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Huion Battery Free Pen Not Working (10 Solutions)

Huion is famous for creating innovative, effective, and professional graphics tablets at affordable prices and is the go-to brand for artists, designers, engineers, and architects alike.

But like all good tools, there comes a time when it breaks. And if your Huion battery-free pen is not working anymore, you want a quick fix to get back to work and save time, energy, and money.

You don’t have to be a tech wiz to find a simple solution that gets your pen back into working order.

This article will help you diagnose why your Huion pen is no longer working correctly. We’ll also highlight different methods of fixing the problem and some practical advice on protecting your Hunion pen from future issues.

10 Ways to Fix your Huion Pen Problems

Below are ten ways of finding a solution to your malfunctioning pen and graphics tablet. Some of these include diagnosing your PC and drivers, installing supporting programs, and ensuring specific features of your PC are turned off.

1. Inspect for damage

Inspect your pen for any signs of damage, especially the pen tip. It may have become loose and simply needs to be cleaned or reattached. If the tip is damaged, you may need a replacement to solve your problem. There are usually replacement nibs located in the pen holder.

Next, check and see if the pen itself is working. Huion pens have customizable pen buttons. Testing these out to see if the pen is operational or not.

Additionally, check the condition of the USB cable you use to connect the tablet to the PC. Relaxing the charging cable may help secure a connection if wear and tear or signs of strain occur.

2. USB ports

Perhaps your pen is malfunctioning because of problems arising from your PC or laptop. Suppose your pen turns on and off unexpectedly, its pressure sensitivity fluctuates, or there’s a significant lag when moving across the screen; this suggests a poor connection between your tablet and PC.

Closely inspect USB ports for any signs of damage or if connections have become loose. If your tablet cannot retain a link, it will cause trouble.

  • Test out your USB ports with other devices and see if they work. If not, your port needs to be repaired or replaced pronto.
  • If your PC has additional USB ports, plug your tablet into them to see if this remedies the problem. Again, check these ports for structural damage.
USB ports
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3. System Errors

Sometimes, device connections can be severed when a PC or laptop is shut off unexpectedly or suffers a system error. If your PC was turned off because of a power outage or encountered a significant operating fault, this could cause system files to become corrupted.

It would be best if you run a diagnostic tool that may highlight the files or systems within your PC that need urgent repairs. This, in turn, may solve your Huion battery pen problems.

4. System restart

Sometimes the most effective solution is often the simplest. Restarting your computer may resolve common problems with your Hunion tablet and its pen.

But before you restart your computer, consider disconnecting your tablet, pen, and all other accessories from USB ports. Close programs too, and ensure that your system boots up in full.

5. Huion Drivers

Drivers are software that allows your operating system and devices to communicate with one another. Sometimes, your Huion tablet pen will malfunction because of corrupted drivers, compatibility issues, or incomplete installation.

You should run a diagnostic tool that checks for any newly released drivers for Huion. Although a CD often includes everything you need, modern PCs and laptops may patch something that removes the driver icon from your system.

Don’t worry – you download a list of Huion drivers and a user manual for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux here. Each driver can be downloaded and reinstalled to possibly fix your problem. Sometimes, uninstalling your driver and then reinstalling it can also help.

6. Sleep mode

USB ports have been known to malfunction if the computer enters a prolonged hibernation and switches on following sleep mode. The sleep mode may interrupt device drivers from booting on start-up and work improperly.

You can eliminate this problem by simply disabling sleep mode. This ensures that your PC will not enter hibernation when idle, preventing drivers and programs from malfunctioning. Some users have reported that their Huion battery-free pen worked again after these changes.

Sleep mode
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7. Support TabletPC

Because of the range of PC models and operating systems, Huion has released a feature known as Support TabletPC. This useful support can help troubleshoot issues within your PC and hopefully offer a tailor-made solution.

If your computer recognizes your tablet, right-click the tablet icon on the bottom right of your screen and turn the Support TabletPC feature on. Restart your computer to see if these changes have helped improve and solve your pen’s problem. 

8. Disable Windows Ink

Windows Ink is a feature that allows you to write and draw on your screen. As useful as this option can be, it can sometimes conflict with drivers and software used by your Huion pen. If it is turned on, it can also make finding a solution to your problem complicated.

Check your system settings to eliminate this from your potential list of problems. You will want to uncheck the Windows Ink feature under the devices category,

9. Program speific problems

If your pen is lagging or not registering on specific programs, like Adobe Photoshop CC, you may need to examine and reset to the default setting of these programs to find a solution.

This can be evident when your pen’s sensitivity acts up. Gently apply gradual pressure to see if there are changes in the strength of the pen. You may need to reinstall the program if it is not registering. Restart your computer and the program to see if your pen responds positively to the modifications.

10. Contact support

If you’ve tried all of the above suggestions and your Huion pen is still malfunctioning or unresponsive, you may need expert help to find a solution. You may need to contact Huion directly.

Sometimes, a combination of problems makes finding a dedicated solution almost impossible. Contacting the manufacturer can receive tailor-made solutions and advice, including possible replacement parts. You can contact their support at service@huion.com for further assistance.

Final Expert Tips
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Final Expert Tips:

  • Always store your pen, tablet, and accessories securely when not in use to prevent potential damage and complications.
  • Turn the power on and off, click the side buttons and test the tablet’s active area. Ensure that your computer screen functions normally to register your pen’s activity.
  • Adjust your normal pen grip and gently tap it to check how your PC responds. If there’s a lag detected, your PC may be running too many processes or missing critical updates.
  • Huion pencils should have more than 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. Gradually apply more pressure to test if the pen is functioning properly.
  • If the pen malfunctions only when specific programs are used, reinstall these and ensure you use the most up-to-date versions.
  • Remove any unnecessary accessories or components from all USB connections. These may add to compatibility issues and drain vital PC resources.
  • Regularly run diagnostic tests to ensure that your computer is running correctly.
  • Disable and re-enable anti-virus programs and firewalls, and ensure that Huion programs have appropriate access to function.


The Huion brand is infamous for creating high-quality, reliable, sensitive stylus pens. They continue to set the standard in terms of functionality and affordability.

But sometimes, your pen will fail, rendering your tablet useless. You may want to find a quick and easy solution to prevent having to replace your equipment.

Sometimes a simple restart or update of tablet drivers is enough to fix everything. Other times, it’s down to damage, and you need to order a new pen nib. Our article has run through some of the most common problems and solutions you need to try to fix your Huion battery-free pen.

Please comment below if you still encounter a problem after using the above methods and would like further assistance.

But if in doubt, remember to try these three points:

  • Inspect your digital pen and tablet for any noticeable structural damage. Perhaps you need to fix or replace the pen.
  • Run diagnostic checks on your computer to find outdated drivers or corrupted files.
  • Disable sleep mode and any other tablet or pen-writing features that may conflict with Huion programs.
  • If you’ve exhausted all solutions, contacting Huion directly may shed further light on your problems.

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