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Is It Bad To Use Your Phone While Charging? (You’d love To Know!)

There are lots of controversies when it comes to whether or not it is bad or inappropriate to make use of your phone while charging. While it is not entirely bad, there are certain measures one ought to take to ensure there are no complications, whether you are using a Samsung or an iPhone.

It is not dangerous or harmful to charge your phone while in use as long as you do it properly, but it definitely affects the battery life.

The battery of your phone has to be its most important component because let’s face it, phones definitely would not work without batteries. Taking care of your battery’s health is of utmost importance because this largely defines the life cycle of your device.

Effect of Charging Your Phone While Using It

Making use of your phone while charging would not cause it to blow up all of a sudden or explode in your face, so do not worry.

However, there are certain things your charging habits might cause your mobile phone.

1. Heating Up

Normally, using your device for a long time without breaks can cause overheating to an extent. This is most visible when you engage in activities like heavy gaming, surfing the web, streaming videos, phone calls, etc. It is necessary you know that charging your phone while in use doubles the amount of heat your phone generates in a short period.

While the overheating of your device might not be a cause for alarm at the instant moment, reports have it that overheating can cause damage to your phone’s battery health. Additionally, it can also affect the speed of your phone’s processor and cause your battery to swell. Some phone manufacturers urge that users drop the device when it overheats to give it some time to cool down.

Effect of Charging Your Phone While Using It

2. Slow Charging

It is quite popular that using a phone when it is recharging causes it to charge a lot slower than normal. This is because there is not enough time to store energy as it is being used by the operator. Lots of operations going on while charging your phone does not give it the ability to save power. If you get annoyed by how slow your phone charges, it is best to plug it in and allow it to charge.

3. The Possibility of Damaging Your Cable

It is well-known that using your device makes you move a lot and charging your device while using it does not change that fact. You would twist, flex, pull, and even shake your cable a lot which reduces the lifespan of your cable. Asides from damaging your cable, it can also disrupt the flow of power to your device, damage your connector, and cause an increase in the heating up of your phone while charging.

Can You Charge your Phone while in Use?

In a nutshell, the answer is Yes! Modern phones are designed to withstand usage and fast charging at the same time. However, most manufacturers recommend that to do this and experience no complications, you should make use of the original cable designed with your phone.

If you are not making use of low-quality charging accessories, then you can safely make use of your smartphone while charging it.

Myths About Smart Phone Batteries

Can You Charge your Phone while in Use?

While it is important to take steps to avoid spoiling or damaging your phone battery, there are however certain misconceptions about this. Some of them include:

1. Charging Your Phone Overnight Is Dangerous

This is an absolute myth because it is totally safe to charge your phone through the night till the morning. It is the best-known way to ensure your battery is full and up to the task to carry you through the next day. If you are skeptical because of ‘overcharging’, do not worry because there is no such thing. Modern smartphones are designed to stop charging immediately after they are at full charge.

2. Making Use of a Phone While Charging Spoils the Battery

This particular myth has passed from generation to generation and refuses to dissipate. There is no possible danger of explosion as a result of a spoilt battery caused by charging your phone while in use. There are however things to consider before using your phone while charging to make it as safe as possible. Things such as knockoff adapter; ensure you purchase a well-branded charger if you do not have the original charger with you.

3. Letting Your Battery Drain Before Recharging

Not only is this not necessary, but it should also be avoided if you can; draining your battery reduces the battery capacity and lifespan of your device. You should only let your battery drain once in a while when the battery requires recalibration.

Letting Your Battery Drain Before Recharging

Safety Precautions

Now it is known that you can make use of your device while charging and it would not cause any harm or damage. However, you must take certain precautionary measures to prevent certain hazardous circumstances:

1. Electrocution

Avoiding electrocution while using your device and charging it is quite easy, make sure you do not have any liquid or source of liquid near your charging spot, phone, hands, a power outlet, or even on your charger. If you notice a prickling sensation while in use, ensure that your hands, device, and phone accessories are completely dry. If it persists, it could be an indication that you are making use of counterfeit charging accessories; dispose of such accessories immediately to avoid electrocution.

2. Brain Damage

When charging your phone, avoid placing it close to your head; this is because phones emit radiations which in the long run can cause brain damage. Some researchers claim that this same radiation emitted also hurts the heart.


Except in cases where your device was manufactured poorly, there is no problem with using your device while charging it, as it doesn’t affect the phone’s battery level.

The most common things to experience are swelling, heating up, and a slower rate of charging, but definitely not an explosion. However, it is important that you take certain preventive measures to avoid complications like keeping your device and accessories completely dry when in use and placing your phone away from your head regularly to avoid brain damage.

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