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How to Replace G Shock Battery? (10 Steps & Expert Tips)

The Casio G Shock watch series is a premium, long-lasting, popular brand. They’re known for strength, style, and durability and easily make for a lifelong investment that can serve you without problems for countless years.

But these watches have only one vulnerability – the inside that keeps everything running, the battery. It will need to be replaced to repower your watch and keep it in fine-running order.

Many people falsely assume that taking apart a watch to replace its battery is complicated and that you need to hire an expert watch trader to pry it open to fix it. Many are afraid of causing damage and ruining the electrical features of their prized watch.

In this article, we’ll explain step-by-step how you can replace the battery of your G-shock watch. We’ll also highlight how to extend the lifespan of your battery and share expert tips to keep your watch in excellent condition.

Where can I find the make and model?

You can find the model of your G-shock watch by reading the number on the back panel. It may also be included in the packaging information. You can then read the specifics of your watch’s battery requirements.

Because Casio G-shock watches are streamlined and quite similar in design, you don’t need to know the specific models and makes to understand how to replace their battery.

How to replace the battery

How to replace the battery
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Equipment: Screwdriver with small bits, tweezers, and a new lithium battery.

  1. First, using a screwdriver, you must take out the four screws on the backplate of the watch. Try to be gentle and slow, as these fittings are pretty delicate and can quickly go missing.
  2. Remove the plastic back cover of the watch carefully, and gently unhook the watch’s battery cage with a pair of tweezers. Be careful of small parts which can be broken easily.
  3. Take out the old battery smoothly and dispose of it accordingly—slide in the replacement battery.
  4. Gently press down on the battery cage until you hear a click. This tells you that the battery is in the correct position and will charge your watch.
  5. Next, grab your tweezers and hold them to the battery holder for 3 seconds. This will hard reset it and prevents an error code flash up when you power your watch back on for the first time.
  6. Place the plastic cover back on. This is an important, often overlooked step, as the plastic cover needs to be precise; otherwise, the watch buttons may not work correctly.
  7. Additionally, ensure the rubber gasket is also correctly lined. This thin black seal ensures that your watch is waterproof. Even the tiniest droplet of water may enter your system if it is not aligned.
  8. Place the back plate in position, and re-screw all screws with a small screwdriver.

NB: Always ensure that when replacing your watch battery, you do so in a clean, dry and cool environment. Any nearby dust can quickly enter your watch when it is opened up and can compromise your circuits. Additionally, water can cause irrevocable damage if even the smallest amount touches parts of the watch.


What type of battery should you get?

G shock watches use lithium batteries, which have several benefits over other battery types. They are long-lasting and last anywhere from 2 to 6 years.

Lithium batteries also are some of the safest, offering additional protection against chemicals and adverse temperatures to the inner circuits of your watch. Additionally, lithium batteries are incredibly lightweight – essential for small pieces of technology like wristwatches.

Should I buy battery replacement kits?

Nowadays, there are many prepackaged battery replacement kits on the market. These claim to help simplify the entire process. But are they worth your time, money, and effort?

In our view, not quite. These kits package screwdrivers and tweezers together, two things widespread in our households already.

Additionally, they do not often include instructions or special protection for your watch. They only offer convenience. Sometimes lithium batteries might be included, but these can be purchased separately.

How much should you pay for a new battery
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How much should you pay for a new battery?

Given the mass production of lithium batteries for watches, they are often sold in bulk, and their price is usually very reasonable. You can expect to pay between $3 to $5 for generic batteries in your local convenience store or on online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

What uses up your battery quickly?

The batteries of a watch power not only its normal functions but also a host of other features. And specific features will exhaust your battery quicker. This can depend on how often and with what strength they are used.

  • Update apps: If you’re using any tracker apps or have your watch connected to your phone, ensure that you update everything. Sometimes, old bugs exist that may cause excessive battery consumption.
  • Avoid using extensive features: Some features may use additional power at the expense of your battery’s lifespan. These may include backlights and lighting features.
  • Turn off apps: If you’ve paired your watch with a tracking app or security system, sometimes it’s best to turn these off, especially if you aren’t monitoring them at the time. They may still be on in the background, zapping energy.
  • Internet connection: Being constantly connected to the internet can be a power drain on your watch, especially if the connection is weak and your watch is continuously trying to maintain stability. Turn off Bluetooth and internet signals when not being used to converse energy.
  • Protection: Your G shock watch and its battery will only last the test of time if you protect it accordingly. Don’t expose it to extreme weather, prolonged sunlight, and potential water hazards to ensure its internal circuitry works fine.

Resetting your watch

Sometimes after a battery replacement, resetting your watch is an ideal time to rid it of any errors and wrong settings. As per the official Casio website, simply:

  1. Enter the timekeeping mode.
  2. Hold down D for two seconds until your Home City appears on the screen.
  3. Press D again, and the second digits will start flashing.
  4. Hold down C for five seconds, when the watch will be resetting.
  5. Finally, press D once more to exit the setting screen.

Expert Tips

Expert Tips
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  • You can find the specific model and information about your particular watch by reading the numbers on the back and entering them into the official Casio website.
  • When opening up your watch, be careful of small parts, hinges, and catches that can become easily damaged.
  • Remember to reset your battery hard once it is installed. Place your tweezers on the back of it for 3 seconds.
  • Ensure you always put the appropriate seals back on and align them. Otherwise, water may be able to leak into the internal structure of your watch.
  • Watch batteries may last anywhere from 2 to 6 years. If your watch constantly loses power, some internal damage may be zapping the battery.
  • Also, consider power-hungry features, like backlights, alarms, and sound effects. These can add considerable drains to the battery.
  • If you’re not confident about your repair skills, your local watch shop will have everything you need, including repair services, you can avail of.


Like Rolex and Omega, the Casio G Shock watch is regarded as one of the best-made and most popular watches in the entire industry. Famous for its shock, vibration, and water resistance, the only weakness that these watches face is from the inside – the battery.

Although lithium batteries can last long, modern-day watches have many features that often use lots of power and quickly reduce battery capacity. It stands to reason then that you may have to replace it regularly enough to keep it in good, working order.

Following our article’s instructions, replacing a G shock watch battery should take only a few minutes of your time. You don’t need an expert or have to invest in a costly battery kit to do it successfully.

All you do need is a screwdriver and some patience. And your watch will be revitalized before you even know it.

If you have any questions relating to G shock watches and replacing their batteries, please leave a comment below. But if in doubt, remember:

  • Be gentle when opening your watch – screws, fittings, and seals can easily break.
  • Ensure no dust, dirt, or water is nearby when replacing the battery.
  • Turning off draining apps, connections and features can dramatically extend the lifespan of your watch.
  • Resetting your watch afterward can help it update itself.

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