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How To Remove Ring Battery? (Step-By-Step Guide)

Smart doorbells can do everything from recording motions and sending voice messages to watching your front door when you’re away.

Ring is perhaps the most famous of all doorbell brands, promising high-quality, long-lasting service at a great price. But no matter how sophisticated your doorbell is, it will encounter one particular problem – running out of juice.

Although a high-tech device, removing your ring battery to charge is surprisingly easy, this article will take you through a step-by-step approach to swapping your new battery in just a few minutes.

Step-by-step on removing your ring battery

1. Turn off your device

Like any electronic device, it’s a good idea to power off your device before opening it up. This protects you from any potential shock and ensures that the doorbell and the Ring app will not malfunction with the sudden power loss.

2. Remove the security screw

Examine your doorbell carefully to locate the security Torx screw, often found at the bottom of the device.

Using a Torx screwdriver, gently loosen the screw, and keep it in a safe place once removed – you will need to reinstall it at the end of the tutorial.

Ring devices often come with a provided screwdriver, but if this has become lost – a generic star-shaped Torx screwdriver will be up to the task.

3. Remove the faceplates

Next, it’s time to remove the protective faceplate of your doorbell. With your thumb on the bottom of the faceplate, use the tips of your index and middle fingers to pry it gently off the doorbell and then slide it off.

Be careful not to be too forceful with the faceplates, as they can be made of thin plastic susceptible to breaking and denting. Using a flat, blunt object like a butter knife or coin to slowly pry the faceplate off might be more manageable.

Press the release tab
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4. Press the release tab

Once the plates are removed, you should see a small silver tab at your device’s bottom. This is the release tab, and when pressed, it should release the battery from its secure position. Be ready to catch it as it slowly drops.

5. Recharge or replace

You can now charge the battery back up to full power or replace it with a new one. To do this, simply insert one end of a micro-USB cable into the charging port of the battery and the other end into any nearby USB power source (A computer, plug, or TV, e.g.).

6. Slide back into position

A Ring battery usually takes between 5 and 10 hours to fully recharge. Two lights will appear to signify your battery is charging correctly. A solid green light will usually indicate a fully charged battery.

Once charged, it’s time to place your battery back into the ring doorbell. Gently place the battery back into its slot, pressing upwards until you hear the release tab click back into place.

7. Secure the faceplate

It’s time to insert the faceplates back onto your doorbell. Again, this should be easy once you gently slot it in place, starting from the top. They should slip into place. Then, with a screwdriver, reinsert the security screw at the bottom, ensuring it is tight.

8. Diagnose your battery

Once you’ve finished reattaching the faceplates, turn on your doorbell camera and check your Ring app. Check the battery levels and ensure that there are no alerts.

How often should I recharge my Ring battery
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How often should I recharge my Ring battery?

Depending on the device’s activity and home environment, your battery can last six to twelve months. But if camera sensors are near a place with frequent everyday activity, you may need to recharge it every month!

Ways to reduce battery consumption include reducing the motion sensor and light setting and ensuring your battery is close to your Wi-Fi router.

Remember to protect your doorbell

Because batteries can take a few hours to charge, some people;e forget to protect their doorbells when the faceplates and battery are removed.

Guard your doorbell against dirt, debris, and local weather like rain or wind by placing a protective covering over the camera or removing it from its mounting bracket entirely until the battery is fully charged.

Simple ways of protecting your ring doorbell battery pack

  • Keep the Ring app updated, as it can send useful alerts and run diagnostic tests to calculate the health of your battery.
  • Consider buying a protective casing for your doorbell to prevent water damage from rainfall.
  • Invest in a high-quality micro-USB charger to ensure your battery holds its charge for longer.
  • Be careful when unscrewing the security screw, as it can be quite delicate. Ensure it is aligned with the star-shaped end of the screwdriver to prevent blunting.
  • Place your ring doorbell in a cool, dry, well-shaded place. Direct sunlight over an extended period can cause problems with internal circuits.
  • If you’ve used a second battery and your device is still power-hungry, the problem might be with the doorbell itself. Ring cameras typically have a one-year warranty.
  • When in doubt, consult with the manufacturer’s guidelines for exact specifications. You can visit ring.com/help for additional assistance.
Simple ways of protecting your ring doorbell battery pack
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The Ring brand is famous for long-lasting, high-quality security cameras, doorbells, and more. But no matter how well you keep your devices, they will run out of juice eventually.

Although the ring video doorbell is high-tech, replacing its battery is relatively straightforward, so long as you know the correct method.

As our article shows, you can perform most battery removals with a simple unscrew and sliding of the battery out. The battery can take up to 5 to 10 hours to fully recharge.  

Please comment below if you still have questions about removing a battery from your Ring device.

As always, remember:

  • Once removed, keep the security screw safe until it’s ready to be reinstalled, as these can be a unique size that is hard to replace.
  • Don’t leave your doorbell exposed – especially if your battery takes longer to charge. Place a covering over it to protect it from rainfall or humidity.
  • Your Ring app will tell you the quality of battery life left on your device.

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