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How Long Does a Tesla Battery Last? (Tricks to Improve)

Do you ever think of getting a new Tesla but wonder how long its battery will last? Buying any Tesla model is one of the best choices. The company makes car batteries that tend to outlast the car’s life span.

Their batteries have the best short-term capacity and long-term life. Also, you can use fantastic ways to make your battery serve you for a long time.

Most tricks, like having a charging routine, are easy to apply. They’ll help your battery and car perform well without stress.

So, this article will dwell on factors determining a Tesla battery’s range and the tips to improve your Tesla battery range. But before that, let’s understand how long a Tesla battery lasts.

The Time a Tesla Battery Can Last

Your Tesla’s battery range varies with your car, battery model, and driving style. When in excellent condition, expect most Tesla batteries to last for at least 300 miles before they run low.

The least model can take you around 260 miles per charge on the lower side. These cars are like the Tesla Model 3.

You’ll smile if you get the high-end versions, like the Tesla Model S. This car allows you to drive for around 375 miles before asking for a boost.

According to a study of 286 Tesla car owners, these fantastic vehicles lose around 5% of their power every 50,000 miles. Also, Tesla cars can exceed 150,000 miles before losing 10% of their starting battery life. So, for its life, expect the battery to last for at least 300,000 to 500,000 miles.

Remember, these numbers apply if you use the car for moderate driving. It won’t give your battery much of a burden, thus allowing it to keep power for a long time.

How long do Tesla batteries last? Ranges by car model

5 Actions That Reduce Tesla’s Battery Life

Tesla's Battery Life

Most Tesla owners ask themselves, what makes their car’s battery drain so fast? It can happen when you are in the middle of nowhere or when you are late for a meeting in the morning. Below are the five most common acts that suck power from your Tesla battery.

1. Extreme Temperatures

More heat around your Tesla battery makes it lose power fast. Besides, it reduces its lifespan faster.

Also, cold temperatures make the battery drain fast. Sometimes, it can cause lead sulfate crystals to form on the battery’s surface. Such an act will happen if you leave the car in a cold place for a long time.

2. Overcharging and Trickle Charging.

At some point, you must have let your phone charge to 100% during sleep. Yes, it feels great, but it will damage your battery if you make it a habit.

The same applies to Tesla cars. No one feels safe when they sleep while their Tesla car is at zero charge.

This act is trickle charging. It makes your battery have a lot of heat. Such conditions reduce your battery’s life span and make it lose power fast.

3. Poor Charging System

Though it’s rare, your Tesla model can have a problem with its charging system. It affects the car’s alternator.

Remember, the alternator powers your Tesla’s lights, screen, and radio. But if it has problems like loose belts, it will allow the system to take in more power. So, the battery will reduce its range.

4. Many Short Drives

Taking more short-distance drives will reduce your Tesla’s battery capacity. When you start your car, expect the engine to consume the most power. Now, if it happens after every short moment, the car battery will need a recharge close to every hour after you start your car.

Short drives aren’t harmful to any vehicle. But limit them to maintain the battery range for many years.

5. Bad Care of Your Tesla

Sometimes, you might return home after a tough day, and you leave your Tesla’s lights are on. It’s a mistake that you might have made once in a while.

You should know that if you make it a norm, it will kill your battery. So, before you close the door behind your sweet Tesla, ensure no car system is running.

Tips to Improve Your Tesla Battery

Tesla makes their batteries in such a way that they’ll need little care. But here are the seven golden tips to get the best out of your Tesla battery. These tricks will make them last a long time.

1. Use the Energy App

Since Tesla make smart cars, you can use their unique energy app to keep the battery safe. This software is on every Tesla’s touchscreen.

As you drive your new Tesla, the app records your driving pattern. It will use this data to show you the time you can use your car on your trips before the battery gets low.

Also, through this data, the app will show your charging needs for any trip. You can get the app by opening the touchscreen and tapping on the energy icon.

2. Charge the Battery with Care

How and when you power up your battery affects its quality and range. It’s safe to partial-charge the asset from 20% to 90%. This action keeps it under proper temperatures and ensures its best performance.

Charging it to 100% isn’t the best mode for most Tesla cars. Do the full charge once every three months.

Pros call it battery balancing. It helps keep the best battery capacity for many years.

But do it when you want to drive the car for many hours. Some Tesla models allow you to fast-charge for 15 minutes to get a 200-mile drive.

Remember, your charging plan varies with the type of Tesla you have. Below is the charge limit for various Tesla cars.

  • Rear-Wheel Drives

As for cars with the rear-wheel drive, if the battery shows “50% and 100%,” your charge limit should be 100%.

Do the full charge almost every time. It helps keep the battery safe. Even when you have parked your Tesla for more than a week, charge it to 100% to get the best range.

If your rear-wheel Tesla battery shows “daily trips,” the total charge limit should be 90%. It means your battery is the best fit for everyday use.

  • Four-Wheel Drive

Keep your charge limit at 90% every day using the Tesla mobile app or the touchscreen. Here, the battery will give the best performance. Get it 100% only on when going on a long road trip.

3. Keep Your Car in the Proper Environs

When in low temperatures, your battery’s range will reduce. The battery will need more power to keep the car at the best temperature.

Also, the battery drains fast when you keep your car in cold places. During cold weather, Tesla advises drivers to keep the car plugged. Your battery will get some warmth.

But if your battery gets to temperatures above 85F, it loses more power. It’s called the “Vampire Drain,” where the battery can lose around 2 to 3% charge per day. Avoid this issue by parking your car out of the direct sun.

4. Reduce the Aero drag

If your Tesla can cut through the air with ease, the battery will have less burden. It’s why cars like Sedans use less fuel than tall trucks.

Ensure you remove the roof and cycle racks when you don’t use them. Though it needs more effort, it will be a win for your Tesla battery.

5. Have a Proper Charging Routine

Tesla urges their users to have a timetable to charge their cars every day. It should happen using a low-voltage charger.

High-power chargers are great, but only for emergencies. Otherwise, they’ll kill your battery fast.

These Li-ion batteries need you to have proper discipline while charging. Though the routine won’t increase its capacity, it will maintain it.

Also, low-voltage chargers put less stress and heat on your Tesla batteries. You’ll avoid many battery recharge warnings or replacement worries.

6. Use Regenerative Braking

This braking is a way to make your car recover its power as it slows down. It happens when your battery turns the kinetic energy to a form it can store or use later.

Once it happens, your battery will save more power and stress less. Make it your “Standard Setting” on your Tesla today and watch your battery serve you for a long time.

7. Accelerate Less

Pushing the metal to the pedal in Tesla cars isn’t that crucial. Though it’s fun and tempting, doing it drains more battery power.

Also, the battery’s range will reduce, and tires will wear out fast. So, only accelerate when necessary if you want to keep your battery strong for a long time.

More Tricks to Improve Your Tesla Car Battery

The above tips will boost your battery’s range by a greater mile. Here are a few minor tricks to increase your Tesla battery range.

  1. Keep your vehicle’s tire pressure in check.
  2. Remove more weight in the car. The loads shouldn’t surpass the total weight your Tesla can carry. Your car will use less power to move around.
  3. Charge your battery every 2 to 3 days. It keeps the range healthy and ready for any trip.


The hours and years your Tesla battery can last vary with the model, your driving culture, and your battery type. Before buying any Tesla car, drivers focus more on the battery life.

Most Tesla batteries have a range of between 300,000 miles to 500,000 miles. It can even get better if you handle the battery well.

The tips in this article will boost your battery’s life. Your vehicle will perform better. Also, you’ll save more on battery maintenance and repair costs.

So, do you think Tesla cars are the best versions of electric vehicles? Why do you think so? We’d love to hear from you.

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