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How to Change Battery in Jeep Key Fob? (7 Simple Steps & Extended Tips)

Using a jeep key fob when unlocking your jeep may feel natural, however, we’ve found that several people have no idea that they run on batteries or that these batteries can be replaced.

To change the battery in your jeep key fob, get your screwdriver and new battery available, then pry open the key fob with the screwdriver. Proceed to remove the old battery and replace it with a new one then put back the two halves of the key fob. Finally, test that the new battery is functioning by clicking the lock button.

In this guide, you can expect to learn the step-by-step process involved when changing your jeep key fob. you will also learn the signs to look out for to confirm that indeed, you have a weak battery in your jeep key fob.

7 Steps to Follow When Changing a Jeep Key Fob’s Battery

7 Steps to Follow When Changing a Jeep Key Fob’s Battery

You will need a battery that fits your jeep key fob type, not just any kind of battery. The popular models include

The fixed key 3V CR2032

The teardrop 3V CR2032

The rounded 3V CR2032

The corner cut 3V CR2450.

Necessary Tools

A small flathead screwdriver

A new battery that fits your key fob

Step 1: Open up the Key Fob

To gain access to the old battery, you will need to pry open the key fob using a small flathead screwdriver. It is important you know that the key fob consists of two separate plastic parts that snap together when it is joint and the screwdriver can help to separate these parts.

The best way to insert this screwdriver is to go through the seam, which is the part close to the keyring mount. However, there are several jeep versions like the jeep renegade where you can pull out the attached metal ignition. It is crucial you remove this key before you open up the fob.

When you locate the metal switch, the key slips out and slides, releasing it from its key fob housing.

It would be best to place the metallic emergency key in a safe place because you will need it when reattaching the key fob.

Step 2: Apply Little Pressure to the Screwdriver

When you locate the seam, it is up to you to apply just enough pressure to snap the two plastic pieces apart. This step requires patience and skill because if you rush this process, you will damage the plastic of the key fob, making it impossible to reattach.

Ensure you avoid making a twisting action or bending the screwdriver. Instead, gently position the tip of the flathead screwdriver and snap it open with little pressure.

Step 3: Remove the Old Key Fob Battery from its Case

Remove the Old Key Fob Battery from its Case

After successfully opening up the key fob, you need to take out the old battery so you can replace it. To achieve this, carefully observe all the parts of the key fob so you can locate the battery’s housing.

Now that you can identify the different compartments inside the key fob, you may remove the weak battery so you can replace it.

While trying to remove the battery, you can use the small flathead screwdriver to lift the battery for easy removal. Also, when doing this, you should be careful not to use the screwdriver to scratch or move any other part of the key fob, as this can affect its functionality.

We advise that before you take out this old battery, you observe how it fits and looks so you can use this knowledge to navigate the replacement process.

Step 4: Insert the New Battery

Once the old battery is out you need to place in a new one that suits your key fob type. Ideally, key fobs have the negative side of the battery facing downward and the positive upwards.

However, only some key fobs function the same way, making it necessary to observe how a battery fits before you take it out. If you are unsure, some key fobs have sign symbols on them which help you identify how to place them.

Step 5: Reattach the Components

When you replace the weak battery with a new one, the next step is putting together the two halves of the key fob. Again, it would help if you considered some alignments when reattaching the key components.

You should ensure the keypad is well-fitted into the designated housing then the circuit board should go on top of this half of the key fob. Once you confirm this, place the second half containing the new battery on top of the half with the circuit board.

Step 6: Snap the Two Compartments Together

Snap the Two Compartments Together

As soon as you reattach the two sides of the key fob, you need to snap the plastic pieces together to lock the key fob properly. You have to do this as gently as you opened it up because it can damage the parts when done in a rush.

You should begin at the edge of the keyring and work your way around the seam so you can be sure of snapping them tightly and in the right way. This is more critical for key fobs that have a pull-out metal ignition key so they can still function properly.

Once you finish snapping the plastic pieces together, you can replace the metal key you removed at the beginning if it applies to your key fob model.

Step 7: Testing the New Battery

To confirm that the jeep battery key fob change process worked, test the newly inserted battery.

A single click on the lock or unlock button as the case may be is enough to confirm that it works. Your jeep should signal with a beep or flash immediately after the key fob clicks.

However, you should bear in mind that if the key fob functions poorly even after changing the battery, you may have to reprogram it before it regains its functionality. Therefore, it helps if you have a jeep key fob programmer to help you reprogram.

5 Signs a Jeep Key Fob Battery Need Replacing

Cracking open your key fob unnecessarily is not a risk you have to take if you are not sure the battery is weak. However, here are some signs that are easy to spot to help you confirm when you have a weak key fob battery.

1. Weak Signal Strength

On a good day, a jeep’s key fob has a signal strength that reaches as far as 50 feet. So, if you are sure you are well within this range and the signal is weak, this is a strong indication that the key fob’s battery is weak.

In addition to this, when you turn off your jeep engine and the LED indicator on the key fob shows green flashes for about thirty seconds, this implies a weak signal.

However, you should note that weather conditions, like heavy rainfall, can affect your signal. You should check again after heavy rainfall to confirm if the signal is weak before you change the battery.

If this problem persists, you have to replace the battery, which should fix the issue. However, if changing the battery does not resolve the issue, it can mean a problem with the circuit board.

2. Multiple Clicks Before Unlocking

The key fob is designed to make the process of locking or unlocking your jeep stress-free. However, when more than a single click of the key fob’s keypad is required to unlock your vehicle, this might be a sign that it is time to change its battery.

It is only natural that the key fob battery drains if it is the primary way you unlock your jeep. There is also the issue of clicking the keypad by mistake and the energy the indicator uses. These can drain the battery of a jeep key fob, making you click multiple times.

3. Delayed Signal

Typically, the response of your jeep when you press the unlock button on your key fob should be immediate. This shows that the battery is still strong and fully functional.

However, suppose you have to wait a few seconds before your jeep locks or unlocks. In that case, it means the battery is weak, which results in a delayed signal and response time from your key fob to the jeep. A new battery will resolve this delay issue.

4. Inconsistencies

This is a major tell-tale when trying to find signs that your key fob battery is weak. You will notice changes like your jeep locking and unlocking with just one click of the key fob or LED indicator flashing without clicking any keypad.

These inconsistencies tell you it is time to get a new battery to restore the key fob to optimal functionality.

Final Thoughts

Changing the battery in your jeep key fob does not require much; it is a quick fix you can make on your own. As long as you follow the laid-out steps, you will restore functionality to your key fob in no time. Remember to pay attention to these factors:

Ensure you have the tools to change the battery, which includes the small flathead screwdriver and the new battery.

Get a battery that fits your key fob properly.

Pay attention and be careful during every step to avoid damaging the key fob.

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