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6 Apps That Will Give Your MacBook a Battery Boost

If you can get more out of your Mac’s battery, you’ll surely want to explore it. Right? So, here is an article compiling the top apps that are specifically designed to give your Mac a battery boost.

Once you start using any one of the apps mentioned below, you will not waste your time wondering why is my Mac battery dying so fast. But in case you are wondering, the top reasons are:

  • Too many processes and apps running in the background
  • Multitasking with resource-intensive apps
  • Multiple browser tabs and windows are open
  • The battery is damaged

Please note that if the battery is damaged, no app can help restore or boost your Mac’s juice. The only option is a battery replacement or to get a new Mac.

That said, let’s look at the battery-saving, battery-boosting apps for your Mac.

  • Al Dente

The Al Dente application prevents your Mac from fully charging the battery. If you didn’t know, Li-on batteries must not be charged to 80% for longevity and maximum efficiency. The app does this for you.

Install the application, set a percentage, and let the app work its magic. The application will stop charging your system once the battery reaches the set charging level.

The app supports Catalina and above.

  • Battery Health

Battery Health is a well-known Mac battery monitoring tool. The tool offers a tidy, user-friendly interface that lists the system’s battery vitals.

The app displays the current max, current charge, power usage, macOS health status, etc. So you will get all the information you need about your Mac’s battery. This makes it easier to monitor the battery’s health and take steps before disaster strikes.

  • Battery Monitor

Battery Monitor offers the information required to maintain your Mac’s battery. The app sits on the Apple menu, so you can see the battery cycles, current charge, and other details like battery temperature, capacity, and power usage.

It is a useful app when you need to know all the battery-related information so you can take steps to save energy and get the most out of your Mac experience.

  • iStat Menus

iStat Menus is a favorite tool among Mac users. The tool offers advanced stats like memory consumption, fan speed, and network indicators. It is a tool that you can use to get insightful details to monitor your Mac’s battery and the overall health and performance of your computer. The tool displays battery cycles, conditions, and health.

The tool also displays the remaining time on your current charge, along with a list of applications that are consuming too much resources. You can hover the cursor on each of the options to get advanced stats so you can understand the battery’s condition.

  • Coconut Battery

Coconut Battery is another popular tool on this list that helps users monitor their battery. The interface is straightforward and offers accurate and valuable insights.

The app displays a percentage bar showing the current full charge capacity. You will also see a percentage bar for the design capacity of the battery. Moreover, you can record the status of the battery at different intervals and save the log. Considering the app’s information, you can make conscious changes in how you use your Mac so the battery lasts longer.

  • Endurance

Endurance is a battery management tool that helps increase the battery life of Mac computers. It switches the computer into a low-power mode as soon as the battery level falls below a specified percentage.

The app saves power by monitoring expensive applications, dimming the screen, slowing down the processor, monitoring flash plugins, hiding the background apps, etc.

You can decide when you want Endurance mode to kick in and set your preferred trigger levels.

Although there’s a low-power mode in macOS, Endurance is considered more effective.

In addition to using the above-mentioned applications to boost your Mac’s battery, you can follow these simple tricks to improve battery life:

  • Check the battery’s health to determine whether it is time for a replacement.
  • Save battery by dimming the display, disabling system animations, and optimizing video streaming.
  • If not required, kill the keyboard backlight.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using them.
  • If you use Chrome to browse the web, consider switching to Safari. Safari is Apple’s default browser and optimized for macOS. The browser consumes less memory, CPU, and power.
  • Check for macOS updates, and if anything is available, click Install.

The Bottom Line

It is time to take control of your Mac’s battery life and squeeze as much juice out of it as possible. The apps listed above will help monitor the battery health of your Mac and provide you with valuable insights so you can keep the battery as healthy as possible.

Choose your preferred battery management tool, and do not worry about running out of juice abruptly.

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