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Theragun Battery Not Charging (10 Common Reasons & Expert Tips)

Therabody is one of the leading brands in deep muscle treatment and muscle activation. Their device, the Theragun, is a particular favorite for any gym goer or even someone in need of relaxation.

But like all great therapy devices, continued use may see your Theragun fail to charge. Over time, it may lose its ability altogether, leading to a costly replacement or repair job on your hands.

And just when you need your massage tool the most, if you turn it on and it fails to perform, you’ll no doubt be worse for wear. But there is hope to help solve your device’s issues.

This article will explore ten of the most common reasons for your Theragun battery not charging as it should. We’ll also highlight the best ways of protecting your Theragun, and extending the battery’s quality of life.

Ten common reasons your Theragun battery is not charging

Ten common reasons your Theragun battery is not charging
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1. Loose battery placement

The first step to diagnosing a charging issue is ensuring that the battery is correctly connected to your Theragun. Align the battery into the slot on the underside of the Theragun, with the flat side facing the release button.

Also, check the battery life on the side of the OLED screen when you turn your device on. This will tell you whether the battery is registering with your device.

2. Misaligned battery charging

An easy step to diagnosing a common battery problem is examining its connection to the charger. If using a cable charger, ensure the wire is not frayed, ripped, or compromised.

If using a wireless charger, ensure no dirt, debris, or moisture causes a bad connection between your Theragun and its charger. Wipe the surfaces clean with a dry cloth.

Additionally, check the status of the battery as it is charging. Your Theragun will flash when the charging has been completed.

3. Overcharging

Your Theragun can become fully charged over 8 hours. After this, it can hold its charge for several days and efficiently provide all the necessary pressure. But leaving your massager in for too long and too often can deplete the battery’s capacity to hold its charge. If your Theragun is charging but becomes depleted quicker than expected, bad charging habits may have degraded it.

4. Turn off the power button before ejecting the battery

Like any electronic device, a sudden ejection of a power source can cause considerable consequences to both charging effectiveness and its ability to hold a said charge. Whenever you want to take the battery out for inspection, ensure that your Theragun is powered off.

5. Avoid unsuitable chargers

Only use official chargers of high quality for your Theragun. Avoid unofficial chargers like supply plugs, cigarette lighter chargers, and cheaply made USB connectors. If you use something incompatible, it can degrade the battery and cause personal injury to you.

6. Handle with care

Despite the power and force your Theragun can send to you, handle your device with care. That means when it is charging, never pull the plug forcefully out. Never carry it by the cord or stretch any component beyond its standard length.

Keep your massager away from heated surfaces, as high temperatures can cause battery leakage and chemicals to emanate. The best temperature to charge at is between 32°F and 104°F. Any higher, like during a heat wave or in direct sunlight, can cause adverse effects on your charging.

Furthermore, avoid areas of high humidity and wet surfaces, which can equally fry the internal electrics of the battery.

Regularly maintain and clean your device
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7. Regularly maintain and clean your device

As well as blocking charger connections, a build-up of dirt, dust, and debris within your Theragun’s vents can reduce airflow. This, in turn, can lead to excessive heating, resulting in battery degradation. Over time, your device will lose charge quicker and become a hazard to handle.

8. Avoid metal surfaces in particular

Batteries and metal together are a recipe for disaster, namely a short circuit. A short circuit can develop when metal connects between positive and negative contacts. This can lead to battery degradation and complete and utter power failure.

If your Theragun is not charging and recently came in contact with a metallic surface, perhaps you’ve shorted its internal structure.

9. Bad repair job

Many battery problems stem from bad repairs. If you recently disassembled and reassembled your Theragun, you may have inadvertently harmed its ability to hold a charge. Not only that, but you may also have voided your warranty period.

If you need repairs, contact the official channels at info@theragun.com for advice on how to best fix your problems. Be careful, though, as unauthorized repairs may void your warranty.

Also, avoid installing any unofficial modifications to your Theragun. You might use defective materials that cause the device to malfunction and lose its charge.

10. Charger care

Like any charger, you should remove it when it is not in use. This prevents it from overheating and prevents unnecessary damage like stepping on, pulling, or water falling on top of it. Like any spare battery, store your charger in a cool, dry, and safe place to preserve its effectiveness. Keep the cable away from sharp edges too.

The best way to charge your Theragun

In the same way, that misuse and bad charging habits hurt your Theragun, practicing positive habits can improve lifespan and runtime. This, in turn, will ensure you can use the device for years to come.

Some charging tips you can easily practice include:

  • Correct connections: Always connect your charger to the end of the battery compartment. Ensure that the charger isn’t pulling on the device or being strained.
  • Turn off: Ensure your Theragun is turned off before charging it. Being powered on can affect how well and how quickly it gathers energy.
  • Grip: Do not apply too much pressure to the handle when using the gun.
  • Check progress: The LED screen of your Theragun should indicate that the battery is charging. It will begin to flash when it has finished.
  • Change chargers: Depending on your model, you may change your charger to a different technology. A convenient wireless charging stand can get rid of the hassle of wires.
  • Never overcharge: When your Theragun has reached full charge, disconnect it promptly. Regular overcharging can deplete the capacity of the battery.
  • Temperature: Devices charge best at room temperature. Avoid leaving your device charging in warm rooms or direct sunlight.

How long does a battery take to charge? And how long does it last?

The battery of a massage gun like the Theragun should last between two to three hours from a full charge. That said, you should never use this device on your body for that long – short bursts of 2 minutes per muscle group are ideal.

Signs your battery may be failing

Signs your battery may be failing
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If your device takes longer than three hours to charge, this points to your battery gradually beginning to fail. Additionally, you should toggle the features of your Theragun to see if it performs to the best of its

This includes toggling the speed buttons. Your device should have three different settings and change its pressure depending on which one is selected.

Final Tips:

  • As well as checking your battery and device, pay close attention to your power adaptor. Sometimes a problem in the socket or power adapter is the culprit.
  • Be careful of misusing or damaging cables, especially using wires as chargers. Frayed wires will not provide any power and may become a fire hazard.
  • When attaching accessories to the tip of the rotating arm, be careful not to apply too much pressure. Ensure the connection is secure before powering on.
  • Expect normal wear and tear over the years. At some point, your device may have run its course.
  • If you feel your Theragun and charger are beyond repair, you should check the warranty with your retailer immediately to see if you qualify for a replacement.
  • Insurance for future device repairs
  • Certain types of gadget insurance may provide coverage for future device repairs.
  • If your problems persist, you should contact the customer care team at info@theragun.com, describing your problem in as much detail as possible, including your product’s serial number. They may be in a position to send replacement parts.


The Theragun is a leading device in releasing pent-up stress, strain, and muscle tension. A quick session can undo any harm your exercise or daily life may cause you.

But when it fails to work, this can be a stress in and of itself. And no doubt, given the high price point of the Theragun, you’ll want answers to its problem.

This article shares the ten most common reasons your battery may not be charging. Some of them are easy to rectify and will not cause long-term damage to your battery’s integrity. Others, sadly, may indicate a replacement or professional repair is in order.

Please post below if you still have questions about your Theragun battery not charging or have useful tips to share with other users.

But if in doubt, always remember:

  • A broken charger is one of the most common problems with a Theragun not charging. Check its condition to eliminate problems with the actual device.
  • Keep your charger in a cool, dry place away from hazards to maintain it.
  • Never eject the battery from your device while it is powered on.
  • If your Theragun was purchased recently, return it to your place of purchase with your order number for a refund. If after a year, contact the manufacturer directly.

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