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How To Change Blink Battery? (Easy & Fast)

Blink security cameras can be a great addition to your home. However, you need to ensure that you change the batteries before the old ones completely run out in order not to compromise the safety of your home. How do you change the batteries in your Blink security camera?

Luckily, it is straightforward to change the batteries. However, exactly how to do it, depends on your device or model. In this article, we will share with you how to change the battery together with tips to make your batteries last as long as possible. 

What Batteries Does The Blink Camera Use?

Apart from the Blink Mini, which gets its power from a Micro USB connection, the cameras use two AA lithium batteries. With everyday use, they are expected to last around two years. However, the lifespan varies based on usage and environmental factors. For example, if your camera is in a high-traffic area, it will run out quicker. 

How to Change The Batteries?

As we mentioned earlier, the process is slightly different for some models. However, none of the processes are complicated and will only take a few moments of your time. 

Indoor And Outdoor Security Cameras
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Indoor And Outdoor Security Cameras

When the batteries in your Blink indoor or outdoor camera have depleted, you will find the batteries for both models under the back cover. Remove the device first from any attachments or mounts and then you can remove the back cover.

If your device has a silicone protective cover over the screw, remove the silicone first. Next, turn the screw counterclockwise. Once you have removed the screw, apply gentle pressure on one side of the cover to pry it off. 

Remove the old batteries, and insert the new ones ensuring they are correctly orientated before you reattach the back cover. Align the cover in its place and secure it by turning the screw clockwise until tight. 

Blink XT or XT2 Camera

The process for changing the Blink camera batteries in these models is similar to the process described above. There are just a few small differences. This very short video shows you just how easy it is to change the batteries on the CT camera. 

To start, locate a gray switch on the back cover. You will also see an arrow and you need to slide the gray switch in the direction the arrow is pointing to. As you slide the switch, pull the battery cover up with your thumb. Once you have removed the back cover, you can replace the batteries and reattach the cover. 

What Can Affect The Battery Life in Your Blink Device?

Before we look at the ways to ensure your batteries last the maximum time, it is worth noting that you should only use lithium batteries in your Blink camera. Using alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries can reduce the functionality of your camera. 

1. Recording

Your Blink camera will automatically begin recording when it detects motion. When it is recording, it is using a lot of battery power. Repeatedly recording for extended periods can drain your batteries quickly. You can save battery power by lowering the camera’s sensitivity so the motion detection function is not triggered as easily. 

2. Live View

Blink cameras give their users the option to view live feeds using their mobile phones. This is a helpful feature, but it can deplete your batteries quicker. This is because watching the live feed will keep your camera in active mode. 

3. Unstable Connectivity

Your Blink camera will use more battery power if it has a poor or unstable wireless connection. When the connection is not strong, the device will try to stabilize and maintain the signal. Therefore your signal strength should always be at least three bars. 

Using Alkaline Batteries in Blink Cameras
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4. Using Alkaline Batteries in Blink Cameras

Since lithium batteries are more expensive, you might wonder if you can use cheaper alkaline batteries instead. While alkaline batteries will be cheaper to purchase, they will drain sooner because they have lower power efficiency. Therefore, you will need to replace them more frequently than lithium batteries. 

You might also find if you have installed alkaline batteries in your device that some of the features of your Blink camera will not work properly. Functions such as motion detection and live view are high-usage features and the power in alkaline batteries may not be enough for them. 

5. Using Rechargeable Batteries in Blink Cameras

If you should not use alkaline batteries in Blink security devices, how about rechargeable or lithium-ion batteries? Like alkaline batteries, they will work, but using them will result in higher power drainage and potential damage because they are not compatible with Blink cameras. Because they are incompatible, the batteries could drain in just a few weeks or even sooner. 

Can You Use The Blink Camera USB Port to Recharge Batteries?

The USB port on the cameras cannot be used to recharge batteries. Instead, it can be used with a power adapter and a Micro USB to power the camera instead of using batteries. Unless you have the Blink Mini, the power adapter and USB cable are not included in the package when you buy a Blink camera. 

If you wish to power your camera using the USB port, you should only use 5v, 1 Amp adapters. Using the USB to power your device can be beneficial if your device records a lot of motion clips as the function will not drain your batteries

You can use the USB cable simultaneously with batteries, but remember that it will not recharge your batteries. Also, there will still be some power drain on the batteries. The benefit of using both power sources is that if the power went out, your camera would still function using the battery power as long as your Wi-Fi network is working. 

Can You Use The Blink Camera USB Port to Recharge Batteries
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So now you know how easy it is to install new batteries to your Blink Camera. When changing your batteries, it is important to replace them with compatible batteries and to remember that li-ion or rechargeable batteries should not be used in Blink devices as this can lead to limited functionality. 

If you would like to ask us anything about Blink camera batteries, you can write your questions in the comments section. 

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