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How Long Does A Stiiizy Battery Last? (Fixed!!!)

Stiiizy battery is just a rechargeable battery that connects to Stiiizy pods. Stiiizy brand is known for producing different products, and it’s very popular in the California cannabis community.

So many people are often bothered about the battery life of their batteries because imagine the frustration when using your vape pen in a social setting and it automatically goes dead.

Stiiizy battery is an advanced vaporizer, and because it makes use of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, it’s long-lasting and reliable.

It offers convenience and portability, and they ensure your vape pen is on for as long as you need it to be.

Most people often underestimate stiiizy batteries, but that’s not wise because their technology is top-notch.

If you are still wondering the duration of how long your stiiizy battery can last, read on;

What’s The Lifespan of a Stiiizy Battery?

With proper care, your stiiizy battery can last for 3 years, even with constant use.

Getting your battery fully charged will take from 30-45 mins, and note that overcharging can reduce the lifespan of your battery.

The trick to using these batteries for a long period is how to store and maintain them. You need to always make sure that your pods are replaced so it doesn’t overheat.

Do you know your stiiizy battery is just as important as your vape pen? The same attention you’ll give to your other vape products, channel it to your stiiizy battery, and it’ll last for a really long time.

What’s The Lifespan of a Stiiizy Battery?
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For your stiiizy battery, you need to always clean it after every use; if you feel that’s too tasking, make sure you at least clean it after three/five uses.

Apply the same procedure to your pods as well, clean them frequently, and if you notice any leakage, use a cotton swab and alcohol to clean it.

To ensure you maximize the lifespan of your stiiizy battery, always store it in a cool environment, and keep it away from direct sunlight and extremely cold weather.

Plus, you can read the manufacturer’s manual, as there’ll be some information for your particular model.

Different Models of Stiiizy Battery

Your battery choice will depend on if you are a seasoned user or if you just use vape products once in a while.

Stiiizy batteries come in two forms, however, in both models, the pods are sold separately.

1. Official Stiiizy Battery

The official stiiizy battery comes is a 210mAh rechargeable battery that’s suitable for new users and infrequent hitters. Its battery life offers a longer run compared to other brands of batteries, plus it also offers a burn-free and leak-free experience.

Due to its small size, you can only use it for a few days of consistent hits, however, it’s still a far cry better than other vape batteries in the market.

Different Models of Stiiizy Battery
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It has a 400F heating temperature, and still gives users the maximum flavor, and it also has a USB charging cable and port. In just 30 minutes, the battery can be fully charged even after discharging completely.

The stiiizy battery is available in different colors, so you should have no problem picking a color that suits your preference.

2. Official Stiiizy Biiig Battery

For users who need a more powerful battery, the Biiig battery is just what they need. The difference between this model and the official stiiizy battery is the battery capacity. It features a longer battery life of 550mAh, making it perfect for frequent consumers. It also has a heating temperature of 400F for that perfect and powerful hit.

The durability of this battery ensures a long-life cycle, meaning users don’t have to continuously replace it monthly or even weekly.

Also, if you want a way longer battery capacity, you can get the official stiiizy power case, as it has a capacity of 750 mAh.

How To Properly Charge a Stiiizy Battery

Charging your stiiizy battery is easy; connect the USB cable to the port at the bottom of your battery, and that’s all. It’s best to always use the USB cable that comes with the battery and not a third-party USB cable.

When your battery is at full charge, the LED light will turn white.

But, if you notice the LED screen blinking red twice, then there’s a connection problem. Red light often signifies two things; low battery and wrong insertion, so be sure to know the exact problem when you notice the red light.

However, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t make use of the battery when charging nor should you connect it to a pod. Disconnect the battery from the charging port so you don’t damage the battery.

How To Properly Charge a Stiiizy Battery
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A long lifespan isn’t the only benefit you’ll get to enjoy when you get a stiiizy battery. There are a few more reasons why you need to consider it.

Is There a Limit to How You Recharge Your Stiiizy Battery?

It’s normal to charge your stiiizy battery to the fullest for optimal performance, but why do you feel the need to still connect it when it’s fully charged? This makes no sense and will reduce the lifespan of your battery.

You should charge your stiiizy battery based on how frequently you use it; plus, the USB charger you use will also play a role in how many times you need to charge.

For heavy users, the battery is likely to run out after five recharges, but if you are a light user and take a short draw every 2-3 hours, it can last up to 10 charges.

Remember that the life of the charge is dependent on how powerful your pen is.

How To Know When Your Stiiizy Battery Is Bad

Stiiizy takes great pride in its stiiizy products, most especially the batteries. Stiiizy batteries make use of lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable, meaning you’ll just have to keep charging and charging without it getting completely damaged.

However, these batteries aren’t built to last forever, and the easiest way to know your battery is bad is by looking at the LED screen. When you see the white light, it shows that the pod is activated, and this is the light you need to be majorly concerned about; because that’s what indicates your battery is in perfect condition.

If you notice your stiiizy battery isn’t working anymore, it’s likely because the battery is dead; remember the lifespan of a lithium battery is 2 to 3 years.

Constantly leaving your battery at either 100% or 0% will put a strain on it and eventually reduce its lifespan. So, it’s best to not wait until your battery is completely drained before charging.

How To Know When Your Stiiizy Battery Is Bad
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Also, there are certain reasons why your stiiizy battery may not be working;

  • The connections are dirty
  • The pod atomizer is burned out
  • The cartridge is not full

Most times, depending on why your battery is bad, you’ll likely need a replacement. And when getting a new battery, the best thing is to get one from the stiiizy directly, so you don’t end up buying a fake.

And remember; your stiiizy battery is not waterproof. Although it can withstand little exposure to water, it’s not water-resistant.

Why You Need a Stiiizy Battery

Great battery life tops the chart when it comes to stiiizy batteries, who wouldn’t want a battery that can last for up to three years with constant use?

But there are other advantages as well.

1. Top Quality Material

The two models of stiiizy batteries are made of high-quality ceramic coils that promise reliability and give users a long-life cycle. The aluminum alloy material used in the physical shell makes it sturdier and more durable than other batteries.

It has a smooth matte finish, and the construction process is entirely safe.

The fact that the battery is available in other colors makes it an appealing choice to users who love to match aesthetics.

It comes with an easy-to-use magnetic base that’s durable and helps make pod installation simple. Who doesn’t love easy charging?

Why You Need a Stiiizy Battery
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2. Lightweight

Nobody loves carrying around bulky chargers just because they need to use their vapers.  The batteries are lightweight, and perfect for those who want to consume their favorite strains without any lingering smell of flower. With the stiiizy batteries, you can even take a puff in social gatherings, because it doesn’t give off any weird, cannabis smell.

The stiiizy battery was designed with users’ discretion in mind, and it can fit into any pocket or small-sized bag.


It’s easy to get carried away when charging your stiiizy battery, but it’s important not to leave it unattended. Once you notice it’s fully charged, unplug and use it.

Continuously overcharging will deteriorate the lifespan, and you might have to get a new one in less than a year.

Stiiizy batteries are very easy to use, and with proper maintenance, you’ll enjoy 3 years of maximum battery usage. If you are a seasoned user and want a high-quality product with a long-lasting battery, the Biiig stiiizy is your best bet.

However, if you notice any problem with the battery before the 2-3 years mark, contact their customer support for troubleshooting steps – support@STIIIZY

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