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Toyota Highlander Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost (Influencing Factors & Extended Tips)

Purchasing a hybrid vehicle is an excellent way to save fuel costs as they provide the best miles per gallon rating (mpg). Unfortunately, like any other storage cell, a hybrid battery pack dies out over time, requiring battery replacement.

Here’s what you need to know about your Toyota Highlander battery replacement cost and related information that’ll come in handy when making a purchase.

Toyota Highlander Battery Cost

A hybrid car battery needs to be replaced when it’s not providing enough mileage or fails to provide the electric motor enough power to drive the vehicle. While the average cost of the Toyota highlander hybrid battery ranges between $5000 to $7000, several factors need to be considered, as they can influence the cost of the new battery.

However, different manufacturing costs affect the final price of the battery. These considerations include:

  • Will the battery be replaced by a certified professional, or will you purchase it and install it on your own?
  • The battery brand used in your specific Toyota Highlander model.
  • The engine size of your highlander.
  • Battery size required.
  • Different materials are used in battery making.
  • The amperage of the battery

If your battery is under warranty, it’s easier to claim it and get a free replacement. Manufacturers also offer a longer warranty for some extra charges.

Understanding Hybrid Batteries

Understanding Hybrid Batteries
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1. How Is A Hybrid Battery Different?

Besides having a conventional battery to run the car’s electronics, the hybrid car runs on the hybrid battery until it’s all used up and then switches automatically to the internal combustion engine to replenish the battery.

Unlike the conventional lead acid battery, the hybrid battery is designed to instantly discharge and recharge without affecting anything.

2. Different Battery Voltages

Unlike conventional 12-volt batteries, car manufacturers often use varying hybrid battery sizes, brands, and amperages. This is done because each vehicle uses a different type of electric motor powering the vehicle’s engine. For example, Toyota Avalon Hybrid requires a 118 hp lithium-ion battery pack providing a nominal voltage of 259 volts.

In contrast, the Toyota Prius hybrid compatible battery pack uses a nickel-metal hydride module producing a nominal voltage of 201.6 volts. An inverter is connected to the battery that nearly doubles the voltage output.

The vast range of Toyota hybrids, including the Prius Prime, Toyota Camry hybrid, Toyota Prius C, and the Toyota Prius V, all use lithium-ion batteries with varying voltages and battery capacity.

How To Know Your Car Needs A Battery Replacement

Like the standard car battery, a dead hybrid battery requires replacement. Here are some visible symptoms indicating you need to switch your electric battery to a new one.

  • Fluid leaks occur when batteries are used over long periods, resulting in corrosion, a telltale sign your battery needs replacing.
  • Battery fluid levels drop low, leading to malfunction.
  • The check engine light turns on, indicating when the battery is not working correctly.
  • There’s a delayed engine crank when you turn the ignition on.

Tips To Prolong The Battery Life Of Hybrid Batteries

Tips To Prolong The Battery Life Of Hybrid Batteries
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  • Testing the battery to ensure optimum performance.
  • Vibrations produced while driving affect the battery’s compartments and can loosen the connections. Fastening the battery in place prevents wear and damage.
  • Keep your vehicle parked indoors in extreme weather conditions.
  • Cleaning the terminals with a wire brush.
  • Don’t leave the vehicle unused for a long period of time. Instead, rev the engine every few days or drive a few miles to keep the battery in optimum health.
  • It’s easy to prevent corrosion by regular cleaning and maintenance of your battery. This practice extends the battery life.


1. What To Consider When Purchasing A Hybrid Battery?

When purchasing a hybrid battery for your Toyota Highlander, the battery size, the voltage required to power the electric motor, and the brand used in your vehicle model should always be considered. It’s always best to review the user manual or contact the vehicle manufacturer to know which hybrid battery your car is compatible with.

The design, performance, and internal components are improved with the launch of new car models. Therefore, allowing the installation of your hybrid battery is wise, as they have the expertise and knowledge to replace these batteries.

2. How Long Does Toyota Highlander Hybrid Battery Last?

How Long Does Toyota Highlander Hybrid Battery Last?
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Most Toyota hybrid batteries have an average lifespan of three to five years. However, factors like extreme temperatures, battery size, weather conditions, and driving habits influence how long these high-voltage batteries will last.

How effectively the battery is charged is another critical factor influencing the hybrid battery’s life expectancy. Even if your battery isn’t dead, it doesn’t mean it’s working correctly. Therefore, getting your battery checked by a certified professional or the manufacturer’s service center is crucial.

These professionals ensure the battery is in good condition, the cables are in place, the connectors are working fine, and there’s no sign of corrosion.

3. Is It Possible To Repair A Dead Battery?

Yes, it’s possible to repair your hybrid battery, but it’s not advisable to carry out the process by yourself as the assembly contains high-voltage electricity that can injure you. Furthermore, special tools are required to disconnect the battery safely from the electric generator.

The repairs should only be done by a professional with the proper skill set. It’s not guaranteed that the repair will make the battery work as new and have a short life.


No matter how well you maintain your hybrid battery, at some point, the battery will die out and require a replacement. It can either be after five to seven years of battery use or when the vehicle is driven more than 250,000 Kilometers.

The cost of replacing a hybrid battery varies with each make and model. Therefore, dedicate some time to research and find out the exact model of your vehicle, the type of hybrid battery, and its size so you know you’re making the right choice.

Don’t worry if you still need help figuring out what battery to choose, and contact your manufacturer for the exact information regarding your battery and its replacement costs.

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