UniEnergy Technologies Battery ยป Key Fob Battery Replacement Cost (Signs of Problems & Tips for Replacement)

Key Fob Battery Replacement Cost (Signs of Problems & Tips for Replacement)

One of the most crucial components for our car to operate at peak efficiency is the car keys. You may, however, find that the key fob control no longer functions as it did after purchasing the automobile.

This is dangerous because key fobs are increasingly used to start cars in addition to automatically locking and unlocking them. Even a tiny screen and more functionality are available in more recent smart keys.

What should you do if the keychain’s battery is dying? What is the key fob battery replacement cost for the car? In this article, we’ll give you important facts to think about before making any adjustments in addition to the cost of replacing it with a new battery.

First Signals of Problems

You are likely to notice that after a while, your smart key fob stop working optimally. Even if the keys are sealed, dust and dirt can sneak through the slots and this gradually wears the functions of your car key.

If you notice that your key does not work as before, the transmitter range is increasingly reduced or you must tighten the alarm button with great force and many times to activate it, then it is time for a key battery replacement.

The majority of remote-operated modern cars feature a backup key in case the original is damaged or misplaced.

However, if you have previously used the second key or have never had a spare, we encourage you to remove the old battery as soon as possible because it could cease operating at the least convenient time and bring you a lot of issues.

The Cost of a New Battery

The Cost of a New Battery

The cost of a new battery has many variants. Although at first, it may be an easy and economical task, there are certain cases in which the problem can be complicated and may be more expensive than you thought.

Batteries for a car key fob can cost around $10. There are models of remote control that will need a double battery, so in those cases, the price is doubled.

If you are sure that the problem is the battery, you have two options. You can take it to your trusted dealer or verify that your insurance covers battery replacement by a professional. This option is the easiest way.

If you do not have this option, the battery change can cost you about $50. That is why many people venture to change the car key battery themselves, knowing that in the process it is possible to cause some extra damage to the key fob and this can make everything more expensive than you thought.

That’s why we want to give you step-by-step guidance and precise instructions on how to change the dead battery in your key so you don’t get unpleasant surprises in the process.

Tips for Battery Replacement

If you are one of those people who likes to save time and money and you think you can do it yourself, you should carefully follow the simple steps below.

  • Buy a flat-tipped screwdriver, as it will be essential to open the key fob.
  • Locate the exact type of battery you need online or in a hardware store. Remember that you have different battery brands such as Panasonic, Duracell, or Energizer. Investigate which one suits you if you are not sure which brand to buy.
  • Before you venture to open the key fob, check your car manual to do it properly. If you lost the manual or your car is second-hand and never came with a manual, you can download it in PDF on the car manufacturer’s website.

There are many video tutorials on the internet that can help you open your key fob without damaging it. Spend a little time educating yourself before doing it yourself without any prior knowledge.

Other Solutions

It is possible that after changing the battery of the key fob, your key still does not work.

This is because some internal part of the key fob is damaged. However, it is good to rule out as a first option that it is not the battery that does not work, since it is the cheapest option to fix and with which you will be able to verify that the problem lies in other components of the car key fob.

Key Fob Replacement

Key Fob Replacement

You must understand that if the problem lies in another factor other than the battery, the cost can rise considerably. This is because the key fobs communicate with the car using radio waves. It is a unique low-frequency signal controlled by a chip built into the key fob.

Changing a dead key fob can cost you anywhere from $100 to $400 and programming the keyfob can cost an additional $100. Time is the least of it since the process takes only minutes, but the cost is quite high.

It is for this reason that many people search the internet for a key fob of the same make and model as their car, thinking that this way they will save money, but then they are surprised that it does not work either.

This is because some car makes and models have different radio frequencies. There are car models that were made in the same year and coincide in everything but they do not have the same frequency. Experts say that there are models that present up to 20 different frequencies in their controls.

That is why it is recommended to take the car to a trusted dealer in these cases. They will give you a safe diagnosis and thus you will avoid more expenses than you already have.

Key Fob Programming

To program your key fob, car dealers will require you to show them the ownership card or registration to verify that the car is yours.

This is necessary because that way stores make sure that a car thief can’t reprogram a stolen car.

You can also go to a locksmith to do the job, but they will usually ask for a second key fob that is fully operational. So if you lost the main key and the spare key, re-registering will be more difficult.

We recommend that due to the delicate work that needs to be done and the high cost, you check your insurance policy or the car warranty since some insurances cover the loss of keys.

If you don’t have insurance, then there is no other option but to pay a high price for the car keys. This can be annoying but it is essential if you want to maintain the functionality of your car and not risk damaging it even more.


Remember that if you notice that your key fob is not working as before, it is best to rule out problems. Start with the least complicated.

Before purchasing a new key fob, please confirm that replacement is necessary. The device probably just needs maintenance.

Replace the batteries or have a professional check the button alignment. You can also try reprogramming the remote.

If none of this works, go to your trusted dealer or to the stores where your insurance has coverage.

Lastly, keep your new keyrings in good condition. It is advisable to always have a copy and store them in a safe place, away from contact with water, dirt, and dirt.

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