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23 Easy Homemade Battery Plans

Building a homemade battery might seem like something that’s a little beyond the average DIYer, but there are lots of ways to do it, and you might be surprised just how easy some of them can be.

In fact, you can build batteries from a range of materials that you probably already have access to at home – and for anyone who’d like to have a go, here are 23 plans for how to make a homemade battery that you might like to try at home.

1. How to Build a Homemade Battery

How to Build a Homemade Battery

There are several ways of making a homemade battery, and this blog post introduces some of the easiest ones for you to try. It’s mind-blowing to realize that we can make batteries from simple items that we have lying around in our homes – and although we might not be able to power anything significant with them, it’s still a fun experiment to try, especially if you have kids.

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2. How to Make a Giant Battery

Here’s a truly amazing battery experiment for you to try – in his video, this YouTuber shows us how to make a “giant battery” using a large blue plastic barrel filled with earth. We’re not sure how many practical uses it might have – although, at the end, he does use it to power an electric light, so who knows? Maybe it could come in useful one day!


3. 4 Ways to Make a Homemade Battery – wikiHow

4 Ways to Make a Homemade Battery – wikiHow

Whenever we want to know how to do just about anything, wikiHow is always one of our first stops since it contains so many useful, high-quality tutorials for just about anything you can think of. This post didn’t let us down since it gave us not one but four different ways to make a homemade battery. As always, the instructions are well written and accompanied by plenty of useful pictures, making it a plan that’s easy for anyone to copy.

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4. Is a DIY Battery still a Good Idea?

If you’re thinking about making a DIY battery, you might be wondering whether it’s worth all the effort. After all, batteries are now so cheap that it has to be more cost-effective – not to mention easier – just to buy one. Want to know the pros and cons? Then check out this video to see what this YouTuber thinks.


5. DIY AA Batteries: 12 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

DIY AA Batteries 12 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Did you know it’s possible to make DIY AA batteries with just a few basic supplies that anyone can obtain easily? Well if not, this plan should be of interest because that’s exactly what it teaches you how to do. Since this plan is on the Instructables site, you can expect a list of required materials, clear instructions and plenty of images to help you understand what you need to do. Give it a look and see if you can replicate it at home!

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6. Save $500 Per Day when you DIY Your Own Batteries!

This DIYer built a battery that he claims can save you $500 a day. Well, we don’t know about you, but we don’t use anything like $500 of power a day – but the battery he builds in his video is highly impressive, and if you think you’d like to have a go at doing something similar, this tutorial has all the info you need.


7. Build Your Own Battery

Build Your Own Battery

Here’s a fun plan that’s more of a science project than anything that will have any practical use. Still, it’s enjoyable to build stuff like this and experiment with science – as well as seeing that it actually works when it’s done! The plan also gives you some suggestions for a couple of variations to try to see what works best, which will make you feel like a real scientist carrying out proper research!

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8. Build Your Own Portable Power Station

If you want to have a go at making something that packs a punch, this video should be of interest since, in the words of this YouTuber, the power bank he teaches us to make “is capable of delivering 1200w with ease”. It’s a truly impressive piece of kit – check out the video to see the kinds of items he uses it to power. And of course, if you want to make one yourself, all the details are included in the video too.


9. Plan for Homemade Batteries

Plan for Homemade Batteries

This plan promises to teach you how to build powerful water cell batteries at home. It’s the kind of project that will keep amateur scientists amused for hours, and there are also some suggestions for different experiments you can run to see how they affect performance. We enjoyed reading this plan, and we’re sure plenty of people will enjoy trying it out too.

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10. How to Make Homemade Batteries – Electronic Products

How to Make Homemade Batteries – Electronic Products

If you have kids, this is a plan for you since it’s designed for them to experiment with, amazing them with some applied science and hopefully fostering and deeper interest in science in general as a result. There are several different options to try – kids will probably like the potato battery most – so these are experiments that will provide your children with hours of fun and educational entertainment.

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11. Easily Create Your Own Lead Acid Big or Small Battery Sitting at Home

Here’s a plan that’s a whole lot more serious – because, in it, we learn how to construct a homemade lead acid battery. We imagine that might sound a little intimidating to some people, and it’s certainly not a run-of-the-mill DIY project. However, this YouTuber demonstrates everything very clearly, so if you’re up for a challenge, why not have a go at copying it yourself?


12. How To Make a Battery – Survive Nature

How To Make a Battery – Survive Nature

This site is dedicated to learning useful life skills that might come in handy in survival situations, and making a battery to generate power certainly qualifies. After a discussion of the important role batteries play in our modern lives, the post goes on to explain some different ways to make batteries for generating power, something that’s definitely useful to know if you ever find yourself in a life-and-death situation with no way to generate electricity.

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13. How to Make a Battery: DIY Homemade Salt Water Rechargeable Batteries Build

How to Make a Battery DIY Homemade Salt Water Rechargeable Batteries Build

Among the simplest and cheapest versions of homemade batteries are saltwater batteries. You can easily build one with just a few readily available items, and the best thing is they really work! This post also includes information about making earth batteries and batteries from coins, so one way or another, you’re sure to have everything you need to build some kind of rudimentary DIY battery of your own.

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14. Build a Battery with Coins – Science Project

Build a Battery with Coins – Science Project

Here’s another great experiment to try with kids – it’s a science project for making DIY batteries from coins. In fact, coin batteries are actually a version of the very first battery that was ever invented known as the voltaic pile, which was created by a scientist named Alessandro Volta way back in 1800! The history behind it is another reason why this experiment is so cool, so why not try it with your kids and watch them be amazed?

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15. Homemade Battery with Aluminum & Iron, Gas

In this video, we learn how to make a battery from aluminum, iron and gas, and we like the way there are no unnecessary detailed explanations – rather, we just get to watch this YouTuber demonstrating everything you need to do to build one. That way, if you want to replicate his idea, all you need to do is copy what he does and you’ll soon have a functioning DIY battery of your own.


16. What is an Earth Battery, and How Does It Work? – Aspiration

What is an Earth Battery, and How Does It Work – Aspiration

The earth battery is one of those things that sounds like it just shouldn’t work, but according to this blog, it really does. They’re easy to make, sustainable and environmentally friendly, and if you’re curious about how to make one and why they work, head over to this blog for all the answers.

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17. How to Make a Battery

As this YouTuber says, there are plenty of reasons for wanting to make a DIY battery – in case of an emergency, because you want to learn more about making your own power supply or just because you can. Whichever reason is relevant to you, he then goes on to demonstrate how to make a battery from coins and a few other simple materials, and it’s so easy that just about anyone will be able to manage it.


18. STEM for Kids: How to Make a Coin Battery – Teach Beside Me

STEM for Kids How to Make a Coin Battery – Teach Beside Me

STEM skills are so important for children to learn, and there’s no better way than for them to conduct hands-on experiments. Here’s a great one for them to try that teaches them how to construct a battery from coins. It’s sure to fire their young imagination and – with any luck – give them a life-long interest in science. So with all those benefits, the only question is, what are you waiting for?

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19. A DIY Battery That Is Crazy Simple to Make

A battery that is “crazy simple to make” sounds like the kind of intriguing project that’s almost too hard to resist. It’s also a fascinating video to watch as this YouTuber explains the science behind how it works. Definitely one to watch if you want to learn how to make probably the simplest battery possible – and also well worth checking out if you want to expand your general knowledge and go to sleep knowing one more thing than when you woke up!


20. Make Your Own Battery Experiment – Clearway Community Solar

Make Your Own Battery Experiment – Clearway Community Solar

Again, here we have an experiment that’s designed to teach children about batteries, and this one is intended for kids aged eight and above. It will teach them about the basics of how batteries work, and it also gives some suggestions for variables to play with to see what can help make the battery work better. A great plan and one we’re sure lots of kids will enjoy testing out.

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21. How to Make an Ultra-Thin Battery at Home

Here’s a fun video that demonstrates how to make an “ultra-thin” battery from a piece of copper sheet, some water and some salt. This YouTuber makes it look so simple, but this person is obviously very talented. However, it’s the kind of thing that most people should be able to copy, so why not see if you can get it to work too?


22. EngineerGirl – Try This: Design a Battery

EngineerGirl – Try This Design a Battery

If you want to know about how batteries work, this post will give you the kind of practical overview that will leave you with the knowledge required to build your own. It then goes on to explain some techniques for building homemade batteries, allowing you to put what you’ve just learned to the test. We also like the troubleshooting section at the end, which you can turn to if, for some reason, you find that your DIY battery doesn’t work!

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23. How To Build Your Own Lithium Battery (Part 1 of 2)

How To Build Your Own Lithium Battery (Part 1 of 2)

If you want to know how to build a large battery from lots of smaller ones that you can scavenge from somewhere like an old laptop battery, this is the plan for you. The tutorial takes you through all the steps in detail and offers lots of useful diagrams too. It even includes videos to make sure everyone can understand without any difficulties, making it super-easy to copy. This is Part 1 of a two-part plan – so be sure to check out the second part too.

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Plenty of fun plans to try

As you can see, whether you are just interested in having a go at a science experiment or are looking to make a battery for practical applications, there’s no shortage of tutorials online that can teach you how to do it.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them all too. And above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the plan you needed for building a homemade battery of your own.

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