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Prius Car Battery Cost (Ultimate Guide)

Are you a Toyota Prius owner? Do you want to know how much a Toyota Prius battery costs?

Without a doubt, Toyota Prius remains the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly car in the market. Launched in 1997, this hybrid vehicle offers owners outstanding fuel efficiency and safety features.

Like most hybrid vehicles, the Prius uses a battery. However, the car’s battery life is not definitive. At some point, you will need to replace it. Therefore, it’s crucial to learn about Toyota Prius hybrid battery replacement costs beforehand.

Here, we will discuss everything about the Prius car battery cost. We will also highlight the warning signs to look out for when determining if your battery needs a replacement.

How Does a Toyota Prius Battery Work?

How Does a Toyota Prius Battery Work?
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Before we dive into the Toyota Prius battery cost, it’s crucial to understand how the hybrid battery works.

Hybrid vehicles, such as the Toyota C and Toyota V, use two energy forms to make driving possible. In this case, an electric battery drive system (hybrid car battery and electric motor) and the vehicle’s internal gas combustion engine. This setup gives the Prius amazing fuel economy and helps to reduce emissions.

The Prius hybrid battery features 28 nickel-metal hydride modules, each with six 1.2V cells. This rechargeable battery stores enough power required to kick-start the engine. Besides that, it supplies the vehicle with the electric power needed to run the stereo, headlight, air conditioning, etc.

Now, let’s look at how the Prius hybrid car battery works:

1. On Normal Acceleration

When you start your Prius, it will get power from the electric motor and hybrid battery. At 15MPH, it will depend on power from the electric motor alone.

Past 15MPH, your vehicle only uses power from the gas engine since it’s more efficient. The engine will still power the electric motor to produce energy, which gets stored in the hybrid battery for later use.

The battery will also charge when you step on the brakes when driving. Most Toyota hybrids come with a regenerative braking system. This clever system captures the energy released when brakes are applied and uses it to charge the battery.

2. On High Speed

During heavy acceleration on the highway, your Prius will draw power from the gas engine and electric motor to power the wheels. The car can combine the power from the two-energy system through power-split transmission.

3. When The Car Comes to A Stop

When the vehicle slows down, it automatically cuts power to the wheel. As such, it will not need power from the gas engine and electric motor. Instead, the spinning wheels will power the motor to generate electricity, which gets stored in the battery.

Toyota Prius Battery Replacement Cost

It’s a well-known fact that hybrid car batteries are not cheap, and the Prius hybrid battery is no exception.

The average cost of replacing a Prius hybrid battery ranges from $2,000 and $4,500. Even if you opt for a used battery, you might still spend about $1,500. Add this to installation costs, additional fees from the mechanic, and repair expenses, and you will be looking at a much higher bill.

Also, there are other factors that increase or decrease the cost of replacement, including:

  • The location where the replacement service occurs
  • Model of the Prius
  • Brand of battery or company offering the new battery from
  • State where replacement is offered

Will The Warranty Cover Cost to Replace the Battery?

Will The Warranty Cover Cost to Replace the Battery?
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The Toyota Prius battery comes with a warranty that covers battery replacement. For 2019 models, the warranty coverage is only valid for eight years or 100,000 miles. In states with California emission laws, the warranty can cover your battery for ten years or 150,000 miles.

But in early 2020, Toyota extended the battery warranty period. Now all new models get a coverage of ten years or 150,000 miles. If your Prius battery pack fails within the warranty period, you can visit your local Toyota dealership for a free replacement.

But if the battery dies after the vehicle’s warranty expires, you will need to cover the replacement cost out of pocket.

How To Save on Prius Battery Replacement Costs

We’ve already established that it’s expensive to buy and install new battery packs for Toyota Prius. However, there are a few ways you can offset this cost.

1. Get A Reconditioned Battery

Before thinking of replacement, check if you can get your failing battery reconditioned. Reconditioning restores lost battery capacity, improves the battery charging ability, and solves other issues.

If you have the proper equipment, expertise, and time, you can do the battery reconditioning yourself. But for the best result, get your battery reconditioned professionally. Usually, battery reconditioning costs range from $1,300 to $1,900.

Alternatively, you can purchase a reconditioned battery for around $800 on eBay.com or other reputable online sites.

2. Shop Around

When looking for new battery packs, opt for the first option you will get since it might not be the cheapest option. Shop around until you find a Prius hybrid battery pack that matches your budget. However, ensure it is from a reputable manufacturer.

3. Gather Estimates from Mechanics

Replacing a battery in a hybrid car is not as easy as swapping a battery in a traditional vehicle. One mistake during replacement can result in an electric shock, leading to severe injuries or death.

That explains why most technicians charge a lot for the service. Once you add the cost of the battery, your total cost will increase significantly.

But you can avoid the hefty replacement price by getting quotes from different shops. Select the repair shop that offers you the best deal.

4. Upgrade To a New Model

If you feel the battery replacement cost is too high, you can get a new Prius. This new car will last you for many years without developing any issues.

Signs and Symptoms That the Toyota Prius Battery Needs Replacement

Signs and Symptoms That the Toyota Prius Battery Needs Replacement
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As a Prius owner, it is crucial to identify the signs and symptoms of a failing or dying battery. The most common signs include:

1. Battery Losing Charge Faster

Like batteries in gas-powered vehicles, hybrid batteries lose their ability to hold a charge as they age. If your car’s battery losses charge prematurely, it’s time for a replacement. The same applies when the battery provides low power even when fully charged.

2. Lower Fuel Economy

Another sign is worsening fuel economy. Excellent fuel efficiency is one of the main reasons most people buy the Toyota Prius. But when the battery reaches the end of its lifespan, the vehicle loses this advantage. Without replacement, car fuel usage will get worse.

3. Difficulty Charging

Besides losing charge faster, a dying Prius battery will charge slowly and eventually stop charging. So, if your battery has difficulties charging, replace it as soon as possible.

4. Internal Combustion Engine Running More Frequently

Since the car receives low or no power from the compromised battery, the engine will work more frequently and harder than normal. You might also notice unusual noises when driving.

5. State of Charger

If you notice significant fluctuations in your battery’s State of Charge (SOC), it’s a symptom of a battery or charging system problem. Serious variations of the charge point to a bad battery.

It is quite normal to see these symptoms in an old Prius. However, if your Prius is just five years old or less and the battery pack is already failing, you need to get your vehicle diagnosed. Probably, other problems are contributing to the battery failure.

Is It Possible to Repair a Toyota Prius Battery?

Yes, you can repair a Prius hybrid battery. But if your vehicle is under warranty, it’s wise to consult a Toyota dealership for a replacement. There, you will get all the support you need at no cost. If you repair the battery, you risk voiding the warranty.

Additionally, most hybrid battery repairs are only temporary. After some time, you will end up dealing with the same problem, or worst, a dead battery.

Besides, if you don’t have the right tools and equipment, Prius battery repair can be dangerous. These batteries contain high voltage than a normal car battery. As such, if you touch the wrong component, you might get shocked and badly injured.

Can You Boost Toyota Prius Battery’s Life?

Sure, you can do a few things to extend your Prius battery life.

  • Check, clean, and get your hybrid battery pack cooling system certified annually
  • Clean blocked and dirty cabin filters at all times, and remember to get them serviced or replaced
  • Get your battery checked by a professional regularly

It’s hard to find time to maintain your Prius every day when juggling work and home tasks. But whenever you find time, please carry out one of these techniques. They will improve your car’s battery lifespan significantly. Also, don’t forget to maintain air circulation through the hybrid battery at all times.

Final Thoughts

You can spend between $2,000 to $2,700 for a new Prius car battery and $1,500 for a used one. When you factor in labor costs, repair and maintenance, and other additional mechanic fees, the total replacement costs can hit $5,000.

Clearly, Toyota’s hybrid battery replacement is not cheap. However, you only have to sacrifice this money once every six to ten years to enjoy several years of gas savings and tax incentives. If you ask us, the benefits outweigh the replacement cost.

But if you want to save on replacement costs, get a reconditioned battery and get estimates from different hybrid battery technicians or mechanics.

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