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How To Burn Wood With A Battery Charger? (Simple Steps)

If you are out camping or hiking, you may find yourself stuck without the necessary supplies required to survive. For example, if you need to burn wood without a means of starting a fire, you may have to improvise. But how do you improvise when all you have is a battery charger?

Burning wood with a battery charger is a controversial method because of how unsafe it can be. It can start a fire beyond your control or cause electrocution. Also, it may be ineffective in burning wood, and you would be stuck without another source. 

However, it is possible to do so, and this article aims to show you how to do it. You must also understand the risks and safety precautions associated with using this method. If you insist on using this method, learn all you can about the process and how to protect yourself.

Steps in Burning Wood with a Battery Charger

Before you begin the process of burning wood with a battery charger, you must gather all the supplies you need. Have them handy so that you do not need to look far for each item.

Required Tools

  • A battery charger
  • Two thin metal rods or nails
  • Safety goggles
  • Fireproof gloves
  • A fire extinguisher (in case of emergency)
  • The wood you want to burn

Steps to Burn Wood with a Battery Charger

  1. First, gather all the materials you need such as dry wood, a battery charger, and alligator clips or other conductive material. This is the time to find the required materials you may need if you are missing something.
  2. Clear a spot for your fire, removing any dry leaves or twigs that might catch fire. In other words, the ground must not have any form of kindling that may make the fire expand beyond your control.
  3. Create a ring of stones or bricks around the area where you plan to build your fire. The ring will contain the fire and prevent it from expanding. Also, avoid anything that may aggravate the fire; the stones or bricks can only do so much.
  4. Next, connect the alligator clips or any other conductive material you have to the battery charger terminals. This should conduct the electricity from the charger to the wood to charge it.
  5. Place the alligator clips or conductive material on the dry wood. You must ensure the contact between the clips and the wood is good if you will get a good connection.
  6. Turn on the battery charger and wait for the sparks to start. This may take a little time, so wait patiently. Keep a little distance from the charger in case there is a surge.
  7. Once the wood starts to smoke, find a way to provide oxygen and help it catch fire. You can do this by fanning the wood or blowing on it. Keep a close eye on the fire so it does not get out of control.
  8. Add or remove wood from the fire once you get it going. Doing this will increase or reduce it to the size you want. Remember to keep a water source nearby in case of an emergency.

Safety Precautions to Observe When Burning Wood with a Battery Charger

Safety Precautions to Observe When Burning Wood with a Battery Charger

It is important to keep yourself safe while using this method to burn wood. The following are some safety precautions to follow:

  • Avoid damp wood: Ensure the wood you use contains no moisture. Damp wood will cause the wood to take too long to burn. Besides, it can cause the fire to spread uncontrollably and can lead to fire hazards.
  • Use insulation on the conductive material: Use electrical tape or any other insulating material to cover the conductive material you use to make a connection between the charger and the wood. Doing this reduces the risk of electrical shock.
  • Keep an extinguisher or water handy: Always have a fire extinguisher near you in case the fire becomes too much. A source of water also works for this occasion. You can always dampen the fire or turn it off if you think it is too much.
  • Contain the fire: Ensure there are enough bricks or stones to make a ring for the fire that may result from burning wood. This will help contain the fire, preventing it from getting out of control.
  • Monitor the fire: Closely watch the fire once it starts and try not to take your eyes off it. Remove pieces of wood from it if it starts spreading or rising.
  • Check the local laws: Ensure you understand and follow any local fire regulations and laws that may apply before starting a fire in your area.
  • Have a helper: It helps if you have someone nearby to help you to tend the fire. It is better to have an extra pair of hands in case the fire becomes more than only you can control.

What Are the Possible Dangers of this Process?

What Are the Possible Dangers of this Process

The following are some dangers involved in using a battery charger to burn wood:

  • Electrical shock: The use of a battery charger to start a fire can lead to electrical shock if the alligator clips or conductive material that is used to create a connection between the charger and the wood are not properly insulated.
  • Fire hazards: The use of a battery charger to start a fire can also lead to fire hazards if the wood is not dry or if the fire is not properly contained.
  • Battery charger damage: Using a battery charger in this manner can cause damage to the charger, reducing its effectiveness and lifespan.
  • Environmental hazards: An uncontrolled fire can harm the environment and can cause damage to the surrounding area.


It is possible to burn wood with a battery charger to create a fire. This article summarizes how to do it in simple steps. However, note that this method is not unsafe and may be ineffective in burning wood in some cases. 

Also, burning wood with this method may be illegal in some places. Use other safe and legal methods, such as a fire starter block paper, or kindling, to burn wood if you want to start a fire.

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