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9 Reasons Why Your Ring Doorbell Battery Charged but Not Working (Fixed!!!)

Do any of your Ring doorbells fail to work after a full charge? Such smart doorbells have unique features to safeguard your home.

But how will you secure your home if the doorbell camera battery can’t work? This issue is common to both battery-powered and hardwired doorbells.

You can use various easy ways, like resetting the device. But it is great to focus on why your Ring doorbell can have this problem. You’ll save it from failing to work even with a full charge in the future.

So, in this article, you should expect to know why is your Ring battery charged but not working. You’ll also learn about the best fixes for this problem.

Why Your Ring Battery is Charged but Not Working

Here is why your Ring doorbell won’t function even when the battery is full. Some causes come from how you always use the Ring doorbell.

1. Bad or Old Battery

Before looking at other tips, be keen on your battery age. If you keep and use the battery well, it should last for at least six months.

Remember, a weak battery creates problems with the Ring doorbell. You may have used the wrong charging method or cable to charge the battery.

Such actions weaken the battery’s capacity. The Ring device will have issues with a weak or dead battery.

2. Low Voltage from Transformer

If you have the Ring doorbell 2, 3, or Peephole Cam, you can change their power source to be from the transformer. You can use it to charge the battery.

But if you charge using a poor voltage, the battery will get a full charge but drain fast. Any voltage lower than 16V can weaken the battery, even with 100% charge.

3. Cold Temperatures

Since these batteries are Li-Ion, they’ll not do well in cold temperatures. This problem will occur during the winter.

Such a state can make the device freeze or drain your battery fast. Also, the device’s software can direct the battery to go off.

The move protects the battery from any damage. Remember, your device will also be off once power isn’t available.

4. High Heat Levels

Besides prompting your device to shut off, hot temperatures kill the battery. It will be worse if the battery is full charge.

Most functions won’t work on your Ring doorbell without a stable battery. Though warm temperatures are great for this device, levels of over 120F make the device to lag.

5. Many Settings

Some of the device’s problems come from having many settings. Every Ring doorbell device has unique settings to keep your door secure.

Settings like motion sensitivity and live recording make the device act more like CCTV cameras. But the more you use it, the more your battery loses power.

Using them every time weakens the battery. Even after you charge it, these features can make your device not do well.

6. Poor Wiring

Your device’s wires should never be in a poor or wrong connection. It can make the Ring doorbell lose power fast or fail to work.

Remember, the wiring will vary with the Ring device and power source. The transformer might have wiring issues if it doesn’t use a battery.

A Ring doorbell using a battery can have issues with wiring and screws. The device won’t receive or send any data.

7. A Weak Wi-Fi

Any weak signal becomes much stress on your device. So, even at full charge, the battery can power up the device for a short time and die. It’s because the device will be searching for the best signal every second.

Also, the battery can remain excellent, but it won’t work with poor Wi-Fi. There’s less data transmission with no connection.

8. Fault in the Doorbell

The problem might be with the Ring doorbell itself. Some parts of the device might be having some issues. Thus, it won’t work.

Various problems make your doorbell not ring or fail to connect to the Wi-Fi. They can come from the company’s side. Also, you can make the device not work by short-circuiting it after poor wiring.

9. Many Linked Devices

Ring devices have a fantastic feature called linked devices. All your connected ring tools will record the video when one senses a motion.

It’s great to help you record most or all criminal activities around your place. But it affects your battery-powered Ring.

The device will work for some time, and the full charge will drain. So, the device will go off unless you charge it again.

Best Solutions for a Ring Battery that is Charged but Not Working

It is easy to make your ring doorbell work after having this problem. So, the following are the best fixes to help your ring work even after a full charge.

1. Reset the Doorbell

When you restart any electrical device, it fixes any errors on it. The same should apply to your Ring doorbell if it’s not working.

Let the device rest for two to three minutes after the reset. If you want to reset the Ring doorbell, please look at these easy steps.

  • Remove the doorbell from the system.
  • On the Ring app, go to the menu and choose your device.
  • Select device health and change the Wi-Fi network.
  • Hold the orange button on your doorbell for at least 10 seconds and release it.
  • The reset is complete.
  • Reconnect it to your Wi-Fi and set it up again by holding down the orange button.

2. Check Your Wi-Fi

Everything, including the battery, can be great, except the Wi-Fi. Check that the Wi-Fi connection is vital to sending data to the Ring app.

You can check the Wi-Fi signal by choosing the device with issues from the app. In the health section, the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) will tell you the signal.

Below is a table of the Wi-Fi RSSI ranges. It will let you know if the Wi-Fi is weak or not.

RSSI Range Signal
0 to -40 Excellent
-41 to -65 Average
-66 to -90 Too weak

The Ring doorbell will fail or drain the battery if it is weak. Invest in a better Wi-Fi extension or get the device closer to the router.

3. Disconnect and reconnect the doorbell with the app

Your Ring doorbell may fail to work because of a poor connection with the app. So, making the device reconnect with the software will help.

On the Ring app, go to the general settings and select “Remove device.” Reconnect the machine, and it will work without harming your battery.

4. Replace the Battery

If the battery is full and not working, as with any other electrical device, consider buying a new one. The battery might be old or dead because of a short circuit.

Get a battery from the Ring Company itself. It saves you the trouble of landing on dupes in the market. Fixing a new battery is easy on the doorbell or camera.

5. Place it at the proper Temperature

Ensure you place your Ring at optimal heat levels for them to work. Your battery will hold a charge for a long time in this state. Also, it will have more life.

So, during winter or when the weather is below 36 F, keep charging it even when it has a full charge. But when the weather keeps freezing, get a smaller bell that works in cold weather.

6. Take the Battery Out and Place It Again

Sometimes, giving the Ring device a refresh makes it work again. It is one of the best tricks when your device isn’t working yet the battery is full.

If the device is on, switch it off before removing the battery. The move prevents any harm to the device’s system.

After that, remove the screws from the battery cover. Push the silver part and remove your battery.

When placing the battery again, it will click. Start it and test it out in the app to show that the battery has a full charge and is working.

7. Hardwire the Doorbell

If your ring device uses battery power, consider hardwiring it. The problem might be from your battery draining fast. Such a trick allows your Ring doorbell or camera to use energy from the transformer.

Remember, keep your Ring doorbell or camera at the proper voltage during installation. High voltage will cause the device to blow the transformer.

Each doorbell should have a varied voltage. If you have a Ring video doorbell 2, 3, 3 Plus, or Peephole Cam, you’ll need an adapter to connect.

After a successful connection, the LED lights will be on. It should then work fine after a proper power flow.

8. Reduce Motion Sensitivity

How you allow your device to sense any movements affects how it performs. The charge might be available, but motions drain the battery fast.

Using your app, change the rate at which the doorbell senses motions. It allows your battery to work for many hours. If it doesn’t help, please consider other tricks to make the device work.

9. Maintain the Wires

Proper wires boost your device’s ability to function well. To avoid short circuits, make sure every screw holding the wire is tight.

Overtightening the screws weakens the connections. It also causes the battery life to be poor.

Clean every part of the wires to remove any dirt. Such a trick allows for a smooth power flow from the battery to the device.

Use the correct items, like a cotton swab and alcohol. You’ll prevent further damage to your doorbell.

If you have the skills, try changing the wires to their contacts. It can allow proper power flow and make the device work.

10. Replace the Transformer

The doorbell can fail because it isn’t powerful enough for your battery. Getting a new one with enough wires can make the device work well again.

If you have the skills, check to see if it needs a replacement and do it yourself. But if you aren’t sure, hire an electrician to handle it for you. It is for your safety and that of your doorbell.

11. Have Motion Schedule

Through such a trick, your device will have fewer activities to record. You can set it to detect motion at particular times through the device settings.

When you don’t need the feature, please turn it off. It gives less stress to your battery, even at 100%. Also, the device will work fast without too many delays.

12. Call the Ring Customer Care

The Ring doorbell company has a welcoming customer care team. Reach out to them if all the above tricks don’t solve your problem.

It will be excellent if your device is still under warranty. Ring Company will give you a deep analysis of the device and solve the issue.

Even if the device isn’t under warranty, this care will help you. But you’ll have to part with a small fee. Please get in touch with the team during working hours to avoid disappointments.


How you handle your Ring battery affects how much the device can perform. Sometimes, when you charge the doorbell, it fails to work because the battery is dead. So, you’ll have to replace it.

Taking out the battery and placing it again can solve the problem. The trick refreshes your battery and whole device to start working well again.

Other tips in this post will help your Ring doorbell perform. But if all of them fail you, which is rare, contact Ring’s customer care.

So, what’s the best experience you have ever had using the Ring doorbells? Please tell us because we value your feedback.

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