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VW Battery Replacement Cost (A Full Guide)

When was the last time you replaced your VW car battery? Did you ever wonder what the actual costs were? Or did you just assume that it would be expensive?

We all know how important having genuine batteries that meet the precise power requirement and electronic demands of a VW model car is, but we also know that sometimes they can go wrong. And when this happens, it’s not always easy to find out exactly how much it will cost to replace them.

If you need to replace a VW car battery, here’s what you should know before you head to the local auto shop.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace VW Battery?

On average, a VW car battery replacement costs between $75 and $200. However, these prices vary depending on what type you’re getting. For example, AGM starter batteries are more expensive than Lead calcium starter batteries.

Also, where your VW battery is replaced can affect the cost. While you can buy a VW replacement battery from Walmart for as little as $55 and install it yourself, finding a trusted Volkswagen partner for a genuine VW battery replacement is usually best.

Depending on where the battery is in the car and how long it takes, mechanic labor can charge $30 to $150 to install a VW battery.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace VW Battery?
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When Should a VW Battery be Replaced?

According to Volkswagen, the genuine VW battery comes with a 24-month warranty and can last up to three to four years before needing to be replaced.

However, factors such as your driving habits, climate and location, and the type of battery in your car can influence how soon you need to replace your battery.

As a result, experts advise changing your VW battery at least every three years to avoid a major breakdown or damage to other parts of the vehicle.

Refer to your owner’s manual or visit a Volkswagen partner for a specific inspection and specifications on the replacement of your car battery. For example, how you replace a Volkswagen Jetta is quite different from the VW Touareg.

How to Know If Your Car Battery Needs a Replacement?

To keep your vehicle running smoothly, keep an eye on the battery for any signs of malfunctioning or have it tested by the mechanic regularly.

Here are common signs that your VW battery needs replacement;

1. Engine Cranks Over Slowly

If you notice a bit of sluggishness in your car engine while turning over, your battery has lost its capacity, and it’s probably time for a new battery. In addition, the sluggishness could lead to a loss of power and eventually cause the engine to stall.

How to Know If Your Car Battery Needs a Replacement?
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2. The Battery is Old

Your Volkswagen battery may be getting older than you realize. The average car battery lasts only three years. So when you start noticing your battery looking worn out with corrosion around the terminals, this means that the battery is losing its ability to hold a charge, which could lead to a complete failure of the battery.

3. Your Car Needs a Jump Start

If your car requires more frequent engine revving or jump starts, it is time to replace the battery. Even if the battery is fairly new, it is likely that it is defective or has been damaged by other environmental factors.

4. Dimming Headlights

The dimming of your headlights is another sign that your battery is failing. This happens because the battery’s voltage and electrical power drop below what is needed to light the bulbs. In this case, try to use a charging device to recharge your battery, but if the problem persists, you should consider a replacement.

5. Battery Wear and Tear

Batteries get old and become less efficient due to normal wear and tear. If you notice obvious changes in the battery’s external features, such as a swollen battery or corrosion on the battery terminals, replace your VW battery immediately.

How to Replace a VW Battery
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How to Replace a VW Battery

You can replace your VW battery yourself. After all, it only requires removing an old battery and putting in a new one.

However, it is safer to consult a Volkswagen dealer for any repairs or replacements on your Volkswagen vehicle. This way, you get to use the best VW parts while preventing further damage to your vehicle.

But, If you must install your VW battery by yourself to save money, here are the steps to take:

  1. Get your tools ready, including a new battery, a terminal or battery posts cleaner tool, and safety glasses.
  2. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the proper size and location of the battery.
  3. Put on your safety glasses and open the hood to find the battery compartment.
  4. Locate the negative battery terminal and loosen the bolt that secures the cable. (Do not remove the bolt yet.) Then do the same thing to the positive cable and terminal.
  5. Pull your battery out of its compartment carefully, then clean the terminal clamps with the post cleaner.
  6. Place the new battery into the tray, connect the positive terminal before the negative terminal and tighten the bolts to complete the installation.
  7. Close the hood and start your car. Your new VW battery should start to work immediately.

If you drive an electric vehicle like the VW Touareg, then your car battery should be under the driver’s seat. Watch this video below.


Having your car stop in the middle of the road or on a workday morning can be frustrating. But with the information you now have, you know when to replace your VW battery and how much it will cost.

Whenever you are ready to replace your VW battery, these points are important to remember;

  • The cost of replacing a VW battery ranges between $75 and $300, depending on the type of battery, the location of replacement, and the mechanic.
  • If properly maintained, a VW battery can last for four years.
  • Driving habits, climate and location, and battery type influence how long it takes to change your car battery.
  • To get a genuine Volkswagen battery replacement in your vehicle, contact a Volkswagen partner.

I hope this information was helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts and further questions in the comment section.

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