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Best Tricks and Tips to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

It’s hard to imagine modern life without a smartphone and the Internet. And it may seem that this little black screen contains a vast digital world with its own rules and laws. But when this world begins to slip away due to battery degradation and aging, the user starts frantically looking for ways to prevent it.

So if you think lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are not subject to this problem, you’re wrong because even the highest quality components gradually lose capacity. And it doesn’t even matter how often you use your phone. Fortunately, in this article, you’ll find the most effective ways to extend the life of your smartphone’s battery.

10 Practical Tips to Ensure a Trouble-Free Battery Life

Here you will discover the best recommendations that will make you forget about phone battery replacement for a long time, but you should also understand that this is not a cure-all. In other words, these recommendations only work if your battery is in good condition. But, unfortunately, you can not resurrect a destroyed battery by preventive methods.

And in this case, it is better to contact the experts of the Howly consulting service, who will help you self-replacement the battery in your device. And now, we come to the main topic of this article.

# 1 Automatic Adjustment of Screen Brightness

Battery power is primarily affected by the brightness of the screen. It is clear that the brighter the screen, the faster the battery power is consumed. Therefore, if you use an average screen brightness instead of setting the brightness to maximum, the battery will live much longer. In addition, your eyes will also benefit.

Some phones allow you to adjust the screen’s brightness automatically to ambient light. When you’re indoors, the brightness of the screen decreases. And when you use the gadget outdoors, in very sunny weather, the brightness increases dramatically.

# 2 Managing Connection Parameters

Internet data is a significant “load” for the smartphone’s battery. It is better to use Wi-Fi than the Internet through a mobile operator. And when you do not surf the web, you can turn it off completely. The same thing is with your smartphone’s location service setting and Bluetooth, which also strain your battery. Thus, if you don’t use these services, always turn it off, and your battery will last much longer.

# 3 Limiting Background App Updates

Did you know that the background activity of many apps is inexorably draining your phone’s battery? The solution here is self-evident: limit background updates to apps that don’t require real-time updates. You can change these settings in the corresponding settings menus on your Android and iOS phones. Performing these simple manipulations can significantly extend the battery life of your phone.

# 4  Optimizing App Usage and Notifications

Apps with push notifications are also suspected of draining your battery quickly because they need to receive data constantly. So it’s worth taking the time to close the apps you’re not using manually. Otherwise, your battery life won’t last very long. But that’s not all. Once you’ve completed step one, move on to step two: find alternatives for resource-intensive apps that consume less battery power.

# 5 Turning On the Battery Saving Mode

Let’s think logically: if most smartphones have a battery-saving feature, they need it for something. So, it’s time to check how useful this mode is. With its help, you can limit CPU usage, reduce screen brightness, and limit background data use. And all of this together will significantly extend battery life. If you forget your charger and your battery is slowly approaching zero, turn this feature on in your phone’s settings or the Quick Menu.

# 6 Monitoring and Managing Battery Usage

Let’s go back to the issue of resource-intensive apps in case you need to know which ones do the most damage to your battery. It would help to run a battery monitoring function on your phone to show you which apps you can eliminate. After that, we recommend you update your device’s software to learn about the latest battery optimization improvements.

# 7 Observing Incomplete Recharge Cycles

Battery performance also depends on how many recharge cycles the battery goes through. Note that a cycle is when the battery is fully charged to 100% and then fully discharged to 0%. In most cases, the components of modern smartphones are designed for about 400-500 such cycles before there is a noticeable decrease in capacity.

But in your power to postpone this moment as long as possible. To do this, try not to discharge your phone to the maximum. Ideally, keep your battery capacity between 40-80%. And then, you can forget about replacing it for a long time.

# 8 Overnight Charging

The main disadvantage of night charging is overheating of the smartphone. Due to the high temperature, the charging process is faster, but when the battery reaches the maximum charge level, it starts to consume excessive power, which is released in the form of heat.

It can damage the battery, reduce capacity, and reduce the phone’s life. Therefore, if you are used to leaving your smartphone next to you at night and charging it in this state, you should consider the possible risk of damage to the cable, electric shock, and even fire.

# 9 Overheating

Do you want to get closer to replacing the battery? Leave your smartphone in the sun so that in 10-15 minutes, it heats up to 60-70 degrees. But do not experiment with this because the battery smartphone’s high charging currents are very hot. You may have noticed that when your phone is in the sun for a long time, the screen may display a message about overheating, and then it will turn off. So, it’s best to ensure such a notification never appears.

Using the Original Charger

All the differences between the different chargers lie in the voltage, the indicator of the volts, and the amperes, which are indicated on the power supply. Phone manufacturers always warn in the instructions that it is best to use the original charger and also allow the use of quality third-party analogs.

However, chargers from the cheap segment are undesirable for the phone because they carry a particular threat to the battery and even kill the gadget in the worst case. Therefore, if you want to use your device for a long time, using only the original charger or a quality analog from a proven manufacturer for charging is still better.

Wrapping Up

We’ve looked at a few ways that can help extend your smartphone’s battery life. These include reducing screen brightness, turning off unused features, using power saving mode, regularly updating apps and the operating system, and others. Following these tips will help extend the usage time of your gadget on a single charge, so take it in stride and take care of your smartphone’s battery.

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