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How Much Does A Car Battery Replacement Cost At Jiffy Lube? (Average)

Jiffy Lube has several convenient and high-quality locations across the map ready to handle a variety of car related issues, including battery maintenance and replacement. Their prices are on-par with the industry standard, making them a great choice for anyone needing work done.

Before you head out to your local Jiffy Lube, we recommend calling ahead to make sure they offer the services we explain in this article. Services and prices change depending on location, and what’s listed in this article may not apply to all locations.

How Much Does Battery Maintenance and Replacement Cost at Jiffy Lube? 

Jiffy Lube offers both battery maintenance and replacement, but services and prices differ depending on location and your specific vehicle.

While these prices are general, you should expect to pay around $21.99 for maintenance services and $129.99 for replacement services. These may increase if you drive a larger vehicle or one with a special car battery.

How to Save Money on Battery Services at Jiffy Lube

Just as these prices change depending on location, your local Jiffy Lube may be running specials or promotions on battery replacement service. You can always call ahead to make sure.

Jiffy Lube also offers company-wide coupons and promotions that you can take advantage of. While these are usually offered for oil change services, check back regularly for your battery-related services.

Battery Maintenance Offered by Jiffy Lube

Battery Maintenance Offered by Jiffy Lube
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Jiffy Lube battery maintenance services ensure your battery is kept clean and secure. It’s a good idea to have these done with other routine and preventative services, such as tire rotations or oil changes. These include:

  • Battery terminal cleaning to prevent buildup of dirt or corrosion that interferes with proper connection. Techs will also apply an anti-corrosion spray and felt corrosion protectors.
  • Battery cable replacement if they fail a visual inspection and have obvious signs of wear or damage.
  • Connection tightening in any areas that have loosened due to normal vibrations of your car while in use.

A Jiffy Lube tech can also evaluate the condition of your vehicle battery if you suspect something is wrong or you’re about to take your car on a long trip. The battery diagnostic process only takes a few minutes to check important functions, and you leave with better peace of mind.

What’s Included in Battery Replacement at Jiffy Lube

The battery replacement schedule differs depending on your battery manufacturer’s recommendations, how much you use your car battery, any issues with electrical components that affect battery health, and the conditions you keep your car in.

Generally, you want to replace your old battery between 3 and 5 years of use, although some can go as long as 7 years before they need a replacement.

If your battery is only a year or two old, a Jiffy Lube technician will test it to make sure it’s truly dead and your problem isn’t from other charging system components in your vehicle.

Once they verify the battery is the problem, they’ll replace it with the right battery type depending on the model of your vehicle. When the car battery replacement is complete, they will retest the battery, engine starting, and charging components to make sure you won’t have any issues when you pull out.

The cost of replacement also includes the safe and proper disposal of your old battery and an appropriate warranty for your new battery.

Signs You Need to Service or Replace Your Battery

If you’re unsure whether you need to visit your local Jiffy Lube for battery maintenance or replacement, we recommend erring on the side of caution. It’s imperative to have your vehicle and battery checked out if you have a warning light pop up or if:

  • Your battery is older than the recommended age for replacement
  • You notice issues with electronic components, such as your radio
  • Your headlights or interiors lights are dim or flicker
  • Your vehicle struggles to start or will not start at all

A professional eye will help you determine the root of the problem and get you set up with a dependable solution.

Old Age

Keep your manufacturer’s recommended replacement schedule in mind. For most car batteries, this is somewhere in the range of 3 to 5 years. It’s often listed on the print label of the battery, or you can contact customer support or search online.

Bear in mind that a damaged or malfunctioning battery needs replacement, regardless of age.

Malfunctioning Electronics

Your electronics may malfunction or refuse to turn on due to issues with your battery or your battery charging system. It’s best to test all components to determine the root of the issue.

In some cases, your battery cannot hold a proper charge and will not provide enough energy for these electronics to function. In other situations, your charging system cannot get enough energy back to the battery for this purpose.

Most Jiffy Lube locations can test the other parts of your charging system, including your alternator, regulator, and serpentine belt.

Dim Lights

A compromised battery will not provide enough power to keep your headlights or interior lights at full brightness. This is often one of the first signs that your battery is on the way out, although it may be inconsistent at first.

If this occurs while you’re driving, the issue may relate more to your charging system.

Starting Issues

A bad battery will not provide enough power to start your vehicle, or it may struggle to turn over. This problem may also occur with a faulty charger, or your battery may not have received adequate charge prior to parking.

If your car won’t start but cranks at its usual speed, the problem is more likely due to a fuel or spark plug problem.


If you’re experiencing battery problems or just want some routine maintenance, Jiffy Lube offers valuable services at standard prices. You may need to verify what your local store services are, but most are more than ready to help you out.

Remember to keep your battery clean and inspect it regularly for any signs of damage or abnormal wear. This ensures you can use your battery for the maximum amount of time, and replacing it on this schedule prevents any subsequent issues.

If you have any more questions about battery services, let us know in the comments!

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