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How to Optimize the Battery Life of Your Smartphone for It to Last Longer

Using a smartphone is all fun and joy until it runs out of battery. However, the problem begins when your smartphone, despite being charged, runs out of battery in a couple of hours. It’s troublesome and something you need to be concerned with since poor battery timing means that there’s something wrong with the battery of your device.

However, your device’s battery can be solid, and still, the issue of battery drain can persist. In such a case, you’re unconsciously doing or running programs that are draining the battery from your smartphone.

That’s why we’re sharing some amazing tips on optimizing the battery life of your smartphone. Using these tips, you can improve your smartphone’s battery life significantly. So, let’s check out:

Avoiding Constant Internet Connection

One of the main reasons why your smartphone’s battery is draining too much is because you’re constantly using the internet. Although it’s a requirement of today to remain connected because communications literally happen over internet sources.

However, with this, you have your battery life drained since several background applications and programs keep running with it. This includes auto-updates, location services, messages, notifications, etc.

Plus, it also keeps consuming data so if you’re on a data cap, it might be troublesome for you. For that, we recommend checking out Xfinity for its cheap and versatile data plans, or you can call on Xfinity phone number to get a plan right away.

For the internet connection, you can turn it off when you’re not using your smartphone. In addition, you can also place a data connection limit that will limit the data consumption once it reaches a certain amount of data consumption.

Check for Updates

Another issue can be with the pending updates. In most cases, people tend to ignore the updates or delay them since they think it’ll affect the overall speed and performance of the device. However, in most cases, the updates are for improving performance, including optimizing battery life.

You can check for pending updates or any new ones on your smartphone. If available, you can download and install them so that the phone may receive the necessary features. These can also include battery optimization features, which will surely help reduce battery drain.

Optimizing Screen Settings

We’ve seen memes related to how our moms use their phones with brightness on the highest level and numerous background apps running. However, it’s exactly what causes battery drain, and keeping it up will significantly reduce the battery life of your smartphone.

In order to preserve the battery and use your phone for an extended period, you should turn on the Adaptive Brightness feature from your smartphone. It can be differently named for different devices; however, the purpose of this feature is to adjust screen brightness for power saving and longer battery life.

In addition to this, you can also shorten the time for the sleep mode or screen timeout. Instead of leaving your screen on for a longer period, you should reduce the screen timeout to seconds or a minute.

Not only will it help save your battery from being drained but it also helps keep your phone safe since no one will be able to interact with it even if you leave it unattended. And with facial recognition and fingerprint scanners, you can easily unlock it whenever you want to use it.

Minimize Background Apps

Applications and processes consume a lot of battery, and you should pay heed to them if you want to minimize battery drain for your smartphone. But even more important is to know which apps are consuming more battery since you don’t want to keep these running in the background.

For starters, using animated wallpapers for your lock screen or home screen is a bad idea. As much intriguing as it looks, it consumes your battery a lot, draining the device rapidly.

In addition, using multiple applications/ programs such as music apps, gaming, video streaming, and texting while keeping these open in the background will do the same. Hence, not only high-end applications but keeping these applications running in the background when not using the smartphone will result in battery drain.

Therefore, you should make it a habit of closing such apps and clearing background apps while turning off the internet/ data connection before you leave it at rest.

Reducing Push Notifications

Another reason why your smartphone keeps losing battery percentage now and then is that you’ve enabled too many push notifications. With every notification, your smartphone will use resources such as vibration, the screen lit, notification ringtone, etc. to alert you.

Resultantly, it’ll consume battery to keep you posted. However, the greater the number of push notifications, the greater the battery drain. Even if you think having these is a great idea, if you’re getting them constantly, you can turn your phone on silent mode to reduce battery consumption.

When leaving your phone, you can turn it back on the ringer so that you don’t miss any calls or notifications. But when using it constantly, you can use it in silent mode.

Closing Thoughts

Although these aren’t even the tip of the iceberg, still, using the abovementioned methods, you can reduce the overall battery drain of your smartphone and get a longer battery life too.

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