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How to Change Battery on Liftmaster Remote? (4 Simple Steps & Extended Tips)

Do you need help changing the battery on your Liftmaster remote? Do not worry; you have come to the right place! If you have never done this or are not familiar with changing batteries and dealing with garage door openers, it might seem like a difficult task!

In reality, it is not complicated, and with the instructions in this article, you will do it in a heartbeat without breaking any sweat!

Usually, when you purchase a Premium Liftmaster’s garage door opener, you receive a backup battery that will keep the remote functioning and the garage door moving in cases of electricity outage or power failure. However, nothing last forever, including these batteries!

Let’s find out when you should change the battery and how to do it!

When Should I Replace the Battery?

Obviously, the first clue that you need to replace the battery is when you notice a malfunction in its performance, or it is inconsistent with opening and closing the door. Another critical sign to keep your eye on is the beeping sound.

As mentioned, these Premium Liftmaster garage door openers come with a backup battery and/or Wi-Fi connectivity and have a buzzer that alerts you if you have completed a step or if you have a malfunction in the system or the remote.

How to differentiate the beeps and know what it is telling me? The number of beeps depends on the type of remote and also whatever you are doing on it.

When Should I Replace the Battery?
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1. My Remote is Beeping Every 2 Seconds: What does it mean?

This means that the battery is operating under battery power, and you will also see your LED battery displaying orange. What you need to do is make sure that the power is restored in the house.

If you restore the power and your LED is still showing orange, there might be a problem with your outlet. You can test it by plugging in different devices and then turning them on.

2. My Remote Is Beeping Every 30 Seconds: What does it mean? (Flickering Orange)

If the remote is beeping every 30 seconds and it shows the color orange again, that is your clue that the battery is low. In case you recently changed the battery, and it is still displaying orange, the remote is faulty, or your outlet is malfunctioning.

Either way, test the outlet to eliminate that problem from the equation. In most cases, you need to replace the old battery.

3. My Remote Is Beeping Every 30 Seconds: What does it mean? (Red)

As mentioned, the color of the LED also plays a role, so if your remote beeps every 30 seconds and your Lifmaster’s garage door opener battery shows a red LED indicator, your battery is most likely dead, and you need to replace it.

Simple Step-by-Step Instruction: How to Change Battery on Liftmaster Remote

Before diving into the steps, let’s check out which tools you need for this task!

  • A screwdriver, a small knife, or a flat screwdriver blade
  • Replacement battery (3 V CR2032)
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves

In case you are wondering what type of battery is 3V CR2032 and how you can recognize it, do not worry!

CR2032 is a lithium battery, also known as a coin or button cell, commonly used in several smaller devices and medical equipment, such as electrical thermometers, toys, watches, and remotes, among others. You can purchase it online on Amazon or in-store.

Remember that although all CR2032 batteries are the same or similar, their quality depends on the manufacturer because they are not created equal. Unfortunately, not every manufacturer has the same dedication to quality.

Also, we recommend you use CR2032 with your remote and not a different battery (even though it might fit in the compartment) because the voltage might be different, and it might pose a risk of fire, explosion, or chemical burn.

Before starting this project, ensure that you have safety goggles and gloves for your protection.

Step 1: Find a Small Notch On the Long Side OF the Remote

Some Liftmaster remotes have a holder, which you need to remove and can also use to open the battery if you do not have a flat-head screwdriver at hand. Then you will inspect the long side of the remote control and locate a small notch.

Step 2: Open the Battery

Using a small knife or a screwdriver blade pry open the battery case to access the battery. If you use a different remote, you can also slide the cover below the remote control button, pressing it firmly.

If you notice that your remote has screws on the back of the case, you will need to remove them using an extra-small screwdriver and then open the case. This type of screwdriver often comes in glasses repair kits.

Ultimately, if your remote is different and you cannot open it following these instructions, you need to refer to the manufacturer’s manual

Step 3: Remove the Battery

When you open it, you will hear a clicking sound. Then, please take out your old battery, slowly ensuring that you do not damage the small motherboard and the compartment for the cell when pulling it from its spot.

Ensure that you dispose of it correctly because lithium batteries are hazardous waste. Therefore, please do not throw them into your ordinary trash bin or even the recycling bin.

Step 4: Insert the Replacement Battery

Put the new battery in the same orientation or its positive side up (+). Ultimately, insert the battery to get it to the position the previous one had, which you took out.

How Can I Replace The Liftmaster Keypad Battery?

How Can I Replace The Liftmaster Keypad Battery?
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Keyless entry methods for a garage door are definitely a novelty and a game changer in home security, guaranteeing easy but safe access to your garage. We all hate using keys because we often forget or lose them.

So, using a code to enter your garage instead of keys makes it much more manageable. However, the battery in your Liftmaster Keypad cannot last forever, and you will eventually have to replace it, primarily if your door is not functioning well.

Of course, your door can fail to function because of the faulty remote or its dead battery, so you need to troubleshoot your remote’s battery using the steps mentioned above. On the other hand, there are several other reasons why your keypad may not be working.

Your keypad may malfunction because its keys are sticking due to the accumulation of dirt and grime. You can easily remove this problem by cleaning the keypad using a regular appliance cleaner and a soft cloth.

Another issue that might arise and disrupt the function of your keypad is frayed and loose wires. For example, if you are pressing the buttons on the keypad and it is not reacting, the problem might be caused by loose cables.

Inspect your keypad; if you notice loose wires, try reconnecting them.

Here are Step-by-Step Instructions!

Step 1: Lift the Cover of the Keypad

Lift the Cover of the Keypad
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Remove the cover of your keypad and check out what is under the number pad. Usually, there is a compartment where you put your battery. However, if you do not see it or are unsure whether that is the right slot, find the manufacturer’s manual.

Step 2: Change the Battery

After you slide the cover of the battery’s compartment, access the batteries by carefully removing the old ones and disposing of them. Then, insert the new one into the slot. Always make sure that the polarities are lined up correctly.

Step 3: Test it

For these types of keypads, we usually use 9 V alkaline batteries. Once you have finished, test the keypad.

If the keypad is still not working, maybe you have inserted the battery incorrectly, or perhaps the keypad is faulty. You can also try to reboot the system or clear the memory, especially if you are not getting any reaction from the keypad.

To reboot it, unplug the system and leave it like that for 5 minutes before plugging it back in. Then, try to use the keypad to test it!


Changing batteries is one of those tasks that are pretty simple, but for some reason, we all dread doing it. However, if you follow the steps in this article, replacing the battery on the Liftmaster remote will be like taking candy from a baby!

Ultimately, if you have tried the steps mentioned above and are still experiencing issues with your remote or your keypad, that is your sign to call a professional.

Have you tried replacing the battery for your Liftmaster remote before? Share your experience! If you have questions, do not be a stranger and ask away!

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