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How to Open a Stack-On Safe with a Dead Battery?

Do you own a Stack-On safe, but you can’t get into it because the batteries have died? No worries – you actually can still open it!

So if you have a safe with a dead battery, don’t panic. In this blog post, we will show you how to open your Stack-On safe with a dead battery. We will also provide helpful tips on how to prevent this from happening ever again or in the first place. Keep reading for more information.

What is a Stack-On Safe?

First, let’s talk about what a Stack-On safe is. A Stack-On safe is a company that manufactures durable, household safes that are used to store a variety of things, depending on their design. Some are electronic digital safes and others are combination-lock safes.

The types of digital safes they offer can be categorized into five groups:

  • Home and Personal Safes: for handguns and small collectables
  • Long Gun Safes: for long guns, handguns, and small collectables
  • Portable Security Cases: for cell phones, jewelry, and small travel items
  • Quick Access Safes: for small items like handguns, keys, and other items
  • Security Cabinets: for firearms and other valuable items

These are high-quality safes for your valuable items. The digital ones come with an electronic keypad and a backup key in case the battery dies, while none of the combination-lock safes come with a backup key.

Some are even fire-resistant or water-resistant, making them an excellent purchase!

How Does a Stack-On Safe Work?

How Does a Stack-On Safe Work?

A Stack-On safe works by using a battery power supply to operate the lock mechanism. The batteries are generally located in a removable panel behind the keypad.

When the batteries die, the lock will not work and the safe cannot be opened by using the keypad. You will need another approach.

How to Open a Stack-On Safe with a Dead Battery

If your Stack-On safe has a dead battery, there are still ways to open it.

Let’s look at the process, step by step.

Step 1: Confirm that the Batteries are Indeed Dead

The first step is to make sure that the batteries are actually dead. If you’re not sure how to know, many digital safes give you a heads-up before the batteries stop working. For example, they may have a phrase or icon pop up on the display panel, or they may have longer beeps when you type in the code.

If you have noticed either of these signs, or if your batteries are at least a couple of years old, then it is likely your dead electronic lock batteries are the thing keeping you from opening the safe.

If the batteries are indeed dead, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Look for the Battery Override Feature

Digital Stack-On safes have an override key. This means you can still use a key even if your batteries have died.

The key slot is typically located below the locking keypad. Simply stick your key into the slot, in the 9 o’clock position and then turn it to the 1 o’clock position to get it to open.

But what if your battery is dead and you have also lost your backup key? No problem – you still have options.

Step 3: Contact a Locksmith or Get Creative

If you’ve tried everything else and still need to get into the safe, you may just have to get creative and try alternative options to open your safe. Let’s look at a few ways:

Locksmith Service

Another way to open a Stack-On safe with a dead battery is to call a locksmith service. Some locksmith services have experience with opening these types of safes. They will usually be able to open it for you without damaging the safe.

9v Battery or a Jump Box

If you have a 9v battery or a Jump Box charger, you can try using one of these to open your safe. 9 volts are the kinds of batteries you find in smoke detectors. To use either of these, simply touch the positive and negative sides of the battery or Jump Box to the corresponding connection points on the side of the keypad, and that should give you enough power to open the safe.

New Batteries

Some safes have the batteries sitting behind the keypad with a fairly noticeable latch that will drop the battery casing so that you can change the batteries. Then you don’t have to mess with opening the safe until you’ve already installed new batteries that work.

Tips to Prevent Your Safe from Having a Dead Battery

There are some things you can do to prevent your safe from having a dead battery.

  1. Check the Batteries Regularly: One thing you can do is check the batteries regularly and replace them as needed. Another thing you can do is to invest in high-quality batteries. Some of the best brands for safes are Duracell and Energizer.
  2. Keep the Battery Compartment Clean: You should also make sure to keep the battery compartment clean and free of dust, moisture, and any other debris. This will help to ensure that the connection points are not corroded.

Frequently Asked Questions about Stack-On Safes

Now that you know how to open a Stack-On safe with a dead battery, you may still have some questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about these types of safes.

Q1: How Often Should I Replace My Safe’s Battery?

It is recommended that you replace your safe’s battery every two years. However, this will depend on how often you use the safe and what type of batteries you use.

Q2: Can You Exchange a Digital Lock for a Combination Lock?

No, you can’t exchange a digital lock for a combination lock on Stack-On Safes. If you want a safe that has a combination lock, you will have to purchase one from the Stack-On manufacturer.


If you have a Stack-On safe with a dead battery, there is no need to stress. There are still ways you can get in successfully.

In this blog post, we discussed several of those ways for you. So, if you find yourself in this situation, now you know what to do. Be safe!

What other questions about Stack-On safe batteries do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

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