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9 Reasons Why Your AirPods Keep Disconnecting with Full Battery (Fixed!!!)

Do you ever experience your Apple AirPods detaching from your device after a full charge? These Apple luxury pieces aren’t cheap to be having such issues.

Worry no more. We have solutions for you. Like other Apple items, AirPods should give you the best and most reliable audio output.

When AirPods have a linkage problem, you can use various ways to solve it. The causes are common but easy to solve. This gadget should work well with all your Apple devices with a full battery.

In this post, you’ll know why your AirPods keep disconnecting with a full battery. You’ll also know how to solve the issue.

Why Do My AirPods Keep Disconnecting with Full Battery?

Here are the common reasons your AirPods disconnect, even with a full charge. Some of the causes will surprise you because they are from your lifestyle.

1. Network Interference

AirPods work via an excellent Bluetooth connection. If the touch is close to other forms of network blockage, the pair will stay off your iPhone or iPad.

Network interference comes from various sources. A typical example is when you are close to a Wi-Fi router and your iPhone’s Wi-Fi is on.

Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections use the same frequency of 2.4 GHz. So, your iPhone can lose touch with the AirPods with such interference.

Wireless radios and sometimes microwave signals interfere with Bluetooth. Also, the blockage can come from objects like doors and walls.

2. Dirty AirPods

Besides the breakage, dirt and dust can cause the AirPods to have a poor connection. It’s because you carry them everywhere you go.

The dirt sometimes comes from the wax in your ears. These elements block the AirPods from the outside.

So, after sometime without cleaning, the device will have connection issues. Also, the sound quality can reduce.

3. The AirPods are Damaged

Sometimes, it can be that you have destroyed your AirPods. These items are portable and easy to carry anywhere you go.

They can break or get wear and tear if you handle them with less care. Remember, some inner elements can break if you drop AirPods on the ground. Such damage can reduce the gadget’s quality and how it connects.

4. AirPods Firmware Issues

Your AirPods may not work well if the software is old and has issues. Apple keeps releasing new updates for AirPods.

It’s because sometimes the old software might develop some bugs. So, if you don’t update them, they’ll keep losing connection.

Also, a new update might affect the AirPod’s quality. For example, various users have complained about the recent 6.8.8 release.

People claim that the device disconnects after a 10-second call. Also, after a music playback, the music cuts the connection.

5. Your iOS is Outdated

If you want to enjoy using your iOS, keep updating it. Updates come with new and secure aspects. These changes give you a fantastic user experience.

But when you use an old iOS, it’s prone to bugs and errors. Such problems make it hard to connect to your AirPods. There will be a mismatch if the AirPods have the latest version from Apple.

6. Output Issue from the iPhone, iPad, or Mac

The problem with the disconnection might be from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Today, technology allows you to connect to various audio devices at a go.

Your AirPods may be connected, but you haven’t assigned them to play music. So, they’ll disconnect after some time.

Such issues are more common on the Mac and Apple Tv. But also expect to see the issue on your iOS.

7. Automatic Ear Detection Feature

These beautiful pair of gadgets have sensors to make them fall in love with your ears. It allows them to know if they are in your ears or not.

Such features give you an easy time connecting with them. But the AirPods can switch off when you keep moving fast while using them.

The AirPods will think that you have removed them from your ears. No one loves to be cut off from their favorite music while jogging or walking around.

8. Automatic Switching

AirPods have this remarkable aspect of boosting their connection. They can get another iPhone, Mac, or iPad and connect on their own.

It happens so long as they match with the device and they have ever connected. This feature sometimes makes it hard for the AirPod to retain a connection.

The pair will keep switching every few moments. So, even at 100% battery, it will disconnect.

9. The iPhone and AirPods aren’t Compatible

Your AirPod can disconnect because your iPhone, iPad, or Mac don’t have a matching Bluetooth version. AirPods run on at least Bluetooth 4.2.

At first, the AirPods will connect. But later on, its system reduces abilities even when the battery is 100%.

This action lowers the network quality and range of the AirPods. So, they will keep detaching from the phone every time. Also, below is a table of various AirPods, their Bluetooth versions, and their range.

AirPod Bluetooth Version Range in Open Space Range Indoors
1st generation 4.2 60 Meters 10 Meters
2nd generation 5.0 240 Meters 40 Meters
3rd generation 5.0 240 Meters 40 Meters
AirPods Max 5.0 240 Meters 40 Meters


Best Ways to Stop Your AirPods from Disconnecting even with Full Battery

airpods keep disconnecting

The above issues shouldn’t worry you. It would be great if you found a way to deal with them. So, the following are the top tips to help solve the disconnection problem.

1. Check Your Bluetooth Connection

Before you begin to panic, ensure your Bluetooth is fine. Check that on the device you are using with the AirPods.

If it doesn’t work, switch the Bluetooth off. You should then wait for around 30 seconds and turn it on. Your AirPod will reconnect.

2. Clean Your AirPods

Keeping your AirPods clean makes the device maintain its quality for years. If you use them every day, clean them after two days. Wax and dust won’t clog the device.

Cleaning these gadgets is easy. You’ll need the following items:

  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Toothpicks
  • Cotton swabs
  • Toothbrush
  • Lint-free cloth

3. Use One AirPod

Both your AirPods do similar roles with their microphones. But sometimes, disconnection comes when making calls using both AirPods.

You can place one piece in the case to deal with the issue. Better still, you can use the microphone of one by twitching some settings.

4. Take them Back to the Case

The AirPod case is the best shield for these gadgets. It reduces the chances of them getting an accident or breakage. Remember, damaging the AirPod’s inner parts affects their quality.

Besides the damage, placing them in a case even at 100% rebuilds the reconnection. Once the AirPods are in the case, the AirPods cut any older connection.

5. Remove the Automatic Ear Detection Feature

Though this feature is fantastic, your device can be better without them. You’ll now walk or run without your music pausing or device disconnecting.

Also, the battery can last longer if the feature is off. Under the settings, select Bluetooth, and choose the info next to AirPods. After that, you’ll get the choice to disable this aspect.

6. Reset Your Network Settings

Giving the network settings on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac a new start will help you. It will remove any wrong settings.

So, both your Apple devices will attach well. Visit the settings, tap on general, and select transfer or reset iPhone.

On reset, you’ll see various rest options. Choose on reset Network. You can then reconnect your AirPods.

7. Reset the AirPods

If the AirPods are still disconnecting, it’s time to give them new settings. This trick allows you to connect with your Apple device once again. Disconnections won’t be present again.

Place the AirPods in the case and hold down the “Status” Button. As for AirPods Max, you can hold the “Noise Control” button and “Digital Crown.”

Do it until when the case flashes in amber. Remove the AirPods from the cases and reconnect them.

8. Switch Off Your Wi-Fi

Switch off your iPhone’s Wi-Fi to get the best Bluetooth connection. Also, stay away from any radio. It lets the AirPods use the frequencies well.

As you connect to your AirPods, keep them close to your iPhone or Mac. After the AirPods work well when you can switch on your Wi-Fi.

9. Recheck Your Audio Settings

Modern iPhones, Macs, and iPads allow you to connect to various audio devices at a go. Ensure you select your AirPods as your audio output device.

It should happen while playing your music and making calls. Remember, tapping on the audio source while making a call removes the AirPods connection.

10. Update the AirPods Firmware

Giving the AirPods the latest update allows them to work well. If the new firmware keeps affecting the connection, keep checking for a new one. Apple will soon give stable software.

Updating the AirPods is easy. On your connected device, go to the setting, then the general, and tap on about.

Select the AirPods and check if it has the latest software, 3E751. It suits AirPods 2 and above. Updating needs some time and being close to the AirPods.

11. Update Your iPhone

Apple gives updates to their devices so that they can make you enjoy them. Ensure you use the latest release of your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. It reduces the chance for the AirPod to lose connection.

Click “general “in your settings, and select the software update. If there are no updates, please restart your phone, Mac, or iPad.

12. Remove Automatic Switching

Once you stop your AirPod from switching to different devices, its connection will be stable. It will only be loyal to one device at a time.

Under the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone or iPad, tap the “i” label next to the AirPods. After that, select “Connect to This Phone.”

You’ll choose “When Last Connected to This iPhone or iPad.” Do that on each Apple device of your own.

13. Visit Apple Customer Care

Though it’s rare, sometimes all the above methods fail to work. So, you should consult Apple Genius for the best support. Remember, it will work if the AirPods are under warranty.

Visit them on Apple’s Care Page. Here, you can talk over the phone or chat for 2 minutes.

The chat support is fantastic. You’ll send photos to explain your issues. Either way, you must get a solution to your AirPods not connecting at 100% charge.


You now have the best solution for your iPhone not connecting even with a full charge. One of the tricks must work for you. After that, enjoy your music and calls without any hitches.

The reasons why your AirPod can’t connect can’t be one. However, the most common one is using the auto-switch aspect. Your AirPods can have problems connecting to one device at a time.

Sometimes, failure to care for your AirPods affects the connection. Cleaning the AirPods after a few days helps them do well.

Among all the tips, which one helps your AirPods work? Please inform us in the comments.

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