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How Long Does It Take to Replace an iPhone Battery? (Signs to Replace)

Do you ever miss the days you could use your iPhone on a 5% battery? How long you’ll spend before you replace it varies with where you take it for a replacement.

Getting a battery is cheaper than buying a new iPhone. Go for this choice if your phone battery is old or has issues and you are on a budget.

All iPhone models use Li-ion technology. The Li-Ion allows them to charge fast and last a long time. Once the battery loses its life, replacing it is easy.

So, this post will focus on how long it takes to replace an iPhone battery. You’ll also know best places to replace your iPhone battery. Most importantly, you’ll know when it’s time to do the replacement and its benefits.

The Time it takes before an iPhone Battery Replacement

You can replace an iPhone battery after you confirm that it is spoilt or old. Expect your iPhone battery’s best life to be at least two years after a complete charge of 500 times.

How much time it will take varies with where you take your iPhone for a battery replacement. Also, your phone type affects how long you’ll replace the battery.

But you’ll wait more than an hour at any Apple care center. Doing it yourself or at an Apple-licensed store can take less or more time.

It means you can handle the problem within 24 hours. Apple will then give you a receipt to validate the repair.

The case will be different if you mail Apple your iPhone for repair. The process can take up to 10 business days.

Where can You Replace Your iPhone Battery?

The best one is any Apple Care center near you. It’s the best way to ensure an excellent and legit battery change. Also, you can mail your iPhone to Apple Care to replace the battery.

Take it to any licensed Apple repair shop if an Apple Care center isn’t close to you. Replace the battery yourself if you have the skills.

Apple will replace the battery for free if it’s still under warranty. But you’ll part with a few dollars if it’s out of warranty.

The table below shows the cost of replacing various battery models. Remember, the prices are subject to change.

iPhone Model Cost of Replacing the Battery at Apple Care
iPhone 6, 6s Plus, 6s, and SE generation 79 USD
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus 79 USD
iPhone X, XS, and XS Max 109 USD
iPhone XR, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max 109 USD
iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max 109 USD
iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max 109 USD

11 Common Signs which Show that You need to Replace an iPhone Battery

Getting a new battery for your iPhone is ideal. But before that, some aspects should guide you in making a choice. Here’s what to show your iPhone needs a new battery.

1. An Oversized Battery

It is the most direct sign to show you that your battery is gone. If the battery still serves your phone, it will harm your charging system.

Please think about replacing the battery once you notice a change in the size. Besides harming your system, the battery can break the case.

So, you’ll have to spend more to maintain your battery. Your screen will have a hazy white screen if the battery swells.

The phone’s body and the screen will move away for some inches. It’s because the increase in size affects more elements in your phone.

2. Fast Battery Drain

Besides the battery size, a draining battery scares most iPhone users. The battery ions can’t hold more power because they are weak.

Each iPhone has a time that it can last regardless of how you use it. If it’s iPhone 6 and above, it should hold power for 6 to 8 hours after a full charge.

Anything less than that shows your battery life is going down. It can be that your battery’s life has ended or has many faults.

3. Sluggish iPhone

Sometimes, if your phone battery is weak, your device won’t function fast. iPhones have unique features that need a lot of power.

So, if the battery is weak, the iPhone will lag while handling most tasks. Giving your iPhone a new battery will be a fantastic boost.

It happens on old iPhones with newer iOS. You can check your iPhone’s battery health to confirm if you need a new battery.

4. You Get Power after you Plug a Dead iPhone

iPhones have a unique way of charging once the charge is over. On a regular iPhone, it will take one or two minutes to power up after the battery dies and you plug it in.

It takes two minutes for the battery to refresh. But sometimes, you plug it in and immediately see the Apple logo. Expect the battery to start at 5%.

Your iPhone will show that your battery is at its best level. So, it is time to get a new one.

5. High Heat Levels on the Phone

Any extreme heat levels are never friendly to your battery. When you use your iPhone even in average temperatures, and it becomes hot, it is time to get a new battery.

Every Li-Ion battery in modern phones can protect your phone from inner heat. Remember, you’ll feel the heat even when using a light phone app.

It will be worse if you open many apps and connect them to the charger or the sun. Your iPhone can even go off.

If you ignore such a sign, your phone will be at risk. The heat will damage various parts of your iPhone, including the people’s favorite, the camera.

6. Aging Battery

Even if you keep your iPhone battery well, it keeps aging off. Apple indicates that iPhone batteries should last for at least two years.

If you use an old battery, it is not strange for your iPhone to have poor performance. So, you should consider replacing the item. It saves you from the trouble of recharging every time.

Also, as the tech world grows, Apple keeps releasing new iOS versions and aspects. It’s these features that throttle most iPhones.

Replacing the battery will help you. If you get a genuine one, it will have a more excellent range to hold the power needs of these features.

7. The Phone only works when Charging

If you only use your iPhone when you plug it in, your battery is gone. The lithium ions can’t hold power anymore.

Your iPhone will have this problem if you have the wrong usage and charging habits. It could be that you use your iPhone every moment while it’s charging.

Also, you may be using a fake cable. Such behaviors weaken that battery and kill it fast.

You can confirm this problem by charging your device for a few minutes. After that, take the plug; if the power goes off, it will ensure your fears.

8. The iPhone won’t Charge

As for this sign, ensure you use the genuine iPhone cable. The battery won’t be able to take up any charge, especially if the battery is empty.

If the charger works fine on other iPhones, your battery and charging system might have some issues. Your iPhone might be a bit new or old.

The iPhone can charge once again. However, the problem can also be with your charging port. Ensure you go for a new battery.

9. The Error Message

Various iOS versions are smart to protect multiple parts of the phone. Sometimes you can see the message “Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced.”

It means your battery isn’t in proper shape. Remember, this message comes on iOS 10.2.1 and up to iOS 11.2.6.

Don’t ignore this message. Consider getting a new battery, and you won’t see the message. The system would have seen a danger beyond your eyes.

10. The iPhone won’t Turn On

Like any other electronic device, your iPhone will never turn on if the battery is weak. It’s among the most excellent ways to confirm that your battery is dead.

As you start your iPhone, it will need a lot of power. But if your battery is weak or dead, it won’t start up your phone. Such an act will occur when the battery is half full or low.

Sometimes, it will turn on, but the screen will remain black. You’ll receive notifications and other signs that the power is on.

Try using another or the original charger to confirm your battery is weak. If the iPhone is fragile, the ions won’t have much charge to power the phone’s display.

11. The Phone Shuts Down Most Times

Your iPhone’s battery will be weak when it keeps shutting down. The act will happen when your battery power is half full, full, or empty.

It shows that the ions have died or are too weak to hold power. Expect your iPhone to behave this way, especially when using any aspect that needs more power.

Wi-Fi, location, and push emails use a vast amount of power. A dead battery will not have the voltage range to carry out these actions.

The phone stops draining much power when it is off. So, the weak battery can now refresh as you plug it into the charger.

6 Great Benefits of Replacing Your iPhone Battery

Replacing Your iPhone Battery

Below are the fantastic benefits you get from replacing an iPhone battery. Remember, it should only work if you get a legit iPhone battery.

1. It is the Cheaper Choice

Going for a new battery is better for you if you are on a budget. It gives you more years to save more dollars as you plan to buy a new one. Try doing it after 2 to 3 years, and you’ll have the cash to get the latest iPhone.

2. Better Phone Performance

Your iPhone will work great if the battery can last for many hours. Your phone will last three times longer with a new battery. Once you get a new one, take great care of it.

3. Your Phone can Handle many Tasks

Though it may seem minor, your iPhone will perform many roles with a new battery. For example, you can use your camera, YouTube, or play games well with a new and legit iPhone battery. It will do that without the concern of lagging.

4. Protects Your iPhone inner Parts

A new battery protects your phone’s internal parts from harsh temperatures. The Li-ion elements, when new, can hold more power and prevent any issues with heating.

5. You get a New Warranty

After getting the battery, you’ll get a receipt and a warranty. The Apple shop will repair any problem with the battery for free. You’ll enjoy this benefit if you replace your battery at an Apple Care store or a legit shop.

6. Safety

Taking your battery replacement to an Apple shop or a legit pro will be safer. You won’t risk harming any parts of your iPhone. It can cost you more than you’d have at an Apple store.


Replacing an iPhone battery is a great idea. It suits anyone on a budget who wants to keep enjoying the iPhone experience.

The time you take before replacing the battery varies on where you do it and the phone model. If you do it yourself, it might seem cheaper, but it is a dangerous move.

Before choosing to replace your battery, your phone can either be old or have some faults. Getting a new battery gives your iPhone its great old life. You’ll see it in how your iPhone battery behaves.

Have you ever replaced an iPhone battery at Apple Care? How did it go? Please let us know how it feels.

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