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Prius 12v Battery Cost (Crucial Tips For Buying A Prius Battery)

Are you planning to replace your Toyota Prius battery? Battery replacement is surely an added expense that you need to prepare in advance, especially with the ongoing global financial crisis. So, if you want to know the current Prius 12v battery cost, you are right on track.

Here, we will have a breakdown of the latest price, along with the options on where to buy these hybrid batteries. We will also include some relevant tips to help with your purchasing process.

What is the specific type of Toyota Prius battery?

Most Toyota models, including Prius, use a 12-volts AGM battery. AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat, which is a specific type of battery that comes with thin and sponge-like features and glass mat separators. Aside from cars, it is also used to power key fob sensors, lock actuators, and security systems.

These remarkable elements allow the battery to smoothly absorb liquid electrolytes to deliver top-notch performance. On top of that, AGM batteries do not spill, making them much safer and last longer than lead-acid types.

In general, the common lifespan of a 12-volt gel is around 5 to 6 years, if thoroughly kept in a charged state when not in use. After this period, the batteries decrease their original capacity or years of float voltage, from 100% down to 80%. However, temperature plays a pivotal role in the health of the battery.

Batteries that are past their prime years should be working at average ambient temperature or else it would increase their deterioration state.

What is the specific type of Toyota Prius battery?
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How much is the Toyota Prius 12-volt battery?

When it comes to batteries, hybrid cars like Toyota Prius are way more expensive than gasoline-powered cars. Why? It’s because the entirety of the vehicle is already higher in complexity. Most hybrid and electric vehicles encompass extra equipment to provide a quiet, seamless, and smooth driving experience.

One of the remarkable features of a hybrid car is none other than a high-voltage battery pack. Because of this, a Toyota Prius battery, which is normally 12-volt, is a bit more expensive compared to typical battery cars.

The average cost of a 12-volt battery is around $300 to $500 USD, prior to tax. The rate, however, would relatively depend on your country as well as other factors like the dealership location and battery model version. A newer AGM battery, for instance, is pricier than older ones.

And of course, prices vary from time to time. Because of the fluctuating rates, it’s highly recommended to prepare your budget in advance.

What are other expenses to consider during battery replacement?

Aside from the battery cost, you have to take into account other costs, most especially if you are not replacing the battery on your own. This means you would be hiring a mechanic to do the work for you. As a result, there would be labor costs and other fees to consider.

And surprisingly, a Toyota Prius battery replacement would now settle around $2,200 up to $4,100! Thus, if you’re about to change a dead battery, then you either do it personally or simply save enough money for the labor.

What are other expenses to consider during battery replacement?
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Where to buy a Prius battery?

Often than not, Toyota batteries are readily available at Toyota dealers. It’s best that you buy from them to ensure quality and even warranty of the product purchased. In case of unavailability, you may check out other options. One of the best platforms would be Amazon, which offers a variety of Toyota batteries.

As a renowned site, you can easily buy a direct-fit 12-volt replacement battery or an Optima battery. These are the most popular choices for Toyota Prius models. In purchasing online, however, you need to be very wary of the reviews.

What are some crucial tips before buying a new Toyota Prius battery?

Purchasing a new battery is a weighty decision that should not be taken lightly. Henceforth, we’ve gathered some vital tips to lessen the stress during your purchasing journey.

1. Check out different options.

One of the most suggested tips to save money when buying is to have a variety of choices. It’s suggested to have different options so you can choose the best at the cheapest rate.

2. Take a look at some estimates. 

Sometimes, the prices vary from one dealership to another. In addition, different mechanics could also have different rates. Because of these aspects, it’s highly recommended that you gather estimates before buying. This can help you make the right decision and find the best deal.

3. Try to upgrade to a newer battery model.

If you have an older version of the Toyota Prius, then high chance your battery is also older. Therefore, experts advise you to consider upgrading to a newer battery type.

Modern batteries have better features that allow them to run longer with lesser issues or even none. So, despite the pricier cost of a new battery model, you’d appreciate them more when it comes to longevity and efficiency.

What are some crucial tips before buying a new Toyota Prius battery?
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However, you still need to evaluate if your car is suited for the latest battery type as there are other cars, especially very old ones, that may have compatibility issues. In this case, it might be better if you consult a mechanic first for recommendations.

4. Consider buying the new battery from an auto part store. 

You can actually save money if you buy the battery from a specific auto part store. Most of these shops offer free replacement of batteries as long as you purchase the item from them. Meanwhile, if you bought the battery somewhere, you may do the replacement on your own.

Replacing the battery may appear to be very challenging, but it’s quite easy as long as you have certain tools at hand. In addition, you should have a solid understanding of the battery elements, including the battery terminals (positive terminal and negative terminal), lead plate, and separator, among others.

The battery itself is normally stationed at the rear of the trunk, under the plastic molding of the passenger’s seat. In changing the battery, you need to exercise utmost caution because accidents like explosions and fire could happen.


Buying a new Prius battery is definitely something that would impact your expenses. It’s expensive to be exact, but way more practical than buying a whole new car. So, if you think it’s time to say goodbye to your old battery, make sure you go through the relevant information and useful tips above.

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