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Leasing an Electric Car: What to Know About Battery Health and Range

Leasing an electric car has grown in popularity among motorists. With the continuous evolution of EV technology, lessees need to understand the nuances of battery health and range capabilities. This article goes deeper into these aspects, providing essential information to anyone looking to lease an electric car

Battery Basics

The electric vehicle’s battery pack acts as a heart. The battery is a storage point for energy that allows the vehicle’s electric motor to run. Understanding the basics of EV batteries is crucial: 

Chemistry: These are usually rechargeable lithium ion types of batteries which provide more energy density which means they last longer. Knowing the chemistry of an EV battery offers information on how it works and what kind of care it needs. 

Capacity: Kilowatt-hours (kWh) measure battery capacity. It is worth noting that even though a higher capacity battery can mean further mileage, your performance will be affected by numerous elements. 

Range Expectations

The range of your electric vehicle is probably one of the main factors that a lessee would be concerned with. The advertised range reflects what an electric vehicle should travel with one complete charge in favourable circumstances. However real-world range can vary due to several factors: 

Driving Habits

Your range may substantially diminish with aggressive driving or many instances of rapid acceleration. Make your driving smooth with gradual acceleration in order to increase your miles per charge. 

Weather Conditions

Battery performance is also influenced by extreme temperatures, especially the cold. Prewarming the cabin while the batteries are still charging may be useful in a colder climate. 


Hilly or mountainous terrain may also influence the range of your electric vehicle due to increased energy use while climbing slopes. Make sure you take this into account when planning your routes. 

Battery Health

Taking care and keeping the battery of your EV healthy during the time of your lease is important. Here are some tips for preserving battery health:

Avoid Deep Discharges

The life of a lithium ion battery goes down quicker if you drain it to zero and then charge it up to 100% regularly. Maintain your battery’s state of charge so that it is within a range of 20-80% for optimal longevity. 

Manage Heat

Batteries also experience rapid deterioration due to higher temperatures. Ensure that you park your EV in the shade or undercover out of excess heat. 

Software Updates

In many cases, manufacturers will produce new software meant to enhance the way batteries perform. Make sure you keep your EV’s software up to date. 

Charging Habits

Charging your EV is a routine task, and how you manage it can affect your battery health. Here are some charging related considerations:

Charging Speed

Charging speeds vary among different charging stations. Though fast charging stations are quicker to fill the battery, regular home charging is more gentle on it. 

Home Charging

It might be easier for people to charge their electric car at night if they install a level two home charging station. This is useful especially if your lease includes a home charger in the clauses. 

Public Charging

Learn about the available public charging infrastructure in your area. You can find the available chargers via apps, search engines and websites. 

Lease Terms and Battery Warranty 

Ensure that you carefully read through and understand the clauses on battery health as well as warranties prior to signing your lease agreement. In addition, many vendors will give special guarantees on battery performance, provided that it remains at a certain percentage of its original capacity over a set time period. Understanding these terms will give you peace of mind. 

Buy, Lease or Resale and End of Lease Options

You may also begin to ask yourself what would happen with your electric vehicle when your lease comes to a close. In some cases the leasing company may give you an option of buying the car or returning it and getting a new model. Ensure that your decision of which option to choose takes into account your future plans around electric driving. 

Stay Informed

Changes are taking place in the realm of electric vehicles such as the development in battery technology, charging stations as well as vehicle choices. Keep yourself updated with any new developments about your electric car lease so that you are able to derive the maximum benefit from it. 

The lease contract provides an opportunity for individuals to drive electric cars and experience what it feels like using an electric vehicle without having to own it. You should understand and manage your battery health, range expectation as well as your charging habits in order to enjoy your car without any hassle throughout your lease term. Embrace the future of transportation with an electric vehicle lease that suits your needs and lifestyle. 

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