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How To Charge A Cart Battery? (Ultimate Guide)

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular globally. Since these e-smoking devices are cigarette substitutes, proper maintenance is paramount. Both vape mods and e-cigarettes are powered by cart batteries that generate heat to convert the e-liquid to vapor.

If you are a THC vaping enthusiast, you already know a cart battery charger is necessary. That’s because the cartridge needs to be charged to make your vape device work properly. Even though your vaping pen has numerous components, cart batteries are the most vital since they serve as the backbone of the whole device.

Without a vape battery, your cart won’t power, so you won’t enjoy your vapor. Knowing how to charge a cart battery is essential. Here is how to do it.

Tools you need

  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • Ac adaptor
  • Tweezers
  • Flat head screwdriver

Recharge disposable Vape/cart batteries

According to Rosedale Vape, A disposable vape battery means discarding it once the liquid is exhausted and loses its power. Since they are affordable, you can purchase a new one. But you can still charge it, though.

Charging a disposable vape pen battery requires basic knowledge and patience to determine the negative and positive terminals. It would help if you had tweezers and a flat-head screwdriver to charge your disposable cart batteries.

Follow these steps:

  1. Take out the pod from the device
  2. Use a q-top or flat-head screwdriver and push it outside
  3. Pull out the battery and circuit board
  4. Take a USB A cable
  5. Use a smartphone adapter and connect the cable
  6. Attach your black wire to the negative terminal and red wire to the positive terminal
  7. Keep the wires connected for up to 5 minutes and reassemble your connection

After that, your cart battery will be fully recharged and ready for the next vaping session.

Charging a vape pen battery

Charging a vape pen battery

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to charge a vape pen battery:

  1. Examine your vape device to determine if it has removable batteries. You do this by reading the manual or instruction booklet that comes with your device.
  2. Either the battery is mounted to the section of the device that heats the e-liquid, or the removable battery stays inside the device case.
  3. In most cases, vape pens use 510-thread batteries. That’s because the batteries come with the same design, making them compatible with different cartridges.
  4. So, you’ll need to attach the vape device to the charger using the USB cable.
  5. Connect the AC adaptor to the socket while holding the large end of your USB cable and connect to the adaptor.
  6. Then, plug in the small end of the USB cable to the device.
  7. Depending on your model, you might need to unbolt the battery from the cart before starting the process. Ensure you use the charger and USB cable that comes with your vape device.
  8. The cart battery voltage differs as per the unit. Excess energy might sometimes lead to heating or exploding the device.
  9. Don’t charge your device using electronic gadgets such as mobile laptops since it might damage it.

Charging the removable cart battery

If the vape device comes with removable batteries, open the pen case and remove the batteries. Check if you can see a battery cover on the edge or bottom of the device. Once you find it, pull, tap or press it to open.

  • Put the batteries in the external charger and connect your charge cable to the socket wall. After the side indicator light pops up, rearrange the battery charging cords. Make sure you adjust your cart batteries as per the poles’ position indicated. If you experience issues, turn them around; perhaps you’re doing it wrongly.
  • Use a proper charger for a particular battery. Mixing various brands or models might cause trouble or damage the battery. Let the cart batteries charge for at least 3 hours. Typically, removable batteries require 3 hours to charge fully, but it depends on brand and battery capacity.
  • Find a place that isn’t too hot or too cold, and put the charger at optimal temperature. Take it out when it’s charged. Keep checking it as it charges; you’ll see the needed info on the screen.
  • However, if it doesn’t show anything on the screen, you might see a green light or switch off when done charging.

How can you recharge a cart Battery With a 510 Thread?

How can you recharge a cart Battery With a 510 Thread

Many vape device batteries use 510 threads. That defines the size of a number of metal threads where the cart battery screws into the atomizer or cart. Besides, it’s the industry standard for many portable vape devices and what you can get in the nearby dispensary.

These models of vape devices are charged with an AC adapter and USB charger. If you aren’t sure whether your device uses the 510 thread, read the manual. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Unscrew the cart from the battery and attach it to the android USB cable. The cable has a space to insert into your 510 thread. Ensure it’s properly aligned without over-tightening it.
  • Connect the AC adaptor to the wall outlet and place the larger end of the USB cable into the adapter. Once the light appears on the charger, that’s an indication that the device is charging.
  • Let the battery complete charging, which will take at least 4 hours. You’ll tell the battery has fully charged once the lights start blinking rapidly or it turns green. Make sure to read the user manual for important details since some lights might go off completely when the battery attains its full charge.

How long does it take for a cart battery to charge?

Since you know how to recharge a cart battery, another important question you may be asking is how long it takes to fully charge. Besides, the time your pen needs to charge will define how long you’ll need to wait before you start enjoying your e-cigarette again. Therefore, this is important.

If you are charging the cart with an internal battery, some factors can impact how long you can wait. The time it will take for your battery to recharge a battery depends on some things. This includes battery size, the pen’s internal parts, and the type of charger used (type C chargers are faster than micro-USB chargers).

With external cart batteries, the same is true. However, the waiting time can differ based on the type of battery.

So, if you are using a device or a mod, you’ll need to wait 60-120 minutes for a powerful device with a large internal cart battery to charge completely. On the other hand, an external battery will take up to 4 hours to get a full charge.

Vape pen charging tips

Vape pen charging tips

Like other electronics, a vape device battery will die. Nevertheless, there are some tips to help you prolong its lifespan. This can save you a few bucks.

1. Don’t overcharge

Many vape devices don’t have the charging mechanism other devices, such as cellphones, have. You should promptly remove the device from its charger once it indicates it’s complete. You’ll reduce its lifespan if you leave it on charge for many hours.

2. Don’t leave the battery charging unsupervised

This helps you ensure you don’t overcharge the battery. Besides, this is a safety precaution if anything goes wrong during the charging process.

3. Don’t charge too frequently

Allow your battery to fully discharge before recharging it. Vaping shortly and returning the device to charging will reduce the lifecycle of the cart battery.

4. Use the included charger

Make sure you use the charger that comes with the device. Most vape pens are configured to use their specific chargers. So using aftermarket chargers might cause serious inconveniences, such as long charging hours, the risk of safety issues, and lessening the battery’s lifespan.

5. Keep away from water

Vape pens aren’t robust devices. Additionally, they were never meant to be water-resistant or waterproof. Momentary submersion or splashes from the shower will cause damage to your device and battery, so use it in a safe and dry place.


There are numerous ways to recharge your vape cart battery. These include:

  • Using a vape pen charger
  • Using a portable power bank
  • Replacing old batteries

An external charger will be ideal for charging if you use a removable li-ion cart battery. If the vape mode features micro-USB space, use a smartphone charge or cart battery charger to recharge it. Cart batteries can last forever in an ideal world, and the THC oils concentrate will be endless. While the world isn’t perfect, you can assume it is by ensuring your vape pen is fully charged with a plug-in, screw-on, and charging base. Don’t forget to comment if you have any questions or concerns about cart batteries.

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