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Smart Battery Case Not Charging? (Causes & Solutions)

Have you ever experienced your smart battery case not charging? Well, this is quite an unfortunate event that you wouldn’t want to encounter, especially if you are on an important event. So, in this guide, we will discuss the possible causes of this problem as well as tips on how to resolve the matter.

What is Smart Battery Case and how does it work?

A distinct creation by Apple, a smart battery case is equipment that charges your iPhone while also ensuring protection. As a result, you can use your phone longer. Its design is quite similar to that of a silicone case. However, it has a section at the back so you can charge your iPhone.

In simpler terms, a smart battery case is a phone case with an external battery back. Therefore, if you attached this to your device, it charges and protects your device. Furthermore, many people claim that with the smart battery case, they can use their phone the entire day.

The smart battery case works for various iPhones, including Pro Max, and even older models like iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max. Unfortunately, there are some models not compatible with the case such as iPhone 8 and iPhone XL.

What is Smart Battery Case and how does it work?
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Also, you need to take note that there are differences between older and newer cases due to compatibility issues. Thus, some smart battery cases may not work on a specific device. When using the case, it’s normal for the device to become slightly hot.

If the temperature gets too warm, don’t worry because the software just restricts the charging up to 80% and will continue providing energy once the temperature falls down. In this case, it’s suggested to transfer the case and the connection to a cooler setting to maximize its battery life

How to charge your phone through the Smart Battery Case?

If it’s your first time using the smart battery case, there are some things that you ought to know, including the charging steps. First, you have to charge the smart battery case itself before your initial usage. This will ensure that the material provides optimum charging performance and longer battery life.

If you charge both your smart battery case and iPhone simultaneously, then there would be a longer charging duration. That’s why it’s best that you charge the case first before you attach it to your phone.

Second thing, before you attach the case to your phone, be sure you have the latest iOS update. This is the most important step so that there would be no compatibility issues. More so, updating your device to the current version ensures that your phone comes with the newest changes.

If you have completed the pre-guidelines, then you may continue with the subsequent steps:

  1. Attach the case to your phone. To do this, you need to pull back the top section softly and then slide your phone in.
  2. Plug up the Lightning to USB cable into your phone and into the smart battery case.
  3. Connect the cable to the Apple USB adapter and then the other end of the cable to the power outlet. It’s highly recommended that you make use of an Apple USB-C power adapter with at least 18 watts for faster charging.
  4. Check if the amber status light is on to ensure that the device is charging. You can also verify if it’s charging by checking your device. There’s a charging status on both your lock screen and Today View for easy reference. Meanwhile, a fully charged case gives you a green status light.
  5. Once completed, unplug the connections safely.
How to charge your phone through the Smart Battery Case?
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What to do if the Smart Battery Case does not charge itself or does not charge your phone?

There are could be several reasons why the smart battery case is not charging. It could be problems with your lightning connector or lightning port. Issues with the power source may be another concern.

But don’t worry because these charging issues can be resolved with the appropriate diagnostic. So, let’s dive into the technicalities and discuss them one by one.

1. Check the Lightning to USB cable.

Often than not, a smart battery case that is not charging is due to faulty Lightning to USB cable. Therefore, you have to thoroughly check if the USB connection is working properly. To do so, you can try attaching it to another device, perhaps an iPad, to test if it’s functioning.

If the Lightning to USB cable works on other devices, then there could be another underlying problem. So, continue with the succeeding ways below.

2. Make sure that your phone is turned on.

It should be noted that for the smart battery case to charge your phone, it’s imperative that both devices should be turned on. This means if your iPhone is off, the smart battery case would not be able to transport energy and charge your smartphone.

What to do if the Smart Battery Case does not charge itself or does not charge your phone?
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3. Change the power source.

Issues with the outlet may be the reason why the smart battery case does not function. Hence, you may use another electrical outlet. If the device still does not work, then it’s time to uncover more technical recommendations.

4. Remove objects between the smart battery case and the wireless charging mat.

Most Qi-certified wireless charging mats are sensitive. So, see to it that there’s no obstruction between the mat surface and the smart battery case. If there’s any, then the case would not charge. In addition, you have to position the back of the smart battery case so it touches the Apple logo on the charging mat.

5. Get rid of accessories from the case.

Meanwhile, if your device won’t charge, it could be due to the iPhone accessories attached to the smart battery case. The add-ons may cause interference during the transfer of energy. So, remove them before reattaching your phone. Likewise, be certain that your phone is up-to-date with the latest version.


Problems with your smart battery case can be challenging. If you could not resolve them on your own, don’t hesitate to contact Apple support or one of their authorized service providers. Reporting to an official service provider is pivotal so you can avail yourself of the Smart Battery Case replacement program.

Compared to having the case fixed in retail stores, the program offers free replacements for eligible battery cases. The eligibility, however, lies on the conditions set by Apple. So, you should fit their requirements to enjoy these perks.

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