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How Much Is A Juul Battery? (Alternative Batteries)

As a Juul user, you can appreciate how necessary it is to have enough battery life. Running out of juice while using your Juul is frustrating, but it is even worse if the battery dies and you have no replacement. This is the part where you wonder how much a Juul battery costs.

There is no specific price for a Juul e-cigarette battery. Every retailer has a different price, so you may find it ranging between $15 and $30. This is on the high side, considering the size of the device and battery. However, the battery packs power and can last many hours, even with persistent use.

Fortunately, several Juul device battery options exist, and you may find a cheaper alternative. This article explains that you do not have to break the bank to get one, and you do not have to compromise quality for the price.

Selecting the Right Juul Battery by Cost

Consider selecting the Efest Slim K battery for your Juul electronic cigarette device. This option is a strong, 18650 2600mAh-capacity high-quality battery. It is made specifically to fit Juul and lasts long with consistent use without needing a charge.

The battery comes with a protection design that keeps it safe even if you inadvertently leave it plugged into power for too long. It is not heavy but compact and portable. You can also check other battery options if the Efest option is unavailable in your area or if you want varieties.

Can You Replace a Juul Battery with a Starter Kit?

You can replace a Juul battery with a Juul starter kit, but you must compare prices. A starter kit is typically more expensive than a Juul battery. As mentioned, the battery ranges between $15 and $30. On the other hand, a starter kit costs about $50, which is almost two or three times the cost of a battery, depending on where you buy it.

You may need a new kit if the old one no longer serves you or if you desire to replace it for other reasons. However, it is not cost-effective if you are considering buying a new kit simply because the Juul battery is old or ineffective. This is especially true if the old device still works well.

Factors to Help You Make the Right Purchase

Factors to Help You Make the Right Purchase
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We understand if you are unsure which rechargeable battery to choose or how to make the best of your shopping experience. But while there are many options to choose from, it does not have to be tedious. So, we have a list of factors that help you narrow your choices and make an informed decision.

1. Battery Type

First, you must consider the various battery options and how much power you need for your Juul. Every battery works differently and has a set of advantages and disadvantages. If you spend so much on a tiny battery, you want to ensure you get the best offer and deal.

Therefore, check the following:

  • High-capacity Battery: Each Juul battery has different capacities, and the higher the capacity is, the longer the battery lasts. A high-capacity Juul battery is usually 600 mAh and can last for as many as 600 puffs. If you are a regular and heavy smoker, it is best to consider this battery option to avoid replacing it soon after buying it due to premature damage.
  • Extended Battery: This option is next in line to the high-capacity battery and is 400 mAh. The battery is good enough for 400 puffs or a little more, which is enough for an average smoker. You can also select this option if you do not smoke so much but need a battery with a longer lifespan.
  • Original Battery: This is the typical battery for every Juul device and has a capacity of 200mAh. You can get 200 puffs or a little more because of its capacity. It is a good enough battery but only works for the average or intermittent smoker. In other words, it will wear out too fast if you are a heavy smoker.

2. Bulk Purchase

Consider buying the batteries in bulk. For one, a bulk purchase reduces the price and saves money. Two, you do not have to buy a new battery every time the old one runs out. Note that the price may continue to change, and the cost today may not be the same the next time you buy it.

Fortunately, Juul batteries are not perishable, so you can safely store them for a long time. It is easier and cheaper in the long run than replacing the device or starter kit.

3. Price

Before deciding where to buy a Juul battery, it is best to compare the prices in different retail stores. As mentioned, every retailer has a different price for the battery, some lower than others. So, it is cost-efficient to compare each retailer’s offer and select the best one, especially if you make a bulk purchase.

Also, it is ideal to buy from major retailers because they usually have the parts in bulk and sell them at cheaper prices. Moreover, you will surely get the components less likely to be faulty. If possible, check for stores and retailers with discounts or sales for Juul batteries.

How Long Does a Juul Battery Last?

How Long Does a Juul Battery Last

A Juul battery will likely last between 8 to 12 hours. If you are an intermittent or average smoker, the battery will last 12 hours or more.

However, if you smoke every few minutes for extended periods, the battery may last 8 hours or less. Usage is vital for how long the battery lasts, whether it is about the charge or the lifespan.


A Juul battery is quite pricey compared to the size and price of the device. You will find the battery retailing between $15 and $30, although each retailer has a different price. Some may sell for less, while others may sell for more.

Consider following this article’s tips for making an informed decision and purchasing. They may help you reduce the price, especially if you buy in bulk.

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