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Watch Battery Replacement Cost (Ultimate Cost Guide)

Watches are designed to last for decades. Because of their professional manufacturing, top-quality timepieces always go several years without demanding a battery replacement. Nevertheless, the watch battery is one of the common reasons for timepieces not working.

When your timepiece stops working, you’ll have two options: buy a new one or replace the battery. The watch battery replacement cost will depend on various variables such as brand, type of battery, and the professional doing the work. However, if you have a wristwatch worth counting, it’s good to consult a professional who knows what they’re doing.

Types of watch batteries

  • Mercury watches offer consistent voltage and can last up to 3 years. For this reason, they’re known for keeping the time precise. While silver oxide batteries are effective like mercury watch batteries, they come in a smaller size. So, you can only use this type of battery in a timepiece specifically made for it.
  • Lithium watch batteries are the most common and are referred to as coin batteries since they feature a flat, round shape. Lithium-ion batteries can last up to 10 years and are not environmental hazards like mercury batteries.
  • Alkaline batteries are also a famous type of watch battery. They are the cheapest you can find but don’t last long.

Signs it’s time to replace your watch battery

Signs it’s time to replace your watch battery

Here are the signs that you should replace your watch battery

  • The watch stops working: Your damaged battery may be one of the reasons your watch isn’t functioning. Many watches come with up to 2 years of life, but things like battery size, usage, and the watch’s exposure will affect how long it functions.
  • Doesn’t show the correct time: Your timepiece should show the correct time. However, if it displays at the incorrect time, you’ll need a battery replacement. The watch might unnecessarily run slow or fast, and that’s because the watch’s battery may be dying.
  • Moisture issues: If the watch’s surface has some moisture, its battery might be at risk of dying. Water ruins your watch’s internal mechanism and will kill the battery.
  • You can’t adjust the date and time: If you find it hard to adjust the date or time on the watch, consider removing the battery and getting a new one. Have a battery replacement ASAP before the damage worsens.

Besides, a watch battery replacement is wise if you need to maintain the watch’s warranty and protect its capabilities. Moreover, some timepieces need a TLC or jump start, and a new battery will assist you.

What’s the cost of replacing a watch battery?

What’s the cost of replacing a watch battery

Most professionals will charge you $6-$19 to replace a standard timepiece battery. However, this will vary depending on the watch type and brand name. Timepieces with water-resistance batteries will cost $40-$65, while chronograph designs will cost $65-$100.

For instance, popular watch sellers like Seiko will charge $25 to have your watch battery replaced. Discounted retailers such as Walmart will charge you $7, even while their services are flawless.

On most watch platforms and around the internet, watch users noted that they spent anywhere from $3-$25 to replace their batteries. Local jewelry stores like Walmart, JCPenney, and Sears are the best places to replace your battery.

The $10 replacement cost is usually for timepieces that don’t feature a sealed casing. These are watches you can’t submerge in water. Because they don’t have additional protection layers, replacing the batteries is convenient and fast.

However, watches with sealed casing feature a gasket that needs hefty servicing when replacing the battery. For this reason, the replacement procedure is costly.

How to replace your watch battery

Replacing a timepiece battery isn’t challenging. If you got the watch from a reputable brand, the company might have a specialist or a watch repair store to get the replacement done. The professional in charge will replace the watch battery without any hassle.

The steps involved include:

  • They’ll start with turning off your watch and taking off the back shield
  • The specialist will carefully remove the gasket and put it in a safe place
  • They will remove the exposed using tools like a special screwdriver.
  • After that, they’ll place the new battery and set the back shield.
  • Once completed, the expert will set the timepiece as per the current time and date.

However, avoid some of the discounted rate watch sellers and rely on regional reputed jewelry shops, mainly if your watch is expensive. Even if you’ll need to spend more bucks on battery replacement, it’s worth the investment.

Surprisingly, you can efficiently perform this project, but ensure that you have done it previously, so you’ll know how to remove all essential components. It would help if you had the right tools and watch battery to replace the damaged one.

When replacing the battery yourself, be extra careful around the crystal supports. If you apply excessive pressure on this part, the back will break, and the damage will be noticeable. A watch might lose its water pressure after you open it up. So, it’s good to seek help as a repair expert will know how to pressurize your watch.

Can you save money?

Can you save money

Take your timepiece to the jewelry shop where you bought it. Some shops offer a huge discount or even a free battery replacement.

Replacing a watch battery isn’t a complex process, but if you don’t want to risk destroying your precious jewelry, don’t try it. A watch battery replacement kit costs less than $10, and some stores might provide free replacement services. They do this to entice you to purchase their products in the future.


If your watch doesn’t work or shows the incorrect time and date, you might need a battery replacement. So, don’t hesitate to visit a professional jewelry store for the required TLC. The Watch battery replacement estimated cost is $10 and can go up to $100. The cost will depend on the type of battery, brand name, and professional charges.

Since the watch is one of the most treasured pieces of jewelry in your closet, get it the required new battery. At this point, we believe you know how much you’ll need to spend for a watch battery replacement. Feel free to comment if you have questions or concerns.

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