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How To Remove Battery From Galaxy S7? (Easy And Fast)

Cell phones have evolved significantly since they were created and had more technological advances. Did you realize that for a few years, most cell phones have a UNIBody design, with an integrated battery, and are no longer removable?

These new designs have many benefits for users but can be a complication when your battery has missed or is deteriorating quickly and needs a replacement. 

Is not easy to replace it anymore! You also have to pay an authorized repair agent to open your cell phone safely and efficiently.

In this article, we want to give you information on how to open and replace the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S7. You must understand that all Samsung galaxy smartphones have their way to open and this guide does not apply to the other models.

So if you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and want to replace the battery, you are in the right place.

Materials You’ll Need

  • Replacement for the Samsung Galaxy battery
  • SIM card expulsion tool
  • Heat gun or hot plate
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Spudger
  • Tweezers
  • Dropper or syringe 
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • Screen separator tool
  • Eye protector

*You can also wear picks or playing cards if you don’t have an appropriate screwdriver for work. The screwdriver or tweezers must be fine since the cell screws are small.

Removing the battery step by step

Removing the battery step by step
Image Credit: androidauthority

The process of removing a battery is something very delicate, so you must follow the instructions to the letter. If you don’t have enough confidence to do so, is better to go to a service center, seek an authorized technician and ask about the battery replacement cost.

In this way, you will ensure that the removal process is 100% safe. We also advise seeking professional help if you do not have special tools for this work.

Step 1: Prepare the phone

Before extracting the battery you must verify that your phone has less than 25% battery. If you get to damage a charged lithium-ion battery with a cut or a hole, the battery can explode or generate fire, and the damage that would cause to your device could be irreparable.

The adhesive that covers battery protection on your device is very resistant, so tenderly weaken it by injecting with a dropper or syringe a few drops of isopropyl alcohol of 90% concentration. If you do not have 90%, you can use one of greater concentration but not less.

Always wear eye protection in case the battery of your cell phone has swollen and is at risk of exploding

Step 2: Remove the SIM card

The first thing you should do is turn off your cell phone and then remove the Sim card tray.

You will notice that the Sim card is covered with a waterproof adhesive to give extra protection to your device.

Step 3: Remove the back cover

Remove the back cover

With a Heat Gun or a hairdryer begin to heat the edges of your smartphone. The edges are glued with a very powerful adhesive and we want that before continuing with the following step the glue has loosened.

This process needs a lot of patience, so heat the edges of the back cover for ten to fifteen minutes.

Use the screen separator tool to take off the back cover. Use the guitar picks on the sides of the back cover and introduce them to the edges. Take some time until you can take off the back cover adhesive completely.

As long as this process of heating your device lasts, you must be careful not to damage the fingerprint sensor. This sensor is in the Middle of the rear housing.

Step 4: Removing the screws and components

In the rear housing, you have several screws that must be delicately removed. Use a pair of tweezers to remove screws that get stuck in the holes.

Remove the antenna module carefully after removing all the screws. Start removing the loudspeaker assembly by removing the yellow tape. Finish by removing the motherboard by prying up the connectors.

You must separate with caution several connectors: The antenna cable connectors, the power button flex connector, the volume button flex connector, the home button flex connector, the front-facing camera connector, the back camera, the LCD assembly connector, the battery flex connector, and the ear speaker flex connector.

Step 5: Take out the battery

After removing the cell phone connectors, you must heat the battery adhesive. The adhesive is well glued, so you can use a plastic playing card or a metal spatula to take it off.

Why is your cell phone battery lowered?

Why is your cell phone battery lowered

Your cell phone battery doesn’t last for several reasons, but one of the most common is a bad application. Some applications use a lot of caches that connect to the background of your phone, consuming important quantities of data.

You need the last update of your smartphone software to avoid the low performance of your battery in your phone. If you do not have all applications and software updated can affect the battery performance. 

Finally, avoid loading your phone with poor-quality chargers that are not the same brand as your phone.

Why do phones no longer use external batteries?

The design of cell phones tends to be thinner and thinner, which is why external batteries are in disuse in the new models.

Manufacturers are making cell phones resistant to water and an external battery is much more difficult to protect from liquids than an integrated one.

Finally, it is about giving greater security to modern telephones. Before thieves could deactivate the tracking devices in external batteries of cell phones and now it is much more difficult to do so.


Removing the battery of new cellular models such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 is not an easy task, but if you are determined to do so, we hope that this tutorial has been helpful.

Remember to follow the steps with great care and peace and if you have any questions or you think you will not be able to do it perfectly, it is best to consult professional help for the task.

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