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S7 Battery Replacement Cost (Tips to Maximize Battery Life)

Do you need to replace your old and defective Samsung Galaxy S7 battery? Stay on this page because you are right on track! Here, we will guide you on the latest s7 battery replacement cost as well as the other factors that affect the pricing.

Having an idea of the nuts and bolts of your device, including its battery type, is pivotal in making the most out of its lifespan. So, before anything else, let’s dive into a specific battery integrated into a Galaxy S7 model.

What is the battery type of the Samsung Galaxy S7?

Samsung Galaxy S7 uses a non-removable battery with 3000 mAh and 15 watts. Featuring adaptive fast charging support, it can provide a full 100% battery within 120 minutes. However, the normal charging duration may vary if you use an adaptive fast charger, improving the charging rate drastically.

As to usage, the average battery life of a Samsung S7 is around 17 hours. But with continuous usage of Wi-Fi, then it may be limited to up 8 hours only. Since this Samsung model utilizes a non-removable battery, it should be noted that you cannot remove it on your own.

Therefore, if there are concerns with the battery or you need replacements, then you need to contact the official service provider. They are the best professionals with extensive years of experience in handling repairs and replacements.

You may also visit an authorized local repair shop to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Whatever you choose, just make sure that it’s from an official mechanic who can expertly work on the diagnostic of various hardware and software issues of your device.

What is the battery type of the Samsung Galaxy S7?
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What are the possible reasons for battery replacement?

Every battery has a certain lifespan. And just like most Samsung phone batteries, Samsung S7 would experience battery issues like degradation as time goes by. And this is one of the major factors of battery replacement when the battery starts to lose its power because of age.

Battery problems may also result to wear and tear caused by improper charging practices. Although wear is common among old batteries, this can still happen if you don’t charge your device correctly. These include overcharging and charging while using the phone, among others.

How much does the s7 battery replacement cost?

As mentioned earlier, battery replacements for Samsung S7 should be done by a professional. Therefore, if the damage is caused by unauthorized removal or substitution of battery, then it should be known that your device will not be covered by the warranty.

Accordingly, this applies to DIY repair. Personal tweaks without the approval of the authorized service repair provider can result in having a limited warranty. And if this happens, you’ll be shelling out extra money for extra expenses.

Going back, the battery replacement for a Samsung S7 model largely hinges on the cost of a new battery as well as the labor. There may also be other fees required depending on the issue at hand. In addition, you need to factor in the location. At present, replacing your S7 battery costs at least $70.

How much does the s7 battery replacement cost?
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Can I buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 battery online?

Although it’s highly recommended for experts to do battery replacements, of course, you still have the freedom for DIY repairs. And luckily, you can buy an S7 battery online for around $25, plus shipping fees and other taxes.

There are also other online stores that offer a combo at approximately $32, including the battery and a repair kit. The kit is very useful, especially if you don’t have the appropriate electrical components and tools to remove and replace the old battery.

It mainly includes waterproof, adhesive strips, a suction cup, angled tweezers, and screws, among others. So, if you want a seamless replacement, you may opt to avail of the battery with a complete kit.

What are the factors to consider before buying battery replacement?

If you decide to work on the replacement, there are things that you need to take into account in advance. We’ve gathered some relevant aspects to help you during the purchase process.

  • Be sure to buy from reputable stores, whether from a physical branch or online. You have to be careful because some could be bogus sellers offering subpar batteries that do not meet the quality standards set by Samsung for their parts.
  • Keep an eye on the battery specifications. This is a crucial step, especially buying batteries online. More so, knowing the specs in detail is pivotal since there are Samsung Galaxy S7 variants―Edge and Active. Although all these models use non-removable batteries, each has certain differences.
  • Try to gather estimates to evaluate the prices. Different stores, different prices. Therefore, it’s very important to have references from other stores so that you can pick the most suitable battery with the finest quality.
  • Know the warranty. Buying batteries often comes with a warranty. Henceforth, you need to be clear with the seller and understand the warranty conditions before you close the deal. This is important so you won’t have a hard time in case there are issues with your purchase.

What are the factors to consider before buying battery replacement?

What are some relevant tips to maximize battery life?

Replacing a new battery generally restarts the battery health of your device. It means you won’t be getting the same problems in the past like fast draining of battery or erratic charging patterns. However, there are things that you should remember, and these include proper usage and maintenance.

So, for you to maximize the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, try to follow our tips below:

  • Make sure that the charging cable is fitted properly into the charging base. If this it’s not inserted correctly, there would be a great impact on the charging performance.
  • Do not overuse your device while charging. This is a simple rule that is often neglected. Using your phone during the charging process is not just damaging to your device but is also dangerous. It might cause an increase in phone temperature, which may then lead to an explosion and fire.
  • Use chargers that are approved by the original equipment manufacturer. If not, the charger should be compatible with your phone for optimal performance.


Buying a new phone battery is an added expense. Thus, you need to be careful with the usage of your phone as well as the manner of your charging. Remember, every little thing goes a long way. So, if you take good care of your device, then you’d be rewarded with longer battery life.

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