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7 Steps To Change Subaru Key Battery

Do you own a Subaru vehicle? Having this luxury vehicle means that you do need to exert extra effort on maintaining not just the interior components but also other parts like the key fobs. And if you are bound to make replacements, it’s important to know how to change the Subaru key battery on your own.

How does the Subaru key fob work?

Different cars have a variety of key access options, but the most common types are physical car keys and key fobs. In modern times, fancy vehicles no longer use the typical car keys. Gone are the days when there should be direct contact between the metal part of the key and the barrel of the lock.

Newer models already capitalize on keyless entry to allow seamless security without the need for physical keys. And this is quite prevalent among the latest Subaru models.

A Subaru key fob is a handy electronic device that provides easy yet secure access to the vehicle. It comes with three basic features, including the remote start, lock, and unlock. The remote start function lets you start the car conveniently by simply pressing the start button twice within a span of three seconds.

Meanwhile, if you want to unlock the vehicle, then you just click the unlock button once. Clicking the unlock button twice gives you both a light and a horn notification. And to lock the car, just press the lock button once.

How does the Subaru key fob work?
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What are the signs that you need to change the battery?

There are several ways to distinguish if your key fob battery is dying and needs to be replaced. Knowing the common indications is crucial to avoid inconvenience. So, below are some of the signs that you need to take into account to help you save time and even effort:

1. The need to be at a closer distance from your car

One of the most definite signs is the distance by which the key should be positioned when using the device. If you need to be way closer to the car for the key fob to work, then it means that the transmitter is losing its range. As the battery becomes weaker, the range of the transmitter is affected.

2. No signal is shown in the key fob

As an electronic device, there would be certain notifications and even sounds when you used the key fob. So, when the key does not give out signals, the battery is no longer adept at doing its job.

3. Continuous need to press buttons for the key to work

Do you have to click the button repeatedly for it to function? If yes, then it indicates a low battery. Accordingly, it’s high time to replace the keyless remote battery.

4. Inconsistency of the buttons

Lastly, if the key fob is messing up the functions, providing inconsistency of the main features, don’t think twice and have the battery replaced as soon as possible.

What are the signs that you need to change the battery?
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How to change the Subaru key battery?

If you come across the signs mentioned above, you might think of buying a new key fob. But actually, it’s all about replacing the old battery with a new battery. More so, changing the Subaru key battery is quite simple. So, here is the step-by-step guide on how to change the key fob for your reference:

Step1. Read the owner’s manual.

Often than not, how-to guidelines are listed on the car’s manual. Since there could be variations in each model, it’s highly suggested that you check out the manual to know more about the specific instructions. If there are none, you may proceed to our curated steps below.

Step2. Prepare the tools and grab the key fob.

Before you kick off with the replacement procedure, you may need a screwdriver, specifically a small flathead screwdriver to open up the key fob. A spudger tool might also be useful along the way. Once these tools are readily available, you may now start with the process.

Step3. Take the physical key from the fob.

To do this, you need to press the silver, square button that is located at the back of the key fob. While pressing the button, you should also pull out the physical key bundle embedded inside the fob.

You may then use the physical key in doing the next steps. However, if the key fob does not store the physical key, this is where the usage of the screwdriver kicks in.

Step4. Put the physical key into the hole to break free the lock.

Put the physical key into the hole to break free the lock.
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To open the key fob, put the key or screwdriver back into its position but only a quarter way in. This allows you to pull the key shank easily and help the fob come undone.

Step5. Check the battery attached to the device.

Once you separate the key fob into two parts, you’ll see the battery. It’s important that the new battery should be the same as the old one. Don’t worry because we will discuss where you can buy battery replacements later on.

Step6. Take out the battery carefully.

When removing the old battery from the battery holder, you need to be cautious as there are tabs that are pretty delicate. You may use the car key or a screwdriver to take the battery out.

Step7. Add the new battery.

After getting rid of the old battery, you may now replace it with the new one. In doing so, the battery number should be facing the top side. Then, put the battery holder back on the key fob and then push it back to securely close the fob. Lastly, you attach back the physical key into the key fob.

Where to buy replacement batteries?

Subaru models may have different batteries. Therefore, you can’t just purchase regular fob batteries because these might not suitable for your car. So, learn the exact type before buying a Subaru key fob battery replacement.

The best place to purchase a specific kind of battery for a certain key fob type is by visiting a Subaru parts department. Another option would be getting them online, perhaps from Amazon or other virtual hardware stores.


Changing key batteries is definitely an easy-peasy task that would only take a couple of minutes. So, if you’re in need of Subaru key battery replacement, don’t miss out on this guide for a thorough guideline on how to do it successfully and efficiently.

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