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How to Charge Ring Stick Up Cam Battery? (3 Simple Steps & Extended Tips)

So, your Ring Stick Up Camera battery seems to be depleted, and you need to change the cell? Luckily for you, that is an easy task, and you will have no trouble replacing the battery!

Ring Stick Up Cam is a very popular brand of security cameras that operates on batteries, as implied in the name. The good news is that the battery is rechargeable, so you will not have to go to the store and buy new batteries every now and then.

Before we dive into the charging of the Stick Up Cam battery, let’s review the cam’s specs and unique features.

Ring Stick-Up Cam Battery Models and Features

First, not to confuse you, these types of cameras come in several power models, such as Ring Stick Up Plug-in, Ring Stick Up Solar, and Ring Stick Up Power Battery.

1. Ring Stick-Up Cam Battery Review

Ring Stick-Up Cam Battery Review
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Ring Stick Up Battery is one of the easiest models to install, and you can place it almost anywhere without worrying that it will die and stop recording. Furthermore, given that it comes with a battery, it ensures that the camera will operate almost anywhere and without intermissions.

As you already might know, Ring is a brand owned by Amazon, which means one thing! When you purchase this camera, you get Amazon Alexa for voice commands, which makes using it even simpler. In addition, you can pair it with Google assistant if you prefer it to Alexa.

So basically, you can tell Alexa to show you the camera footage on your Echo Show from the previous night and view it. An excellent feature, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Infrared Night Vision and Two-way Audio

One of the special features this cam battery has is its infrared night vision and two-way audio. What does that mean? Well, if it offers noise cancellation and you always get a pretty clear sound, devoid of extraneous background noises.

Furthermore, you can speak through the camera with your visitors or whoever is on your property even though you are not at home or near your home!

  • Cost

In addition, these cameras are very affordable; they cost around $99.99, which is a reasonably low price for outdoor cameras, considering that they usually cost from $200 to $400, depending on the model and brand.

  • Durability

The bottom line, they are very durable and can withstand extremely low and high temperatures, as well as storms and inclement weather, without hindering their performance. In addition, their temperature range is -5 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means that the environment does not play a role, and you can purchase and install this camera regardless of where you live. Okay, now we will sound like a Teleshop commercial, but that is not all!

  • Motion Alerts

These Ring cameras also have integrated motion alerts or motion detection. They can detect motion as far away as 30 feet, and you can even program it to send notifications when it spots movement.

  • Disadvantages

However, the camera also has its downsides: it has a very narrow field of view of 110, which might be too narrow for some people; this is a personal preference.

Another possible con for this camera is that although they have movement detection, they do not have person detection, meaning you will get notifications from any movement.

This might be frustrating because it will notify you if a squirrel or a raccoon’ trespasses’ your property, making it harder to distinguish between real and false threats.

2. What is the difference between these models?

What is the difference between these models?
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The main difference between these Ring Stick Up Cams models is how they receive their power. For example, Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-in does not operate on a battery, and it comes with an AC adapter that needs to be plugged into a power outlet, as implied by its name.

You also need access to an outlet during the process of installation. Some people might perceive this as a disadvantage because it might not be able to cover blind spots due to its power limitations.

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar, as you might already know, receives its power through a solar panel. With this model, you can minimize blind spots and not have to think about how to power it.

Furthermore, they are environmentally friendly. However, they are a great option as long as you have access to sunlight.

Can I Change The Power Mode of My Ring Stick-Up Cam?

Did you know you can change how your Ring Stick Up Cam is powered? Yes! All you need is access to a quick-release battery port.

Suppose you feel that some other type of power, such as solar power, might better cater to your particular needs, and you want something other than a battery-operated camera. In that case, you can attach a solar panel or power cable.

Here is How to do it!

  • Open the Ring App on your phone
  • Select the Menu (it is located in the upper left corner of the screen)
  • Click Setting
  • Click General Setting
  • Chose Power Mode
  • Click Switch to Battery or Wired mode
  • The last step is confirming your choice

Bear in mind that if you change the way your camera is powered, you also need to adjust the settings on your Ring app, or you might experience some problems with it.

Another critical step while changing the power source for your battery is erasing your previously saved settings.

How to Charge Ring Stick Up Cam Battery?

So you are probably familiar that these Ring Stick Up Cam Batteries have an app you can download from Google Play and install on your phone so that you can get notifications and emails regarding movement and if your battery is depleted and you need to charge it.

Step 1: Remove the Battery Cover

Please remove the battery cover by turning it counterclockwise. If you have installed a security screw, you will have to remove it using a small screwdriver.

Step 2: Press the Battery Tab

The cell will come out of the compartment by pressing the battery tab. If you have a spare battery, you can insert it immediately; if you do not, you will have to charge it.

We recommend that you buy another battery so you can use that one while the other one is charging to avoid downtime.

Step 3: Plug the Charging Cable into the Battery

And that is it! While charging, the battery or its LEDs will display red and green colors. So when you notice that the red one has disappeared and you are left with the green one, that is your clue that the battery is fully charged.

When you finish charging, put the battery in its compartment and wait 30 seconds before you turn it on!

How Long Does the Charging Process Take?

The battery usually takes 6 to 8 hours to recharge, depending on how depleted it is. A charged battery usually lasts around six to twelve months or approximately a thousand camera activations if used under optimal usage conditions.

How often the camera activates also depends on your particular settings and the location of the camera. One of the best things about Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is its battery pack that you can charge quickly to have a continuous and uninterrupted feed.

Also, if you want, you can purchase the official Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack, which comes with two batteries and a charging station. You can also buy these rechargeable battery packs from other brands and manufacturers.

However, it is recommended that you always use an official battery pack because it is designed for your Ring Stick Up Cam Battery.

How Can I Check the Device’s Health?

How Can I Check the Device's Health?
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If you want to see how much power is left in your battery so you can maybe plan when to charge it or buy a new battery, you can do it by accessing the Ring app on your phone.

What about Storage?

As you know, today, most cameras come with built-in memory. However, the major problem is the limited storage, so you will probably have to invest in the Ring Protect plan.

What is that? Ring Protect plan is an optional subscription that gives you access to several other special features, including cloud storage. With this plan, you will not only have enough cloud space to save your footage, but you can also download the footage to your device.

Although it does not come with free storage, it is not quite expensive; only $3.99 a month makes the year subscription $39.99 dollars.


Charging the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery does not differ from the regular charging of any other battery, which means you will be perfectly able to perform this task! As you can tell, Ring Stick Up Cam Batteries are very popular, and for a good reason.

They offer a number of features, and they are relatively inexpensive. Have you tried charging your Ring Stick Up Cam Battery? Please, share your experience! If you need clarification or have questions, do not hesitate to comment or ask!

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