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Brass Knuckles Battery Not Working? (5 Possible Causes & Solutions)

It has been a tiresome day, and all you want is that drag from your brass knuckles vape pen. But when you have it, you may realize the battery isn’t working. But what would be the cause, though?

Let’s examine why the battery isn’t working and how to fix it.

What is a Brass Knuckle battery?

Brass Knuckles is among the leading vape companies across the globe. They produce millions of filled cartridges for their clients across California. They offer vape pen batteries that suit their cartridges.

Brass Knuckles vape pen features

The Brass Knuckles batteries are designed to run on any 510 thread and are available in three fabulous colors; wood finish, gold finish, and silver finish. Its vape mod battery has a 900mAh capacity with preheat mode and variable voltage.

To use the device, press the control button twice to activate the preheat mode. This triggers the vape pen to generate lower power for 15 seconds. Note that the feature benefits thick oils that need preheating during cold weather. The voltage selection feature is important as it comes with a LED light indicator showing the current one.

Brass Knuckles pen battery disclaimer

  • Be careful when using the batteries
  • Don’t use the battery if it shows signs of damage
  • Transport and store the batteries in non-conductive containers
  • Charge the battery on a fireproof surface
  • Don’t charge the battery unattended
  • Don’t modify the battery or chargers in any form, shape, or way
  • Using a battery without a protection circuit is dangerous

Like any other electronic device, these batteries can stop working, making the heating chamber useless and your craving for an awesome toke completely let down. One of the common issues with brass knuckles vape batteries is that their mouthpiece gets blocked. Therefore, look at this when your brass knuckles battery is not working. Use isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab to clean the mouthpiece thoroughly. If there is still no draw, then you might have other issues.

Open your vape pen to find out if you can notice loose threads of a loose connection plate. If that doesn’t charge your battery, you can consider replacing the battery.

Reasons why Brass Knuckles battery isn’t working

Reasons why Brass Knuckles battery isn’t working

Every device has its issues. When vaping, you’ll encounter some issues that stop your vape pen from working efficiently. These issues are caused by blocked cartridges, contact points, and charging ports. In most cases, these issues might cause the battery to stop working.

1. Vape battery not on

This might sound obvious, but check if you’ve activated your battery. Not every vaping device has a similar start-up process, but you might need to press the power button 3 or 5 times faster to switch it on. The red light on the power button will flash when turning off or on. That’s a safety measure to avoid it turning on by accident.

Brass Knuckles batteries feature a preheat mode, while twist batteries provide an adjustable voltage. So, pressing the button twice will activate the 15-second preheat mode.

2. The connection isn’t clean

The cartridge undergoes frequent heating. Sometimes, it might leak tiny bits of oil through the coil and onto the connection. Even small debris will cause connection problems and make the button flash. But fixing this is simple.

Unbolt the charger or cartridge from the battery and press the button 5 times to switch it off. Using a cotton swab, clean the connection terminal of the battery and below the cartridge. It requires some cleaning solution, so use isopropyl alcohol. For the wipe, ensure the scrubber side is facing the debris and use the q-tip to stuff the dirt down against your vape pen battery’s connection. When using an alcohol-based solution, wait for the cartridge and battery to dry before bolting them back together and switching the vape on.

This is one of the common causes of Brass Knuckles battery malfunction. Regular cleaning of the battery will solve this issue. Make it a routine to clean your battery every time you replace the cartridge. This helps you to improve the life expectancy of your vaporizer.

3. Battery cut off

A standard cut-out feature plays a role in preventing your vaporizer’s battery from overloading. The light flashes when the cut-off is activated. This may happen when you do a hard draw. Try longer, gentle draws to avoid this. Once the cut-out occurs, you’ll wait at least 30 seconds to vape again.

4. Dud coil

Your coil isn’t working. Even if it is new, it could be damaged. But before replacing it, find out if it is screwed tightly. If it is, you can change it to a new one.

5. Damaged battery

It could be damaged if you dropped the battery in water or on the ground. That’s because the impact will affect internal connections. If everything isn’t working, it might be time for a new battery. Here are the things that can damage your vape battery:

  • Temperature: when the battery gets too cold or hot, it will malfunction. Keep your battery in a cool dry place away from sunlight.
  • Contact with metal objects: this will make the battery short circuit. Therefore, keep your loose battery away from things like keys and coins.
  • Wrong charger or vaping gadget: putting a battery in a device that isn’t compatible will lead to damage. The same happens when charging the battery with the wrong charger.
  • Worn-out wrappers: if the safety wrappers around the batteries are worn out, they can damage the battery.
  • Water damage: like with all electronic devices, exposure to water will cause serious damage.

Avoid overcharging it

Generally, a vape pen battery will last for years, based on the usage and care. Here are the tips to guarantee your battery functions consistently and adequately offers a tasteful vapor:

Avoid overcharging it

Brass Knuckles come with a smart USB charge that automatically goes off when the battery is fully charged. Rather than continuing to transfer battery cells to your battery that is full, damaging the battery’s lifespan, the chargers will preserve the cells of the charged device.

The charge and battery lights will flash when you connect your dead battery. The USB charger will produce a red light while your battery is on charge. When the battery attains a full charge, the battery light will go off, and the charger will have a green light.

That’s why it is important to use the recommended charger. If you charge it with a different charger, you might damage the battery and reduce its lifespan.

Install the cartridge correctly

Don’t over-tighten the cartridge when installing it onto the battery. A tightly screwed cartridge will cause connectivity problems. The metal rings required to conduct electricity might be pressed, making them not to be in contact with one another. If this happens, get a paper clip and pry the metal ring up. Do it gently to avoid breaking the ring since it is connected with a tinny wire.

Brass knuckles pen safety protections tips you shouldn’t ignore

Brass knuckles pen safety protections tips you shouldn’t ignore

  • Avoid charging the battery on combustible materials such as sofas and carpets
  • Disconnect the batteries when fully charged
  • For extra peace of mind, recharge your battery inside a lipo bag, as this will offer additional protection in case something goes wrong.
  • Don’t use damaged vape batteries
  • Discard dead or damaged batteries properly

Extended tips

If your vape pen comes with a removable battery, a convenient pass-through micro-USB charger is a must-have item since you can troubleshoot your pen whenever it stops working. Remove the vape pen battery and charge it in the external charger. If the battery works, the cause of the issue could be the charging cable or the pen. If the battery fails to recharge, consider replacing it.

How to charge vape pen correctly

Knowing how to recharge your vape pen correctly is important as this can help you avoid many battery issues. Unless the vape pen maker provides a car or wall charger recommended for the device, charge your pen with the USB port by plugging it into your PC. USB adapters for wall outlets and cars will use higher than standard charging current to increase the battery charge faster.

While tablets and mobile phones can handle higher-speed charging, vaping pens can’t. If you connect a vape device to an external charger that is not within the correct specification, the pen might overheat, hence reducing the battery lifespan.


Vape pens are a convenient and sleek way to enjoy your flavors. However, like other types of devices, issues come up. For instance, your brass knuckle battery might not work for various reasons. This guide has everything you need to help you get out of the situation. Hopefully, by using a couple of these tips, you’ll restore your vaping working condition and continue enjoying your vape.

Ensure you take proper care of the vape pen and its batteries by charging them correctly and cleaning them frequently to ensure they last long. Feel free to comment if you have questions or concerns, though.

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