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Petsafe Collar Not Working With New Battery (Reasons & Other Possible Issues)

If you have a pet, you want to keep them safe and well-behaved. You want to be able to let them out into the garden without having to worry that your dog’s barking will drive the neighbors mad or worse that your pet runs away.

Using a pet training device, such as a wireless collar from PetSafe, can help you train your pet and keep it safe. But what about when your collar stops working after replacing the battery?

In this article, we explore the reasons behind a PetSafe collar not working with a new battery. We also explore other issues you might experience with a PetSafe collar.

Types of Collars From PetSafe

There is not just one type of pet collar available from PetSafe. Instead, they offer different collars for different purposes.

  • Bark collars can teach your dog to bark less and come with fifteen static correction levels. As your dog learns, the level of static correction changes.
  • In-ground fence collars will train your pet to stay within your garden’s boundaries.
  • Pawz Away collars prevent property damage by keeping your pets away from, for example, furniture or shoes.
  • Remote training collars allow you to press a button to get your dog’s attention when you are not using a leash or the dog is further away from you.
  • Safety collars are an alternative to choke collars.
  • Wireless fence collars are compatible with many wireless containment systems on the market. It has several correction levels and helps your pet to learn the boundary zone of your property or the designated pet area.

How Do Wireless Collars Work

How Do Wireless Collars Work?

It is helpful to know the basics of how PetSafe wireless collars work. This will help you better understand the potential issues and how to fix them.

There are two components to wireless collars: the collar receiver and the remote transmitter. You can use the collars to reward good behavior and correct unwanted behaviors.

The transmitter sends a radio signal to the receiver. When the signal reaches the receiver, it activates the stimulation or correction. A correctly working collar should not deliver a correction above the tolerance level of any pet.

Should You Use a Training Collar?

Dog collars are widely used to train dogs. It is said that with correct tightness and with proper use, the collar, even at the highest level will not harm the dog and can affiliate training.

In the unlikely event that you notice signs of a rash or sores on your dog, discontinue the use of the receiver collar and consult a veterinarian. Ensure your dog is healthy and the collar working correctly before continuing with your training sessions.

Important Advice to The Buyer

Before you buy a wireless collar from PetSafe or any other digital device designed to assist with your dog training, check that usage of this product is in accordance with local laws.

For example, some places have banned the use of shock collars, including Sweden, Norway, Austria, Canada, and some states in Australia. In the United States, electronic dog collars are legal.

Why is The PetSafe Collar Not Working With a New Battery?

Why is The PetSafe Collar Not Working With a New Battery

If your PetSafe Collar hasn’t been working and you have replaced the battery with a new one, it can be frustrating when it still won’t work. When that happens, there may be different reasons than the battery for the collar not working.

Before you check for other issues, try another new battery in case the first one is faulty. It is rare for this to happen, but it is a possibility. Check the battery housing at the same time to ensure it is clean, and the battery connects properly.

If it still won’t work, you may have one of the following issues.

Damage to The Electronics

There are electronic parts inside the collar. If they become damaged, the collar will no longer work. The components might have been damaged, for example, if the collar was caught or knocked.

Even when you cannot notice any external damage to the device, there could be internal damage causing a partial break in the circuit. If you suspect damage to the electronics, contact the company. You may be able to replace or repair it under warranty.

Incorrect Configuration

Wireless collars from PetSafe need configuring before use. If you have inserted a replacement battery and the collar will not work, you may need to configure the device again. A faulty configuration can also cause random shocks, which are unpleasant for your pet and may cause behavior issues, so correct configuration is important.

Other Issues You Might experience

Other Issues You Might experience

Because the wireless collars are electronic devices, various issues may cause them to not work as expected.

1. The Collar Turns Off on Its Own

One of the common issues users have with wireless pet collars is that they turn off at random times. This is usually caused by battery problems, such as a worn-out battery. Even if you use rechargeable batteries, they have a limited lifespan.

However, if you already changed the battery, then the reason could be damage to the device or a configuration issue. Inspect it for damage and try reconfiguring it to see if the issue is solved.

2. Broken Transmitter Fuse

If you have a problem with the transmitter, it could be because of a broken fuse. You need to open the transmitter to check the fuse. Should you notice signs of burning on the fuses, contact PetSafe. If there is no visible damage, try resetting the system.

3. The Signal is Weak

If the signal between the transmitter and the collar around the dog’s neck is weak it may be because the battery is low. Try the collar with a new battery to see if the signal improves. If there is no change, then it may be that there are obstacles causing signal interference.

Large objects can cause harmful interference between the signal from the transmitter or the fence signal and the receiver on the pet’s neck. The easiest solution is to move the transmitter to a location where you notice the strongest signal. If you are using a wireless fence collar, also check that the underground wire is not damaged.

4. Random Shocks

As mentioned above, if the collar is giving your pet random shocks, it may be because of faulty configuration. It may also be caused by a battery malfunction or damage to the electrical contact points. Random shocks may cause your dog to suffer from excessive static and impair behavior.

5. Power Outlet Issues

Is your transmitter battery-operated or does it need to be connected to a power outlet? If the latter, then check that it hasn’t become disconnected from the power outlet.

6. A Beeping Transmitter

To reward and correct your dog, the receiver collar beeps, vibrates, and delivers static shocks. The transmitter should not beep if the system works properly. If the transmitter begins beeping, it may be a warning tone about an issue with the transmitter.

7. Red Flashes

If the receiver indicator light is flashing red, it is a sign that the battery is running low. When you see a red light on the low battery indicator, replace or recharge the battery to keep it running properly.

Note that rechargeable batteries will also need replacing at some point because they are designed to handle a certain number of charging cycles. You should charge them on a regular basis to avoid complete discharge as this can reduce the battery life.

How to Change The Battery in a PetSafe Collar?

You can easily remove the old battery using the test light tool before inserting the replacement battery. This video shows you how to remove the battery. The video is also useful for troubleshooting your wireless collar. Use the arrows to place the new battery correctly.

It is possible to use batteries that you can buy in supermarkets or online. However, the manufacturer recommends you replace the used battery with another replaceable PetSafe® battery (RFA 67).

How to Fit The Collar

Have your dog stand and ⁠position the probes at the center of the neck. Adjust the strap until snug and both probes touch the skin. Now push the strap through the fasten buckle and then through the slide buckle.

Testing Your Collar Using Test Light Tool

Start by pressing and releasing the power button on the collar to switch it on. Wait for the green light to blink two times. Now, hold the power button down until the light turns red and then blue. You can now release the button. The blue light indicates it is in test mode.

Hold the probes against the edge of the test light tool. ⁠It will test the different stimulation levels. After testing all the levels, the collar will automatically switch off.


There may be several reasons your wireless collar will not work. One of the main reasons is a faulty or worn-out battery. However, if you have replaced the battery and the collar still won’t work, you may need to contact the customer care center for additional information.

We hope this article has helped you solve the issue with your PetSafe collar. If you would like to ask us anything about the topic, you can write your questions in the comments section.

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