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How Much Is A Truck Battery? (Influencing Factors & Replacement)

Whether you own a pickup truck, minivan, motorhome, or any of the other truck types, when it’s time to replace the truck’s battery, getting the manufacturer-recommended battery type isn’t debatable. However, one question that remains unanswered is how much will the truck battery cost.

A typical truck battery costs around $50-$120, while higher-range specialty batteries cost as much as $200. You should however know that factors like the battery type, the installation cost, and your truck’s size must be factored in when determining the total cost of obtaining a battery for your truck.

In this guide, you will learn about different car battery costs, the types of batteries we have, and how you can pick the right battery type for your vehicle.

Factors that Determine the Cost of a Truck Battery 

Factors that Determine the Cost of a Truck Battery 
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The amount you would spend on acquiring a battery for a truck is dependent on a number of factors. They include;

1. Battery Type

The type of battery your truck uses is a major contributing factor that determines how much you will need to spend to successfully replace its battery. While many people might opt for the regular batteries that average $50-$120, a few others choose specialty batteries that range from $90-$200. 

Here are the different types of batteries and their price range.

  • Lead-acid Batteries

Flooded lead-acid batteries are the most common kind of battery. These batteries are solely for the purpose of giving power to your engine. You will find them in a standard truck and obtaining one is pretty easy, which is why they are the least expensive, costing around $125-$135.

These 12 volts lead-acid batteries are commonly used in golf carts, RVs, and light trucks. It is also not uncommon to call them starter batteries. Although not expensive, these batteries require maintenance. This is because they contain water and sulfuric acid, which can damage your skin and make the battery more susceptible to corrosion and extreme heat.

It would help if you referred to your owner’s manual to check for the cold crank amps (CCA rating) and required electric charge for your truck before purchasing this type of battery.

  • Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries, also called AGM batteries are the latest car battery type in the auto market today. They retain power types of batteries and perform well even in extreme temperatures, making the need to replace them rare. 

Asides from providing power for your truck’s engine, the absorbent glass mat battery also provides the safety and reliability needed in many trucks today. This is why it is more expensive (around $200) than the other common types, like the lead-acid battery.

Finally, the absorbed glass-mat batteries are maintenance-free, so you do not need to spend so much after you purchase the battery. When you consider the upfront cost, they are the most expensive battery type and are compatible with mostly luxury vehicles.

  • Gel Batteries

These batteries are similar to glass-mat batteries, however, instead of liquid electrolytes, they are powered by an electrolyte gel. Like the AGM, they are maintenance-free, last longer than the standard starter batteries, and hold well in extreme temperatures.

Gel batteries are expensive to purchase and most likely you need to consult a professional mechanic because they are not suitable for all truck types.

Remember that these specialty batteries are newer products and so they may not work for older vehicles, which is why you should confirm first its compatibility with your truck before purchasing this battery.

2. Cost of Installation 

Cost of Installation 
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The installation cost of fixing a new battery in your truck refers to labor costs. Usually, a mechanic would have a fixed price, but due to several factors like familiarity and discounts, the installation cost may be lesser or higher than the usual price.

Mechanics are known to often charge truck owners between $10-$100 to install truck batteries. The large disparity in the cost of installation is due to the time spent on installation for different cars because, depending on how they build a truck, it is easier to fix some batteries than others.

Furthermore, you may have it installed for free but this depends on where you buy your battery. It is common for local and smaller retailers to charge labor costs separately, but if you buy from a more specialized auto parts store like AutoZone, they can install it for free.

If your car battery dies in transit, you can call roadside assistance to help you jump-start your dead battery. If this doesn’t work, you need to purchase a new one, and this way, you will only spend about $120 on battery and installation. 

Tip: You tend to spend more when buying your vehicle’s battery from one place and installing it in another. You should purchase and install from the same place for a reasonable combo price.

3. Vehicle Size

The size of your vehicle can determine your truck’s battery price. If you use a light truck, the 12 volts battery will be enough to power your vehicle and get it operational.

Meanwhile, heavier trucks will need more electrical charge higher than 12 volts to power your heavy truck. You will need a 24 volts charge for this vehicle size which is a pairing of two 12 volts charges called a pack.

N.B: Since you are pairing two batteries here, it is essential that you pay attention and confirm that the batteries are of equal voltage and quality because they will operate as a single entity.

The cost of merging these two batteries is that rather than paying for one battery, you now need two because of your truck’s size. If you are lucky, the installer will charge you the usual price for one battery, but some may charge you separately for the other battery.

On average, different larger sizes of trucks like semi-trucks and construction vehicles can use between four to eight batteries to get the engines running and functional.

How To Replace My Truck Battery?

If you need to replace your truck battery, it helps when you are familiar with the process of how to replace the batteries because this will eliminate the cost of installation, especially if you didn’t purchase from an auto shop. Below is a step-by-step process you can follow.

Step 1: Take Out the Old Battery

Start by first taking out the old battery by disconnecting the negative cable from the battery post, and you can do this by gently loosening the connector. Once you finish with the negative cable, move on to the positive cable and twist it as you lift the cable.

Step 2: Replace With New Battery

Once the old battery is out, carefully place the replacement battery inside the truck. Try to place the battery in the same spot as the old one you removed, so you must remain observant during this process.

Step 3: Reconnect the Cables

Once the replacement battery is inside the truck, you want to reconnect the cable with the positive sign to the same side as the positive terminal. 

Do the same with the negative cable by connecting it to the negative terminal. You must be careful during this process because any mistake will lead to electrical shorts that can damage your truck.

Step 4: Confirm the Battery is in Place

Finally, you need to ensure the battery is in place by properly fastening it. You can use a socket wrench to keep the battery in place while driving the truck. We advise that you put white lithium grease around the battery to reduce the chances of corrosion anytime soon.

How Long Will a Truck Battery Last?

How Long Will a Truck Battery Last?
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You cannot expect a battery already in your truck to last you for a lifetime, so what do you think is the lifespan of the average truck battery? The important factor you should know is that this question has no straightforward answer. 

This is because factors like the quality, model, climate, and how you use your truck will contribute to how long the battery lasts. However, it is possible to figure out the average lifespan of your battery based on the trends in auto shops.

Most truck batteries will serve your truck for about four years or more before you have to change it. Of course, it may last longer than four years, but there is also a chance that it does not last that long based on the factors stated earlier.

In case you cannot detect the health of your battery, it is wise to consult a mechanic so they can let you know if it is time for a replacement or if there are other moves to revive your truck battery.

In addition, you should know that the failure of your battery to respond does not always mean it is time for replacement, your battery may need an electrical charge to boost its power. Below are two signals to check out to help you confirm if you need a boost.

  • Lower interior lights
  • Slow the engine crank when starting your car.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you want to determine the price of a battery for your truck, it is crucial that you can look at several factors that can affect the price, some of which include:

  • The type of battery
  • The cost of installation
  • The size of your vehicle

Factors like these will help guide you on how much you can get batteries for your truck.

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