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How To Use A Cart Without A Battery? (2 Effective Methods)

Vaping is one way to enjoy an e-cigarette without the dangers of contact smoking. If you already use a vape cart, you can appreciate its ease of use and portability. However, its size makes it easy to damage or lose the battery.

Can you still use your vape cart without a battery? There are several methods to try, although you must tread carefully, especially if you involve electricity.

Vape carts are so small that many users do not remember they have batteries. However, the devices cannot produce vapor unless there is a power source: a charged battery. The batteries are the industry-standard 510-threaded cartridges connection. You must fully charge them before use.

Methods of Using Your Cart Without a Battery

As mentioned, there are several methods of using your vapers without a battery. Although a battery is the safest method, it may not be convenient to get a replacement battery right away. So, we have put together a few options for using the device without a battery.

Method1: Android Charger

Method1 Android Charger

If you have an old Android device with a working charging charger, consider turning the charger into a means of using the cart. This method involves electricity, so this is a heads-up to tread carefully when connecting it to the device.

Step1: Cut the Charger

Start by cutting the charging points away from the cable and separate the USB port. You will need scissors for a clean cut; a knife or razor may give a jagged result. Ensure there is enough USB cable length to reach a reasonable distance.

Step2: Separate and Strip the Wires

When you cut open an Android charger at the charging port, you will find black and red internal wires with positive and negative leads. You may also see green and white wires, but they are not part of this connection. All you need are red and black ones.

Separate the wires and slightly strip the black and red ones with a wire stripper or nail clippers. Doing this reveals the internal cables so you can remove them. Do not strip them too much because you still need to connect them to the cart.

Step3: Connect the Charger to the Cart

Now, insert the ends of the black wire from the charger into the cartridge. Inspect the base; you will see a tiny bottom hole where the wire should go. Carefully and slowly thread the wire through and into this hole.

Next, ground the negative wire, which is the red wire; do this by tapping it on a metal item or surface. It is best to ensure it touches the cart’s metal part. Then, you can connect the Android charger’s USB end to the nearest wall port or computer.

The cart will start emitting vapors if the connection is successful. Use this charging method carefully since you will maintain the connection while using the cart, which involves electricity.

Method2: iPhone Charger

Method2 iPhone Charger

You can also use an iPhone charger cord to power your vape cart if the battery is unavailable. However, the steps are complex, and you may need help to complete the connection. Worse still, it may be incorrect and cause some injuries.

While the Android charging cord connection looks complicated, you will find that the iPhone battery charger connection is too much, especially if you have never tried it. It is best to use an Android charger or, better still, get a new cart battery.

Can You Use a Lighter on a Vape Cart?

Some users use a lighter to heat the cannabis oil in their dab pen in a desperate bid to get a hit. It may look harmless and effective, but it can quickly explode and cause serious injury. You may damage the cart with flame or heat, causing a leak.

This leak may cause you to inhale impurities and harmful metals. Using a battery to power your vape cart is best, but the ideal alternative is to wire it with a black cable, as we have explained above.

We would also like to add that it is unsafe to use a damaged cart. A vape cartridge typically has some parts made of glass. If you use such a device, you may accidentally inhale tiny glass shards. While they may be imperceptible, they will eventually damage your lungs and other vital organs, especially if you are a frequent user.

Consider Buying a New Battery

Consider Buying a New Battery

There are several reasons to buy a new vape cart battery, and it is not all about convenience. Let’s discuss some crucial reasons to replace a lost or damaged cart battery if you are in that position.

1. Personal Safety

Using shortcuts to do many things can save you money. The same applies when you power your cart without a battery. It may look like an excellent idea initially, but you may endanger yourself. You may also prematurely wear the device out if you charge and use it simultaneously.

There is another aspect of personal safety to consider, and that is the potency of the vapor. Typically, using your cart produces just enough heat and vapor to satisfy you according to your specific needs. You may even request a dosage that fits you when buying the vape.

However, connecting it to electricity while vaping causes the cart to produce a highly potent vapor, which may be stronger than your usual dose. You may not initially notice it, but the high doses may eventually affect you. Sometimes, the cannabis concentrate effect may be immediate.

2. Overall Cost

Vape pens or carts are not expensive, but replacement batteries may be another story. We understand if you are reluctant to replace the battery because of the price. We have all been there and will prefer cheaper alternatives than spending so much for such a small item.

But you must consider your safety, convenience, and long-term rewards. You will find cart batteries for as low as $12, but those are cheap alternatives. There are also batteries selling at $100, which may look like luxury items. However, they last long.

If you buy a $10 or $12 battery, you may have to replace it quickly. You may spend an insane amount on vape batteries within a few months, especially if you are an avid user.

Investing in a more expensive option may seem significant at first, but the long-term rewards are worth it. In other words, you will spend less replacing a vape battery if you select the right type during replacements.

3. Efficiency

Wouldn’t it be too tedious to connect the USB port to a wall outlet or a laptop every time you want to use the device? It will become too much of a task to find the right spot and make the connection when it should be effortless.

Besides, it will not always be convenient; if you are out and need to vape, you may not find a suitable connection point. It takes away the pleasure of relaxing with your cart, even when you need it for health reasons.

There is a reason vape batteries are rechargeable, and that is for convenience and efficiency. Vapes are ideal for taking a hit anywhere, so consider replacing the battery instead of relying on an electrical connection that may be unsafe the longer you use it.

4. Versatility

Consider buying more than one disposable vape cart instead of simply replacing the battery. It is an easy comparison; check the durability of a cart battery based on your regular usage against the average cost of replacing it.

If you damage, lose, or wear out the battery too often, it may be easier to have multiple carts. Buying in bulk saves money, which may be cheaper than replacing the battery in one device every time it runs out. This is especially true if you use expensive vape batteries.

Buying Suitable Replacement Batteries

Buying Suitable Replacement Batteries

You must consider the vendor if you are ready to replace your cart battery instead of using alternative methods to power it. You cannot buy from any vendor, as you may be scammed.

  • Use the Original Vendor: Your best bet is to check the online or offline store where you bought the vape and get a battery. The manufacturing brand’s official website is usually available; you can order as many as you want. They also offer fast and convenient shipping where necessary.
  • Use a Third-party Seller: If the brand does not have an online presence, which is rare nowadays, use a reliable third-party seller. Ensure you read reviews from verified buyers if you are unfamiliar with them. Select more than one and compare user experience and prices before purchasing.
  • Get Recommendations: Alternatively, ask other people for reliable recommendations of the best vendors in the locality. You can even become a vendor if you can get a license. That way, you make it easy for people to buy in your locality.

Wrapping Up

You can use a cart without a battery by connecting an unused Android charger. This article explains the steps to follow for an easy connection, but remember that an iPhone charger may be more complex than an Android charger.

We recommend replacing the battery instead of using this alternative. It is safer, affordable, convenient, and efficient. You can go for the more affordable batteries if you are on a budget, and ensure you buy from a reliable vendor.

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