best things about this tutorial – as we learn from the introduction – is that this YouTuber made it using only some very basic tools that most people will have access to. That means almost everyone should be able to replicate it at home, giving you a quick and easy way to build something to organize your power tools and batteries.


10. DIY Drill Charging Station and Sandpaper Organizer: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

DIY Drill Charging Station and Sandpaper Organizer 10 Steps (with Pictures)

The “innovation” here is that this charging station gives you designated space to store sandpaper as well giving you somewhere to charge your power tool batteries. Ok, so it might not be a world-shattering idea (although it’s still a good one!), but it’s a creative addition nonetheless, and if you’d like something like it at home, this plan will teach you how it’s done.

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11. A Better DIY Drill Charging Station and Shop Organization

We enjoyed the intro to this tutorial. It’s nice to see YouTubers trying to be a little original occasionally, and this guy looks like he had some fun playing with some funky camera tricks. That aside, his tutorial is also worth a watch since he explains everything clearly, and his charging station is one of the better ones we’ve found. Check it out and see what we mean!


12. Scrap Wood Projects: Quick Tool Charging Station – Saved by Scottie

Scrap Wood Projects Quick Tool Charging Station – Saved by Scottie

For us, the essence of true DIY is making new and attractive or useful, practical items from old pieces of material you have lying around at home – and that’s why we enjoyed this plan so much since that’s exactly what this blogger did. Using mainly old scraps of wood, she decided to build a charging station while she had a little spare time on her hands. It looks great, and if you want to see how she did it, head over to her blog to find out.

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13. Drill Storage and Charging Station

The introduction to this video encapsulates a problem many DIYers face – namely that they have a whole lot of power tools, each with their own batteries, and nowhere convenient to keep them. The charging station she then shows us how to build is the perfect solution to this familiar problem, and all you need to copy it is half a sheet of plywood. It looks highly professional when it’s done too, so why not have a go and see if you can copy her idea?


14. DIY Wall Mounted Charging Station

A lot of the plans we’ve seen for charging stations are for power tool batteries – but here’s one that’s a bit different since it’s designed for electronic devices like tablets and phones. Most of us have at least several devices that need regular charging, and owning a charging station like this is a great way to keep everything tidy. And if you want to make one just like it, this tutorial shows you what to do.


15. Tool Charging Station – Making At Home

Tool Charging Station – Making At Home

Here’s a great plan for a stylish power tool charging station that we’re sure most DIY enthusiasts would just love to own. The post also includes detailed information on how to replicate the idea at home, so if you like the look of it, all you have to do is assemble the materials and get to work!

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16. Build a DIY Battery Charging Station – The Ultimate Film Gear Accessory

A lot of power tool charging stations look fairly similar, but not this one – because here we have a portable version that you can take with you wherever you go. We love seeing creative ideas like this – this is really the kind of thing not many other people would have thought of. It’s a super-useful item to own, and if you want one too, this video has all the info you need to make one yourself.


17. Screw Organization! – One Day Drill Charging Station

It’s all very well having somewhere to organize and charge your drills, but many people who own drills also have a sizeable collection of screws, and they need to be stored somewhere too. Sound like a familiar situation? Then this video tutorial for making a charging station and screw organizer is here to help.


18. DIY Charging Station for Phones and Tablets – BLACK+DECKER

DIY Charging Station for Phones and Tablets – BLACK+DECKER

This charging station for phones and tablets is not only extremely useful, but it also looks gorgeous too. Building it should only take around three hours from start to finish, and it gives you somewhere to charge your phones or other devices all in one place. We like the way everything is so clearly explained, and there are lots of photos too, so it’s the kind of plan almost anyone will be able to copy.

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19. DIY Tool Charging Station with LEDs

Lots of charging station plans we’ve seen will give you a practical way to store and charge your tools, but we don’t think we’ve come across any that look quite as cool as this one. But the lights you can see are not just there to look pretty – they also let you know things are charging. An ingenious design from two of our favorite DIYing Youtubers. Great work guys, keep it up!


20. How to Build a Drill Charging Station – Bunnings Workshop Community

How to Build a Drill Charging Station – Bunnings Workshop Community

If you’re the kind of person who likes their DIY plans to include lots of detail and plenty of photos, this is one you should appreciate. It gives you a list of the materials and tools you’ll need, and it also includes a step-by-step guide for putting everything together. A well-written plan for a power tool charging station that’s easy to follow and one we’re sure lots of people will be keen to try themselves.

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21. Here’s How I Made My Own Custom DIY Battery Charging Station – DIY Photography

Here's How I Made My Own Custom DIY Battery Charging Station – DIY Photography

For anyone looking for a plan for a charging station for photography accessories, we’ve found one for you right here. If you want to avoid a mass of tangled wires that, according to this blogger, look like “Medusa on a bad hair day”, you’ll need an effective charging station to keep everything in order – and this is the tutorial that will teach you how.

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22. DIY Folding Cordless Drill Storage and Charging Station Woodworking Project

Here’s another YouTuber who’s having fun with some fun visual effects, beaming his co-presenter in Star Trek-style to help with his video. That aside, they do seem to have quite a substantial problem with power tool chargers – and if you keep watching, you’ll discover the fantastic design for a charging station they came up with to solve it.


23. DIY Charging Station with Wireless Charging – Easy Beginner Project

To finish, here’s a great video showing us how to deal with what this YouTuber calls a “spaghetti of cords”. It’s a fantastic idea for anyone who has lots of devices that need charging – and let’s face it, that means pretty much all of us. So if you’re looking for an end to your personal spaghetti problem, this tutorial could be just what you need.


Loads of great ideas to inspire you

Whether you need a charging station for power tools, electronic devices, photography equipment or just about anything else – and as long as you have a few basic DIY or woodworking skills – there’s no shortage of great plans online that can show you how to do it.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them all too. And above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the ideas and inspiration you needed for building a battery charging station of your own.

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