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6 Steps To Fix A Massage Gun Battery That’s Not Charging

If there is one new spa tool that’s in demand, it’s the massage gun. Massage guns are special handheld devices that use high-speed vibrations to ease muscle tension and promote healing after a workout session. They’re so popular, they’re featured in almost every spa.

Like all devices, you might have started to notice issues. If your massage gun battery doesn’t power up when you plug it into a charge, you’re not alone. This is an issue that many people have. Let’s talk about how you can fix this.

How To Fix A Massage Gun Battery That’s Not Charging

Items needed:

  • A bent paperclip
  • A compatible charger
  • Manufacturer’s manual or information
  • Warranty, if available

Step-by-Step guide

If you notice that your massage gun’s battery life is not what it should be, it’s time to get to fixing things. Here’s what to do…

Step 1: Double-check your massage gun manual

Before you assume that your massage gun isn’t working the way it should, read the manual. Check the following things.

  • Battery life: A typical massage gun will have two to three hours of battery life. If you have been using your percussion gun at length, you might just need to just recharge it.
  • Charger information: You will be able to find out what type of charger you need.
  • Battery charging information: Batteries can take different times to charge. You may need as many as two hours to fully charge your battery.
  • Reset/restart guide: Strange as it may seem, you may be able to fix the problem by restarting or resetting your machine.
  • Warranty: If your item is under warranty, you may be able to get a battery replacement sooner rather than later.

Step 2: Check to see if you are charging your massage gun properly

Before you assume the battery is bad, make sure that you actually plugged it in, that every charging port is properly connected, and that the source of electricity is reliable. If it’s not, then you may want to plug everything in. It’ll make your battery charge in a jiffy.

Another thing you want to do is check your charging ports for dust and debris. Clean out any grit you see using a spray can of compressed air. This can help improve your charging connection and make your charger work better.

On a similar note, you shouldn’t be changing your battery for more than an hour in most cases. Massage gun batteries can actually wear out if you overcharge them, and overcharging them is easier than you think. Unplug your percussion massager as soon as you’re done charging it.

Make sure that the wall outlet that you’re using is actually functional. If you can charge your massage gun from another plug, then you have a bad outlet, not a bad massage gun. (That should cure some worries, right?)

Step 3: Check to see if your massage gun is charging at all

Before you assume that you have a faulty battery, it’s important to rule out a faulty charger. If you notice that you have a charging light turned on, then you can assume that your battery may be what’s struggling. Usually, that light is a red LED light, though some have a green light.

If you don’t see any indicator that your massage gun is charging, then it could be a bad battery or something else. This may be an indicator that your entire device is fried out.

Step 4: Feel your charger battery

Your massage gun battery might be a major part of your gun’s setup, but that doesn’t mean that it’s infallible. In fact, many third-party sellers tend to cut corners when it comes to battery builds. Poorly-made batteries can be prone to overheating.

When your battery overheats, most batteries will stop charging as a way to prevent a fire or explosion. There are several reasons this can happen, some of which are fixable:

  • Defects in the battery: If this is the case, then you may need to contact a warranty department to switch to a more functional massage gun. Cheaper models, on the other hand, may just need to be replaced.
  • Too much warmth nearby: If you left a bunch of massage heads nearby, or decided to charge your massage gun near a heater, stop. Remove the massage gun from that hot environment, transfer it to a cooler place, and try charging there.
  • Overuse: Your massage gun motor overheating could be what is causing your battery charging issues. If you have been using your massager extremely often give it a break.

PRO TIP – If you need to massage your glutes or hamstrings or feet, don’t panic. You can roll a ball or a textured soda bottle against your tense areas while you wait for your massager to charge or cool down.

Step 5: Reset your massage gun

Reset your massage gun

Though these doesn’t always work, some massage gun models will actually start charging again if you restart it. Your massage gun can often get restarted by using a bent paperclip to press a tiny button in a small hole labeled “RESET.”

If you don’t have a reset button, just try to turn the power button off, wait 15 seconds, then turn it back on again. There are several different ways to reset a massage gun, so read your guide or check out an article on it to see if there’s a specific method to use for your gun.

Some massage guns do not have a reset mode. If this is the case with your gun, simply unplug it and turn it off for 10 minutes. Then, plug it on to see if your massage gun’s problems have gone to the wayside.

Step 6: Consider calling customer service for help

If you have made sure your charger is properly plugged in, kept your charger in a cool area, given your charger time to rest, and tried to get a new charger, your massage gun could just be busted. Now would be a good time to ask for some help from customer service.

Take a look at your massage gun’s warranty card, or search for your massage gun’s brand online. Reach out to customer service and ask if they can troubleshoot the massage gun’s charging problem with you.

Once it becomes clear that your massage gun is broken, most customer service reps will ship out a replacement gun or give you replacement parts. If your gun is not in its warranty portion, then they may advise you to buy another.

It’s still worth asking for a replacement part if you are not under warranty anymore. In some cases, they may still send you stuff as a courtesy. At the very least, you can get a solid answer regarding your percussion gun’s viability.

Important Tips And Additional Advice

Important Tips And Additional Advice

Now that you have the basics on keeping your massage gun’s batteries charged, it’s time to help ensure everything goes smoothly. These tips and tricks can help:

  • A typical massage gun will have a warranty in place from one year post-purchase. If your gun is relatively new, you probably can get a replacement as long as you have a receipt or other type of proof of purchase.
  • Be succinct when calling customer service. If you notice a specific issue or “quirk” with your massage gun, then say so. This helps your customer service rep make the most of their time and figure out what is going on.
  • Storage matters when it comes to keeping your massager working well. If your massage gun came with a case, use it when you need to store it—and keep the case clean. Debris is a major contributor to bad connections and poor charging.
  • If you start noticing signs of overheating, then stop using your massager. You don’t want to have a motor seizing. This can happen if you overuse your massager or if you use it in an area that is unusually warm.
  • Wipe down your massage gun with a moist towel or antibacterial wipes to clean it off. Oil from your skin can turn that massager into an unsanitary thing that can cause breakouts. Cleaning it prevents your back or bottom from getting acne.
  • Keep watch over your cables. Your massage gun won’t be able to charge properly if the cables are frayed. In fact, you shouldn’t even use one if your massage gun’s cables are frayed. It could cause a fire or even electrocute you.
  • A typical massage gun should last at least two to three years with regular use. Brands that are noted for having high quality gear may last for as long as 10 years before they need to be replaced.

In Conclusion

Massage guns are great for relieving tension in everything from your shoulders to your feet, which is why doctors often suggest them. There is a lot of good to them, but only when they work.

If your massage gun isn’t working the way it should, check to see if it’s charging. If it’s not, it may be time to call a customer service line for quick troubleshoot.

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