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11 Reasons Why Your LG TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi (Fixed!!!)

Are you having trouble connecting your LG TV to your Wi-Fi? If so, we want you to understand that there are many others with the same issue.

This issue can be quite frustrating, considering that an LG smart TV without an internet connection is no more than a monitor with limited features. Hence, it’s only normal for you to seek solutions to this problem.

Being lovers of the LG brand, we understand the significance of having a TV with all its features working perfectly. Thus, we’ve compiled this guide to help you understand the possible reasons behind this problem and the most effective solutions.

Why Is My LG TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi? (11 Top Reasons)

Before beginning to solve a problem, you must understand why and for what reasons the error might have emerged. Hence, we’d start by discussing the most likely reasons behind your LG TV not connecting to Wi-Fi.

That said, outlined below are the most probable causes for this glitch:

1. Wrong Wi-Fi login credentials.

The most popular and fundamental reason behind your LG TV not connecting to Wi-Fi is inputting incorrect Wi-Fi login credentials. Suppose the login credentials you entered into the TV are wrong. In that case, you’d be unable to establish a connection to the desired Wi-Fi network.

2. Mismatch of location country settings.

If the location country settings on your LG TV are utterly different from your router’s, both devices might have difficulties establishing a connection. This mismatch might be why you can’t create any connection between your LG TV and the Wi-Fi router.

3. Outdated firmware of the router or LG TV.

If the firmware of the TV or the router is due for an update, it may cause unpleasant compatibility issues with this Wi-Fi network.

4. Corrupt firmware of the router or LG TV.

Directly related to the outdated firmware issue is the corrupt firmware problem. Suppose the firmware of your LG TV or router is compromised and corrupted. In that case, consider this the most likely culprit of your LG TV not connecting to Wi-Fi problem.

5. Interference from other devices.

If many other devices use the same frequency as your Wi-Fi network in the area, it might cause some interference and prevent the TV from connecting. 

6. Far distance between the router and the TV.

As the distance between your LG smart TV and the router increases, the signal strength between the two devices decreases. This can cause connection issues, especially if there are walls or other obstacles between the TV and the router.

7. Network congestion.

This issue is prevalent in any system comprising devices that must connect to one another over a network. If too many requests are made on the network, congestion and WiFi connection issues will likely occur.

8. LG TV’s Quick Start+ feature is turned on.

The Quick Start+ feature of the LG TV is a nice perk that drastically reduces the device’s boot time. However, the problem with this feature is that it sometimes fails to load necessary firmware modules like the Wi-Fi module. In this scenario, you’re sure to encounter connectivity issues.

9. Router settings.

Apart from location settings mismatch, a few more router settings could prevent you from establishing a wireless connection with your LG TV over Wi-Fi. These include channel overlap, MAC address filtering, firewall settings, etc.

10. Physical damage to your LG TV.

Sometimes, the problem might not be software related but rather hardware-induced. Suppose your LG TV has somehow had its Wi-Fi antenna physically damaged. In that case, connecting to any wireless network (Wi-Fi) may prove difficult.

11. Auto-optimization settings on the router.

Some routers have an auto-optimize feature in the configuration settings. While optimizing your router makes for better performance, this may also make connecting your LG TV to the router challenging.

Notes: It’s essential to highlight that these are just a tiny percentage of the long list of possible reasons why your LG TV might have difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi. Different reasons may trigger this issue in various cases. Hence, you may need to try several solutions to identify the one that’s effective for your particular problem.


What Can I Do to Fix the LG TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi Issue? (9 Likely Solutions)

Fix the LG TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi Issue

Depending on the cause, several possible solutions can help resolve the issue of an LG TV not connecting to Wi-Fi.

Here are some of the most widespread and effective troubleshooting options:

1. Check your login credentials.

As discussed earlier, the most likely reason behind your LG TV not connecting to Wi-Fi is incorrect login credentials, i.e., your password might be wrong. It only makes sense, then, that your first step towards troubleshooting the issue would be to double-check that the login credentials you’ve entered into the TV are correct. If they’re not, the TV simply can’t establish a network connection to the Wi-Fi in question.

2. Check your internet connection.

Sometimes, the most basic tweaks turn out to be the most effective. When you notice your LG TV can’t connect to your Wi-Fi, you should confirm that your internet connection is turned on in the first place. After all, how can your LG TV connect to a Wi-Fi router without an established internet connection?

3. Update your firmware.

If your connectivity problem is due to your LG TV’s firmware being out of date, then you should verify if there are any updates available for your TV and install them if required.

Here’s how to go about this:

  • Using your TV remote, navigate to Settings.
  • Select All Settings.
  • Select Support.
  • Click on Software Update.
  • Click on Check for Software Updates.
  • Select Download and Install if there’s any update available.
  • Following a successful download, turn off the TV, and turn it back on after 10 seconds for update installation.

4. Update the time zone and date.

We’ve discovered that when your LG TV has the wrong time zone or date, it might affect your ability to connect to your Wi-Fi. However, this is an issue with a quick fix.

Here are the steps you need to edit the time zone and date of your LG TV:

  • Click on the Settings button on your remote.
  • Select the “All Settings” option.
  • Navigate to the icon labeled “General;” here, you should see the Time and Date option.
  • Adjust the Time and Date settings to their correct values, then exit the menu.
  • Afterward, try reconnecting your LG TV to the WiFi network again.

5. Move the router closer to the LG TV.

Unfortunately, your routers don’t have an infinite range. Hence, if your LG TV unit is too far from your router, it might severely affect the connection to the TV. So, place the router closer to your TV to improve the signal strength and establish a stronger connection.

6. Restart and factory reset the router and TV.

While this may seem cliche, it might do the trick for you. The first step is to power off your TV briefly and then power it back on. If the problem persists, turn off your router, and wait a few minutes before switching it back on.

If that doesn’t work, you should reset your LG TV and Wi-Fi router to factory settings. If you’re unsure how to proceed with this step, here’s how to reset your Wi-Fi router and a video on resetting your LG TV.

Remember that once you do this, you’ll have to set up your LG TV and Wi-Fi from scratch again, so think twice before trying this option.

7. Check for physical damage to your LG TV.

Check your LG TV unit to confirm it hasn’t sustained any physical damage, especially its Wi-Fi antenna. If there’s any reason to suspect the antenna is faulty, you should consider getting a replacement.

8. Turn off your LG TV’s Quick Start+ feature.

We mentioned earlier that the Quick Start feature could interfere with your LG TV’s connection to Wi-Fi. We suggest you entirely deactivate the Quick Start+ feature to avoid this issue. This would ensure that your Wi-Fi modules get loaded whenever you switch on your TV. Here’s a short tutorial to help you turn off this feature.

9. Check Wi-Fi cables.

Some older versions of the LG TV might display a “Wi-Fi Not Found” error anytime you try to connect them to your Wi-Fi. This error primarily emerges due to a manufacturer’s fault that plagued these models.

If your TV also has this problem, here are a few steps to help you resolve this:

  • Place your LG TV face-down on a flat surface. Be cautious while you’re at it to avoid causing any damage to your TV.
  • Remove the back cover of the TV entirely to reveal the flat silver cables connected to the Wi-Fi module located at the bottom.
  • Ensure these cables aren’t bent or folded. If they are, you must straighten them gently while ensuring that you don’t damage them.
  • Replace your LG TV’s back cover and try reconnecting your Wi-Fi.

Notes: For a more visual explanation of this process, here’s a YouTube tutorial that takes you through the necessary steps.

It’s vital to understand that these are just a few of the most common solutions to help resolve the issue of your LG TV not connecting to Wi-Fi. They may not all be effective for your particular situation. If none works, consider contacting your TV or router support and internet service provider.



To conclude, there are several reasons you might be having the issue of your LG TV not connecting to Wi-Fi. These include physical damage to your TV’s Wi-Fi antenna, an active Quick Start+ feature, moving the router too far from the TV, etc.

The great thing is that there are also several solutions to the problem. The troubleshooting ideas shared in this guide are straightforward and could range from simply entering the correct Wi-Fi login credentials to restarting your TV and router and disabling the Quick Start+ feature.

We encourage you to drop a comment if you have any questions.

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