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12 Easy and Practical Ways To Drain Phone Battery Quickly

You just purchased a new phone? Congratulations! However, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably always looking for ways to drain your phone battery faster to test how long a fully charged battery lasts.

Maybe you have decided to keep your old one in case of emergencies rather than tossing it away. You must be wondering how to drain the phone battery quickly so you can store it away.

Not only is testing a smartphone’s battery life limited to some geeks, but some people do it to check the recharging time and many app developers want to analyze how much electricity each app uses. So, you are not alone! To make the process easier, in this article, we have compiled several practical and easy ways to help you drain your phone battery in no time. Read on!

12 Easy and Practical Ways to Drain Your Phone Battery Quickly

Here are simple ways to drain your phone’s battery completely if you’d rather avoid damaging the battery of your phone:

1. Turn on the LED flashlight

The first thing to do to achieve fast battery drains is to turn on the LED flashlight. Not only will this drain your battery faster than any other method, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to drain your phone’s battery power quickly.

Turn on the flashlight and leave it on for as long as you can without turning off or closing apps or screens. It may take some time before you see results—on average, turning on my phone’s built-in light lasted about 5 minutes before I noticed a drop in performance—but once they do appear they’ll last longer than anything else we’ve tried thus far!

12 Easy and Practical Ways to Drain Your Phone Battery Quickly

2. Turn on The Notification Sound/Vibration Alerts

If you need to use your battery to its maximum capacity, then you shouldn’t put off your notification sound. This way, your android device or iOS should beep at you now and then when texts and calls come in.

To achieve this, simply go to your notification settings and turn on the sound by removing it from the silent mode.

Besides, turning on vibration alerts will notify you of any incoming calls or texts that require immediate attention instead of being ignored which will increase your battery usage.

3. Turn on Auto-brightness

Auto-brightness is a feature that adjusts the screen brightness based on the ambient light.

If you’re using your android device in low light conditions or at night and have it set to auto, then the brightness level will help drain your battery.

Crosscheck to confirm if the auto-brightness feature is activated when you turn on any of your smartphones. This is because switching on the auto-brightness feature helps to lower the battery life by increasing the amount of power consumed by the light sensors in your phone.

To turn on auto-brightness:

Tap Settings > Display > Auto-Brightness

Select Highest or High from the dropdown menu

4. Make A Switch to Dark Mode

If you want to know how to quickly drain your phone battery, the answer is simple: use the dark theme. While some may prefer the light theme for its aesthetic appeal, the fact is that the dark theme uses more battery power than the light theme as debunked by Forbes.

This is because the darker colors require more backlighting, which in turn uses more battery power.

If you want something more colorful or fun, try one of these apps: Dark Sky, Winter board Theme Chooser, or ADW Launcher Lite! Click here to know how.

Make A Switch to Dark Mode

5. Turn on the Navigation mode

If you’re in a hurry, it’s time to turn on navigation mode. This low-power mode will drain your battery faster, but it’s super helpful if you need to save some juice while on the road and don’t want to worry about your phone dying before reaching its destination.

To turn on navigation mode:

Tap the navigation button once (the one below the screen). If there are no apps open at this moment, then nothing will happen when you tap this button but if there is an app open with an active window or tab, tapping it again will bring up another menu where we can choose between different options for what happens next: “Go Home,” “Exit Full-Screen View,” etc.

After tapping either option from above (and not seeing any results), just let go of both buttons until they disappear completely; this should bring us back into normal operation without having made any changes in our settings!

6. High-intensity games, movies, or series

If you prefer downloading apps that stream your favorite shows to streaming online then your battery drains may not be as fast as you want.

Drain your battery as fast as possible, there are two ways to deal with this:

  • You either increase the intensity of your game while playing or
  • find an alternative way to watch it by watching your movie or series online

The latter is the fastest due to the high-intensity graphics and processing power required for these activities.

High-intensity games, movies, or series

7. Social media and messaging apps

Social media and messaging apps are great for keeping in touch with friends, but they can also help increase your battery usage as well. For instance, when you are not using Instagram or Facebook, you should not turn off its push notifications or close it down completely.

Since the goal is to drain your battery fast, there’s no need to keep an eye on how much time is spent on these apps while they’re running in the background.

If you notice an app is taking up too much space in your memory or draining power from the battery, simply open the app background or increase its usage to drain your smartphone battery faster.

Finally: don’t leave your phone plugged in for too long without charging it! This will significantly shorten its lifespan over time and make it harder for you to get back into action once things have calmed down again (and perhaps even cause some damage).

8. Resist the Urge to Defrost your phone often and update it when necessary.

It may sound unusual but resist the urge to defrost your phone often and update it when necessary.

If you’re anything like me, your phone is probably one of those devices that have never been frozen before (unless you’re talking about ice cream). But the good news that you should keep for later is that this can happen to any device—from laptops to microwaves!

Since what we need to achieve is a faster battery drain, don’t bother fixing any slow-to-battery issue you may notice on a particular app or game.

9. Turn off the Airplane Mode

Airplane mode disables your device’s Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth capabilities, which is a good way to save battery life, however since you want to achieve faster battery drains, it’s best to turn off the Airplane Mode feature for increased battery usage.

Not only that, turning off the Airplane Mode comes in handy if you are simply trying to focus on getting some work done.

Turn off the Airplane Mode

10. Turn on Gps and WIFI

GPS and WIFI are two of the most power-draining features that are available on any phone. So, you may want to keep them on even if you are not using them.

To turn on GPS on your iPhone you will have to go to settings -> location services and then either turn on the toggle for “GPS assisted” or for “Frequent Locations”. What this does is it will enable the tracking of your position so that apps will be able to find your location. This can lead to a significant amount of power usage by enabling this option.

11. Use Your Mail App

If you want to know how to quickly drain your phone battery, one of the best things to do is to keep your mail app open and be set to check for new mail every minute. Mail apps are notorious for being battery hogs, and if you use yours frequently, it can take a toll on your battery life.

So, if you want to get rid of that extra charge quickly, make sure to check your mail often throughout the day.

12. Watch YouTube Videos

Are you tired of your phone battery lasting forever? Well, here’s a quick and easy way to drain it quickly!

Another sure way to drain your battery super-fast is to open up YouTube and start watching videos. The more you watch, the more your battery will drain. If you want to give your battery a workout, try watching a longer video or even a movie.

While you are watching the videos,

  • Try turning up the brightness on your screen and set it to stay on for as long as possible (this will help use up more battery power).
  • Disable any battery-saving features that may be turned on
  • Finally, try streaming the videos in higher quality.

These tips should do the trick!

Concluding Thoughts

Regardless of your intentions, these tips are guaranteed to help whether you have an iPhone, an iPad, or an Android device. Draining your phone battery quickly is easy to do and can be useful if you want to test how long a fully charged battery lasts.

I hope this article has been helpful. If you have any more questions, please let us know in the comments below!

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