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Autozone Free Battery Charging (Ultimate Guide)

Once your car battery dies, you’ll need to visit an auto repair store to recharge it. In many cases, your ignition won’t start when the battery is low. That’s why you should examine your battery’s charge every time.

If you leave the car engine off for many days, the charge also might go down. So, you’ll need to visit a nearby auto service store to recharge the battery. That’s where AutoZone’s free battery charging services come in handy.

Can you charge your car battery in any AutoZone store?

You can recharge your auto battery at any AutoZone store across the U.S. You can drive your vehicle to the store or carry the battery. The workers will recharge the battery without any difficulty.

AutoZone is one of the largest retailers of aftermarket auto accessories and parts. They stock different automotive parts and products that your vehicle will need. Being the biggest supplier of auto accessories and advanced auto parts, they also provide auto-related services.

There are many reasons why your car won’t start. Before swiping the battery, it’s important to find out what causes the glitch. A professional at AutoZone store will conduct a  free battery testing to determine which of these things is the source of the problem:

The full performance of your car battery is influenced by the wiring, alternator, and starter. Whenever you have issues with your car battery, technicians at the AutoZone store will examine it. They’ll begin with starter testing, and if they find a problem, they’ll remove the damaged one and replace it. That means you’ll have new battery installation services in the simplest form.

The best part is they charge car batteries in all their stores countrywide. Auto Zone has over 6,100 service centers in the U.S. They’re available in 53 states, where every store offers free car battery charging. However, if you have a high-end vehicle whose battery isn’t easy to access, they’ll advise you to visit another advanced store.

They charge all types of batteries for free. While there are numerous car battery brands, they have the same working model. Since the store supplies different battery brands, the staff knows how to install and charge them. So, no need to worry about the largest automobile retailer not being able to recharge your car battery. However, if you want a car battery replacement, you’ll have to get one from their catalog.

How long will it take the AutoZone store to charge my battery?

How long will it take the AutoZone store to charge my battery

AutoZone uses Duralast fast chargers. Their charging process is quick, and they use a gadget to check your battery amperage before determining the amount of charge your battery requires. That means it will take 30 minutes to have a full charge battery.

Types of batteries AutoZone charges

AutoZone stores can charge any type of battery you present them. AutoZone installs gel cell, dry cell, deep cycle, and valve-regulated batteries. They supply battery brands like ACDelco Advantage, Duralast, Odyssey, Optima Red Top, Econocraft, and Valucraft. Since they stock different brands, the employees are conversant with each battery’s requirement and will charge it accordingly.

A brand like Duralast has different types, including Duralast gold and Duralast platinum, whose functionality isn’t the same. Therefore, ensure you do your homework before purchasing a car battery that fits your needs.

What happens if my car battery fails to charge?

AutoZone will recharge your battery if you buy the replacement from their store. Luckily, they sell high-quality and affordable units. Hence it’s a win-win for both parties. Based on the model, type, and the car’s year of manufacture, you might expect a price range of $50-$200. You’ll spend between $90-$250 for a premium battery, but longevity and durability are assured. But this doesn’t mean other alternatives at AutoZone stores won’t serve you.

If after the free car battery test, they discover you need a battery replacement, the experts will explain the available options. A new unit will be mounted if the car maker has structured the battery space to give easier access. But if the battery is situated in a place that needs the car parts displacement or removal, AutoZone will offer other installation options. This includes recommending a reliable service repair store that can install a battery in a technical place.

Can AutoZone revive dead batteries?

Can AutoZone revive dead batteries

A jump start process or a visit to the local AutoZone retail will determine if your car battery has power and recharge it if you think it’s dead.

Charging your battery at AutoZone might help revive it, but you might need a new battery if it’s completely damaged. Luckily, AutoZone sells a wide range of car batteries. The best part is that top-ranking auto stores such as AutoZone and O’Reilly auto parts stores will engage in dead battery recycling.

Does AutoZone offer free battery installation?

If you buy the battery from other retailers, such as Walmart, the retailer will install the new battery at a fee. The cost depends on what type of battery you purchase. Typically, you’ll need $10-$100 based on the complexity of the installation process. However, the services are free if you buy a new battery from any AutoZone store.

Signs that your battery is dying

Some of the indications that you need to charge your battery include the following:

  • Sluggish start: Once you realize that your car battery has issues starting and the temp hasn’t fallen, get it examined and recharged.
  • Dim headlights: Having dim headlights could be an indication of low battery. That means there’s insufficient energy to run the lights and other accessories when the battery is low. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the AutoZone free battery charging services.
  • Problems with the stereo: When the car ignition is off, the battery can power the headlights, radio, wipers, and other systems. There might be an issue with your battery health if the car radio doesn’t work.
  • Old batteries: A battery’s life cycle is 4-6 years. So, when a car battery attains the 4-year mark, you must pay close attention to it. You can take it to a nearby AutoZone store to have the experts check the amount of power left and recharge it for free.


Whenever you experience problems with your car battery while at home or driving, you can take it out and bring it to a nearby AutoZone for the best charging at no cost, and you don’t have to be irritated by the charging process since it takes a short time. AutoZone might dispatch a technician with a portable battery charger to fix your issue if you can’t remove the battery from its complicated position. You can comment if you have any questions or concerns.

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